Feeling the chill of cold weather impacting your electric car’s performance? Want to make sure your Tesla battery is ready for your scheduled departure? Say goodbye to range anxiety and hello to smooth rides with our easy guide on preconditioning your Tesla battery.

To precondition a Tesla battery, go to the Energy settings in the Tesla app and select “Battery Preconditioning.” Choose “Start Now” or schedule for a future time. During preconditioning, the battery will warm up to the optimal temperature for driving. It’s a simple and effective way to ensure your Tesla is ready for your next trip.

In this article, we’ll show you how to precondition your Tesla battery, ensuring that your car is ready to hit the road as soon as you are. Say goodbye to the frustration of waiting for your Tesla to warm up, and say hello to a more efficient, convenient driving experience. Let’s get started!

How to Precondition a Tesla Battery

You can precondition your Tesla battery through the Tesla app or by using the car’s controls.

Before starting a drive, owners can select the “Battery Warm Up” or “Battery Cool Down” options under the “Climate” section in the Tesla app.

Alternatively, owners can also start preconditioning directly from the car’s touchscreen by selecting “Controls” > “Climate.”

What Is Tesla Battery Preconditioning?

Preconditioning is a feature of Tesla batteries that allows the battery to warm up or cool down prior to use. By preheating a Tesla battery, the battery can reach an optimal temperature, which can improve its performance, range, and overall efficiency.

Why Should I Preheat My Tesla Battery?

Preconditioning from your Tesla app will raise the temperature of the battery to optimal levels. Only precondition your battery for 1 hour before driving on long trips; this will improve regen breaking and avoid range loss.

Also, precondition your battery before supercharging to increase charging performance. When you precondition your Tesla’s battery, the battery will be able to charge at the correct temperature.

In addition to preparing your Tesla for Supercharging, preconditioning is seen when charging your Tesla in bitterly cold weather. This can reduce the charging time by 25%.

Tesla batteries preheat under the following conditions:

  • Connect the charging cable and turn on range mode.
  • Connect the charging cable with range mode off.
  • Without the charging cable and range mode turned off.

There is no range mode on Model 3. Therefore, the battery is constantly being preheated when necessary.

Pro Tip: Can you precondition a Tesla at work?

If you’re used to preconditioning your car for the morning commute, you’re probably wishing that the car could precondition itself for the ride home. There only seems to be one menu option for the schedule itself: either in the car or on the Tesla app. However, if you look closely, you will see the option: “Schedule departure for this location”. So, if you’re at work and would like to precondition your car, you can set up a departure for the trip home. It will appear as if you’re overwriting the previous schedule, but it will save both morning and afternoon routines. 

How Long Should You Precondition a Tesla Battery?

Precondition your Tesla battery for 10-20 minutes before Supercharging. Preheating the battery at home may take 45 minutes or more, depending on the surrounding temperature. If you precondition your battery for 5 minutes, it will also raise the cabin temperature.

Let the battery warm up before starting at higher states of charge to get the most out of your fast-charging sessions.


Preconditioning a Tesla Battery for Cold Weather

In cold weather, preheating a Tesla battery is especially important. Cold temperatures can significantly reduce the range and performance of electric cars, including Tesla models.

By preconditioning the battery, owners can help ensure that their car is ready to perform at its best, even in cold weather conditions.

Preconditioning Tesla Batteries for a Scheduled Departure

Preconditioning a Tesla battery can also be useful for owners who have a scheduled departure time. By preconditioning the battery ahead of time, owners can ensure that their car is ready to go, with a warm battery and a comfortable cabin, at their scheduled departure time.

You can also schedule preconditioning of the battery to happen before a scheduled charging.

How To Precondition Tesla Battery

Here are the steps to precondition a Tesla battery:

1. Check the Charging Status

Check the charging status of the battery to make sure it’s at the desired level before you precondition. It’s recommended to charge the battery to at least 50% or more before you precondition.

2. Access the Preconditioning Options

Access the preconditioning options by going to the “Controls” tab in the Tesla app and selecting the “Battery” option. From here, select “Start Preconditioning” to initiate the process.

3. Set the Desired Interior Temperature

Set the desired interior temperature to warm up the car interior before the scheduled departure. The temperature can be adjusted to a desired setting and the battery will start to precondition itself.

4. Start the Precondition Process

Click “Start Now” to begin preconditioning the battery. The car’s battery, interior, and climate control system will all start working to warm up the battery and cabin.

5. Monitor the Progress

Monitor the progress of the preconditioning process on the Tesla app to make sure it’s on track. The preconditioning process will automatically stop when the desired temperature is reached.

The way to precondition a Tesla battery is simple but effective to improve the performance, range, and overall efficiency of your electric car. By preconditioning the battery, owners can ensure that their car is ready to perform at its best, whether in cold weather, for a scheduled departure, or on the drag strip.

Preconditioning capabilities in every Tesla Model

The battery preconditioning feature can be controlled through the Tesla app or through the touchscreen in all Tesla models.

The only difference between the Tesla models (when it comes to preconditioning) is the ability to precondition while charging.

The Tesla Model X and S have the abilities to heat or cool the battery pack to the desired temperature while the vehicles are connected to a charger, or when the vehicle is connected to a Tesla Supercharger. Unlike the Model S and Model X, the Model 3 and Y do not have the option to precondition the battery while charging.

Precondition your Tesla Battery for a Drag Strip

For owners who like to take their Tesla to the drag strip, preconditioning the battery can be an essential step in preparation.

By warming up the battery, owners can maximize its performance and responsiveness, allowing them to make the most of strip mode and experience the full capabilities of their Tesla car.

Does the Cold Affect Tesla Batteries?

Colder weather of 40°F- and extremely hot weather of 80°F+ can affect your Tesla batteries. The rated range of your Tesla will rarely pan out as advertised. In colder temperatures, it can take almost twice as long to charge your Tesla. Try to avoid open spaces where the wind can reduce temperatures even further.

The cold weather will reduce the efficiency of any vehicle, electric or gas-powered. When it comes to your Tesla, the range can quickly drop off. Battery temperature is an essential factor in maintaining the performance of an electric car. 

Every time you get in your Tesla, the battery will warm up and use a significant amount of energy. Combatting this problem requires some measures. 

Are Teslas Good in the Snow?

Because of the quick reaction of electric motors, electric vehicles do exceptionally well on difficult roads. In addition to their dual-motor, all-wheel-drive powertrain, some Teslas can handle ice and snow, thanks to their all-wheel-drive system that can switch torque to the most traction-seeking wheels. 

When it’s cold and icy outside, use your Tesla app’s defrosting feature to reduce ice and snow. Make sure that the surfaces of your drive aren’t frozen or covered before you start your journey. 

You can break the ice on door handles by bumping them with the end of your fist. You can restore automatic mirror fold by manually opening and closing your mirrors if they are frozen. Use the defrost feature in your Tesla app to melt ice on your windows.

Do Tesla’s Need to Warm Up?

Teslas do not have to be warmed up to drive or charge them. However, it does have many advantages when doing so.

Warming up your Tesla before driving generally protects it from long-term range efficiency loss. Tesla does not advise warming up or preheating every time before driving.

It is best to start a fast-charging session with a warm battery for long-distance trips at lower charge levels. 

Whenever you aren’t using your Tesla, I would recommend leaving it plugged in. Rather than using your battery, this uses your charging system to keep the heat.

Benefits of Preconditioning a Tesla

Preheating Tesla batteries can offer several benefits, including:

  • Improved Performance: By preheating your Tesla, it can reach its optimal temperature which can result in improved acceleration, and responsiveness.
  • Increased Range: Tesla batteries tend to have a reduced range in colder weather. Preheating the battery can help to offset this effect, resulting in an increased range.
  • Optimal Braking: Preheating a Tesla battery can also improve regenerative braking performance, allowing for more efficient energy recovery during driving.

What Is Regenerative Braking, and How Does It Relate to Battery Preconditioning?

Regenerative braking is a feature in Tesla vehicles that captures and converts kinetic energy into electrical energy to recharge the battery.

During battery preconditioning, regenerative braking is used to actively warm up the battery by generating heat through controlled braking events, thereby optimizing battery performance.

How To PreconditionTesla Battery Without The Mobile App

You can precondition the Tesla motors battery without using the mobile app. Tesla vehicles allow you to access the climate controls directly through the touchscreen interface. Simply navigate to the climate settings and enable the preconditioning mode to prepare the battery and cabin temperature.

Are There Limitations or Considerations For Battery Preconditioning?

  1. While battery preconditioning is a useful feature, there are a few considerations to keep in mind:
  • Battery preconditioning may consume some of the Tesla battery’s additional power, which can slightly affect the vehicle’s overall range.
  • Preconditioning time may vary depending on the ambient temperature and the desired temperature set in the cabin.
  • Battery preconditioning is most effective when the vehicle is plugged into the charge port, as it can draw power from the charging source instead of relying solely on the battery.

How to Take Tesla off Chill Mode?

Tesla’s touch screen provides access to the ‘Chill Mode’ under the ‘Driving’ section. The driver can toggle between Standard Mode and Chill Mode, among other settings related to driving. By pressing the Chill Mode again, you can turn it off.

How do you rebalance a Tesla battery?

For the Tesla battery to rebalance, it is recommended to charge the vehicle to 90-100% and rest for at least 24 hours before using or charging it again. 

Once you reach a state of charge near 20%, you can drive the vehicle normally. For about 24 hours after that, don’t use or charge the vehicle again. Next, the charging and usage will resume normally. It is best to charge 80% daily.

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