Tesla Wall Charger | How to Reset, Connect and Troubleshoot

It could be a tricky task to analyze the exact reason why your Tesla wall charger isn’t working, but luckily, once you decipher the specific problem, it’s pretty easy to fix.

You first need to determine whether the fault is from your charger, charging station, or car battery system. If the battery system happens to be at fault, you need to reach out to Tesla’s official support system.

In this article, I’ll be giving you a tour of how to troubleshoot some of the minor complications your Tesla wall charger may encounter.

How Do I Reset My Tesla Wall Connector?

Resetting your Tesla could help you erase most of the minor intricacies with your wall connector. Resetting a wall connector is pretty easy. Below are the outlined steps:

  • Turn off the circuit breaker to which the charger is connected.
  • Let it stay inactive for 10-15 seconds so that the internal residual current can flow out.
  • Switch it back on.
  • Give it a few seconds to reason power. If the resetting was a success, you should see a bright green light in front of the circuit breaker.

How Do I Know if My Tesla Wall Connector is Connected to Wi-Fi?

Tesla uses Wi-Fi to update and upgrade their devices. For this reason, your Tesla charger needs to stay connected at all times. If you are uncertain if it is connected to the Wi-Fi, here’s how to verify:

  • Hold down the cable handle button for about 5 seconds or so.
  • A bright green light would appear on the LED, and the Wi-Fi access point would broadcast autonomously for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Connect your phone to the Wi-Fi signal emitted from the charge point.
  • After that, you would need to input a 12-digit password. You will find this password on the front page of your charger’s quick start guide.
  • Input your Wi-Fi details where necessary.

As an added bonus to this article, I’ve created this easy-to-use charging calculator. Simply input your model, charging wattage, and charging percentage, and you will get the estimated time it will take to charge a Tesla in terms of hours. You can play around with numbers a bit just to see how charging time changes:

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What Do I Do When My Tesla Charger is Not Charging?

If your mobile connector is plugged into the vehicle, but it still isn’t charging, here’s what to do:

  • First, make sure the connector is properly plugged in.
  • If properly connected, remove it from both the outlet and the car and plug it back in. Make sure to insert one end into the Outlet first before the vehicle.
  • If the issue persists, you may need to contact your installer. 

If your charger is not charging your vehicle as fast as it usually does, the most likely reason is experiencing a hot temperament. Tesla chargers are weather resistant and are hardly susceptible to harsh weather conditions.

The new Tesla wall chargers are imbued with massive connection strength to rapidly charge all Teslas. Just like any other device and equipment, these electric devices will develop some faults and begin to malfunction at one point or another.

There are cases when your charger gets overheated due to high temperatures. When this happens, although it rarely does, it would be best to give the charger some time to cool off. A few minutes’ rest could work the magic and boost your charger back to active service.

Improper installation is also another possible reason why your charger is not working. If not correctly inducted, both the charger and the charging gun begin to heat up unnecessarily.

Unless you’re a certified electrician or installer, do not attempt to fix the charge point by yourself. Call for professional help instead.

If your vehicle is not getting charged and there’s a bright red light on the LED in front of the Tesla wall connector, you can rectify this by simply resetting the circuit breaker. If there’s still no change after this, you should contact your installer. 

Why Is My Tesla Wall Connector Blinking Red Lights?

One of the indications that your wall connector is faulty is the blinking of red lights. The light may be one or more, and the different number of lights indicates various faults:

  • One red light: one red light is an inkling of a ground fault circuit break due to the passing of an unsafe current. You should invite an electrician to come to ascertain if the earth’s ground is directly linked to a conductor wire in the brand circuit.
  • Two red lights: When two red lights are blinking on your wall connector, it is either a sign that high ground resistance has been detected or there was a ground assurance fault. You should contact the installer for a guide on how to bond the ground connection.
  • Three red lights: Three red lights blinking is an indication that a high current has been detected. You should feel the faceplate, and the cable for heat, then invite an electrician. The electrician knows what best to do.
  • Four red lights: Disconnection from wifi or loss of internet connection could prompt the blinking of four red lights. You should ratify if the local wifi is still functional, and if the password was recently changed, you should have it updated via wifi settings.
  • Five red lights: When the number of blinking lights moves to five, it is an indication that power was shared, thus, reducing the acceleration of its charging. You should incapacitate all objects that would interfere with the strength of the connector’s wifi.
  • Six red lights: this is an indication of poor grid quality or high voltage. You could either verify the rate of power surging through by yourself or have an electrician bring down the wall connector and ascertain if the voltage value falls between 200 and 240 volts.
  • Seven red lights: This is a fault from the vehicle. Seven red lights signify that the vehicle is undergoing high current. Reduce the charge current of the vehicle. If the blinking continues, proceed to contact the official Tesla Support line.

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Is the Tesla Wall Charger Water Resistant?

Moreover, the chargers are installed outdoors and are exposed to rain, snow, and dust. Many owners install roofs or any other form of protection above the connectors to protect them from both rain and dust.

This is a cautious move because the prolonged exposure of the charging port to these harsh conditions can lead to contaminations and can even cause the device to develop a fault.

Although Tesla chargers are weather-resistant, you should not charge your car during a thunderstorm. This could have a terrible consequence as lightning bolts can track down the car, thereby confiscating its internal electronic circuits.

In conclusion, it is safe to charge or drive your Tesla inside the rain, and through water puddles, you would need to be wary of driving during freezing winters.

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