If you were to look at a Tesla motor, you’d be surprised at its size. But don’t let its small size fool you; it still packs some serious power. When you think about it, it’s pretty amazing how small the Tesla motor is.

A standard Tesla motor is just 9 inches ( 22.86 cm) in length and diameter. When the all-wheel-drive (AWD) Tesla motor is fixed with the inverter and gearbox, the total length comes to just 21 inches (53.34 cm).

Rear-wheel drive (RWD) Teslas have their motor over the rear axle. On the other hand, in all-wheel drive (AWD), the front motor is between the two front wheels.

Tesla currently has five models on the market, with more likely on the way. All these cars have different motors based on the model and trim level. Check out the rest of this article to find out more!

Tesla’s Engineless Motors

What makes these motors so great? I’ll answer this question with another question.

Do Teslas have engines? 

I get asked this question a lot. I mean, not as much as “what’s your favorite color?” or “can you pass me the salt?”, but still.

The short answer is: no! Teslas don’t have engines. 


First of all, Teslas don’t use gasoline. So without gas, how does the car move? That’s where things get interesting. The vehicles have electric motors using power generated through batteries. The process produces power via the motor, which turns the wheels making the car go vroom! Vroom! 

Well, not that loud since all you hear is the motor humming.

Hey, are you ready to believe in the power of video? If you don’t believe me, check out this video and see for yourself:

A Comparison of Tesla’s Models and Their Motor Weight

In order to make it easier for you, I made a table comparing the weight of different Tesla models:

NoModelNumber of MotorsHPWeight PoundsWeight Kgs
1X Standard267011251
2X Plaid3102011251
4S Plaid31020100.145.4
This is a comparison table of Tesla Motor Weights by Model

Note: Teslas have different electric motors based on model year. Since Teslas are improved yearly, you can verify the size of the electric motor on your model.

Tesla Model S Motor

The Tesla Model S motors are lighter, smaller, and more efficient, providing a more extended range and faster acceleration. All-wheel drive is standard on the Model S Performance and 70D versions, while it’s an option on the Model S 85.

The All-Wheel-Drive Dual Motor Model S delivers a significant upgrade over traditional all-wheel-drive systems. With two motors, one in front and one in back, the car distributes torque to the front and rear wheels independently.

On a somewhat related note, check out this article that I wrote where I compared EV Direct Drive vs. Transmission. It should help you to understand this topic further.

Plaid was introduced as an update for the Tesla Model S in 2021, offering the following:

  • Better performance 
  • A redesigned interior 
  • Powertrain 
  • Suspension

Random Fun Fact:

Tesla owners are more likely to be male than female. Based on Tesla’s demographics, most Tesla drivers are male. Men drive the majority of Tesla models. Generally, men own 84% of Model 3s,71% of Model Xs, and 77% of Model S.

Tesla Model X Motor

The Tesla Model X is a fast car. It’s not just fast, though: it’s lightning-fast.

Model X has two electric motors with a combined output of 670 horsepower; that’s amazing. 

The standard powertrain consists of a 100-kWh battery, two electric motors, all-wheel drive, and a single-speed transmission.

The Plaid version has three electric motors generating 1,020 horsepower, which is enough to make anyone feel like a superhero behind the wheel.

Model Y Motor

I think the Tesla Model Y is one of the best fuel-efficient electric SUVs.The car has dual-motor all-wheel drive. The vehicle comes in two trim levels: Standard or Long Range, with either 456hp or 384hp, depending on which model trim you choose. 

Did You Know?

A lesser-known fact about Tesla is that it doesn’t just make electric cars but also deals in energy production. In 2020, Tesla generated around $2 billion in revenue. Since then, the company has continued to grow in this area.

Tesla Model 3 Motor

The Tesla Model 3 is an excellent electric sedan. Not many electric cars in the luxury class can match its range. The vehicle comes in three variants.

With strong motors, quick acceleration, and excellent handling, the performance of this EV is solid. Tesla’s Model 3 is available as a rear-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive vehicle. In the AWD and AWD Performance models, two motors are used, one at the front and one at the rear.

Random Stat:

Model 3 is Tesla’s best-selling electric vehicle worldwide. The Tesla Model 3 has been on a roll since its launch in 2017. It’s been selling like hotcakes and is now the best-selling electric vehicle worldwide.

In fact, it’s been so popular that in 2021, the Model 3 became the first electric vehicle to sell over one million units.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the Lifespan of a Tesla Electric Motor?

The lifespan of a Tesla electric Motor is at least one million miles. A while back, Tesla announced that the drivetrain (motor and gears) had passed a million-mile (1.6 million km) test. 

What Kind of Motor Is in Tesla Electric Vehicles?

Tesla electric vehicles use alternative current (AC) induction motors and permanent magnet direct current (DC) motors. Models S and X have a permanent magnet reluctance system.

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