Ultimate Tesla Pro Tips: Expert Advice for Owners

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to Tesla Pro Tips! I appreciate the importance of knowing all the ins and outs of your vehicle. That’s why I’ve compiled this extensive list of tips and tricks that will help you get the most out of your Tesla, whether you’re a new owner or a seasoned veteran.

From navigating the intricate Autopilot system to maximizing your vehicle’s range, these tips cover a wide range of topics that will make your driving experience smoother, more efficient, and more enjoyable. You’ll discover features you may not have known existed, shortcuts that will save you time and frustration, and best practices for keeping your Tesla in top condition.

But that’s not all – I also recognize that owning an electric vehicle is about more than just driving. It’s about sustainability, innovation, and a commitment to a better future. That’s why many of these tips also focus on eco-friendly practices, such as optimizing your energy usage and taking advantage of renewable energy sources.

So whether you’re a Tesla owner looking to enhance your driving experience, or just curious about the exciting world of EVs, this guide has something for you. Let’s dive in and discover all the amazing things your Tesla is capable of!

Money Back from Tire Warranty

The weight of Teslas can be pretty hard on Michelin tires. If you have the Michelin tires you can get some money back from them if you have some issues before the warranty comes up. You can go to any certified Michelin dealer and have them write a note where the wear and tear are together with the mileage on your car. You can then call Michelin customer service, and they will give you a check for the difference. You can also get a discount on the tires from the place where you got the tires.

Preserve Some Battery

Sentry Mode may keep your Tesla from sleeping; therefore, you can lose anything up to 7% of your battery a day because of it. Cabin Overheat protection has some effect on the battery as well depending on a few external factors. If you leave Stand By on and turn on the Smart Summon feature, it will keep your car from sleeping. This might help if you have some battery drain issues that you’re unaware of.

Dog / Summon Mode Together

If you summon your car after setting the Dog Mode, this mode will automatically cancel. Then you will have to re-enable Dog Mode after using the Summon feature. So, if you often leave your pet in the car and use Dog Mode, please make sure the enable it AFTER using Summon.  

Preconditioning Schedule Trick

If you’re used to preconditioning your car for the morning commute, you’re probably wishing that the car could precondition itself for the ride home. There only seems to be one menu option for the schedule itself: either in the car or on the Tesla app. However, if you look closely, you will see the option: “Schedule departure for this location”. So, if you’re at work and would like to precondition your car, you can set up a departure for the trip home. It will appear as if you’re overwriting the previous schedule, but it will save both morning and afternoon routines. 

Dog Mode Workaround

This is a workaround for Dog Mode not working with the state of charge under 20%. You can put the car in neutral in your safety menu and manually apply the parking brake. Then you can go and do the things you need to do. Just remember to manually lock the car because it will not automatically do so. If you also want to let passersby know that your Dog is safe and in Dog Mode, you can do so by opening the drawing app and writing the message there.  

Airflow For Those In The Know

You have the ability on the screen to drag the airflow to your desired location. If you choose one side of the car (for airflow) and zoom in with two fingers it will split that specific airflow into two separate air flows on one side of the car as well. That way the airflow can pass on both sides of you if you so desire.

Keep Your Puppy Happy And Cool

Tesla automatically disables the passenger-side air vents if no passenger is detected. Which could mean that your pet may not get the needed AC cooling if sitting on the front passenger side. So, if you want your dog to stay comfortable be sure to bring up the HVAC menu and select the vent on the passenger side. You will see (and feel) the air starting to flow in the on-screen animation.

Control Autopilot With Ease

When using Autopilot in traffic you might notice your family starting to stress because of Autopilot trust issues. When the speed is too high you can spin the max speed wheel on the right side to slow down. In this way, you will stay on Autopilot and not disengage. This will help your passengers stay a little at ease and maintain a nice and smooth Autopilot experience.   

Create Profiles For Easy Access

Tesla has changed the icons in the dock for easy access. This gives you the ability to create a summer and winter profile with your icons and buttons as the seasons change. That way you will have easy access to the heated steering wheel and seat option on the Model X for example. In the summertime, you might not need or want those buttons.

Resetting Wheel Configuration

If you live in a climate where seasonal tire changes are common, and you want to reset the configuration of the wheels in your on-screen computer; don’t do this while driving. The computer will restart, and it might be a long 3-5 minutes before you’ll be able to drive again. All this might frustrate the drivers around you. So, just wait a little while and change the configuration in your garage.

Back In Autopilot With This Tip

If you ever get thrown out of Autopilot you don’t have to be stuck there and not be able to use it again on your current trip. You can simply park your Tesla somewhere safe, put it in Park, press the Lock icon, then Drive, and then you can go again. Autopilot will automatically be available again. All newer Teslas with Vision-Only Autopilot and owners in the FSD Beta with Vision-Only have a 90mph cap on Autopilot. So be aware to stick to those speed limits so you don’t get thrown out of AP.

Slacker / Premium Connectivity

You can re-add and use Slacker even if you are not connected to Tesla’s Premium Connectivity. Simply connect to Premium Connectivity and you’ll be able to request a song on Slacker (using the Tesla account). If you go ahead and cancel Premium Connectivity, you’ll still be able to use Slacker while using the Hotspot in your car. You can ask for any song and play it even if you are creating the Hotspot yourself.

Switching Map Modes Again

You might think that the functionality to switch Map Modes is no longer available when repeatedly clicking on the icon on the right edge of the map. But you can still change Map Modes just by touching anywhere on the map. It will then appear in the turn-by-turn directions in the far upper left corner of that area. Map Mode will also appear if you pull down on the Turn-by-turn direction area. Simply touch to toggle between the modes.

  • Map Mode 1 – Always North Up
  • Map Mode 2 – Heading Up
  • Map Mode 3 – Route Overview Mode

Save With This Insurance Tip

Make sure that you have insurance coverage on your Tesla called: “New Car Replacement”. It might only cost you $3 a month extra and will save you thousands if you ever get in an accident. So, contact your Insurance Provider and ask them if you already have this or if they can add it to your existing coverage.

Tesla User Interface (UI) – Music Favs

Tesla used to have 3 settings for the Radio or Music interface (Full-Screen, Medium Screen, and Small). The Medium interface would let you have access to your Recent and Favorites. After an update, many people thought that the size functionality has disappeared. But there is a List Icon on the right-hand side of the Music Entertainment System Bar, and when clicking on it the Medium-Sized Interface will appear again along with your Favorite and Recent music.

Tesla Garage Home Link Tip

If you have a Tesla, Garage, and Homelink, this tip might save you from getting locked out of your house. If your front door has a code to be unlocked and it is accidentally locked or jammed, you can open and click on the Tesla App > Controls > Homelink. This way your garage door will open, and you’ll be able to enter your home from the garage’s side. You can also let a neighbor or delivery guy put packages in your garage when you’re not at home so that they’re not left on your doorstep.

Clean Your Entire Windshield Easily

Windshield Wiper Service Mode allows you to freely move the windshield wipers across the windshield; therefore, you will get better access to the bottom part of the windshield panel for better cleaning.

Replacing Parts / Software Update

If you’ve replaced the headlights of your Tesla and notice a flashing signal light and an error message on the screen, you can fix this with a simple software update. Even if you didn’t get the headlights from Tesla. So, if you’re going to change a part that requires a software update wait until you have an update available from Tesla. Then you can swap out the part and do the update.

Control Music Like A Plaid Model

In the Plaid Teslas, you can control the music from the back seats because of the second screen in the back. You can also do something similar in a non-Plaid Tesla model via Spotify. Within Spotify, you can share your account with friends or family members. You should also play at least one song from the main Spotify app in the car. They will then be able to control the music from their phones in the backseats.

Radio Podcasts and Music

If you are frustrated with your podcasts and songs continuing from the wrong places when returning to your car, this is a handy tip. You can put the car in Neutral in your safety menu and manually apply the parking brake. Then you can go and do the things you need to do. Just remember to manually lock the car because it will not automatically do so.

Flashing High Beam Menu Trick

If you flash your high beams it will bring up a menu where you can toggle your high beams (this menu is like the wiper speeds settings menu). From there you can select your light settings for Off, Parking, On, or Auto.

Delete Favorites From The Screen

When your screen is up 3/4 from your radio (you have your favorites listed below) on your save radio station. If you press and hold you get a little “x” on each one and you can easily remove those.

Extra Info On Greyed-Out Icons

If you’re in your car, looking at the map and touching one of the red supercharger icons, it will provide you with an additional menu telling you about the supercharger and how many stalls are available, etc. You will also see some greyed-out icons there like Wi-Fi, Shopping, Coffee, etc. If you touch one of those greyed-out icons, it will bring up the related information regarding that supercharger. For example, if you click on the coffee icon, it will show you all the coffee shops in that area around the supercharger.

Wall Charger and Wi-Fi Booster

If your wall charger is located too far away from your main internet router, you can use a Wi-Fi booster halfway to strengthen the signal. You may run into a problem that the wall charger will try to connect to the original weak Wi-Fi signal after a power outage. This means that the Wi-Fi signal booster has not yet had enough time to restart. Simply restart your wall charger at the breaker, and it will reconnect to the Wi-Fi booster. I hope this helps.

Tesla Delivery Checks

If you take delivery of your Tesla for the first time, you might find that some features like “Cabin Overheat Protection”, “Dashcam Save Footage Button” and “Honk to Save Footage” are not working. The most likely case is that your new Tesla will not have been flagged as delivered on Tesla’s backend database. Ask your Tesla rep to contact your local delivery center to re-push the delivered status of your car on both the old- and new system. This will sort out your issue and you’ll be greeted with a welcome screen when you get back into your car again.

When Not To Reboot Computer

If you ever notice anything wrong in the car while driving, do not reboot the car computer when stopping at a red light. You can reboot the onboard computer while driving but avoid doing so when stopping. If it does happen, you will be stuck at the red light while the computer is rebooting, which might be dangerous to you and the drivers around you.

Increase Speeds, Decrease Costs

Most people obey the in-car navigation instructions, but the Tesla Navigation is quite conservative with charging planning ensuring that you never run out of any charge under any condition. To increase charging speeds and decrease costs you can try to use superchargers with about 10% of charge. You should also try to prioritize V3 chargers if possible. Then you should be able to max out the charging rate at 250kw. This way you can add about 65 miles in 4 minutes, or 125 in 10 minutes. If your supercharger is billed per minute, this will save you a lot of money.

Navigate On Autopilot And FSD

Whenever a lane change is suggested, you can tap on the screen if you don’t want it to make that change. You might fiddle and be in a hurry to touch it on the screen to cancel it. You can circumvent this by just pressing the turn signal in the opposite direction to cancel the lane change that was suggested. This will save you time and allow you to not let your hands off the wheel.

Share Map To In-Car Navigation

If someone texts you an address you can click on the link and it will open up in the appropriate map app. You can also share this map link to the Tesla app which in turn will open on your in-car navigation as a destination. This is a really easy way to get the destination loaded in your Tesla. Try it out!

Changing Your Wheel Config

If you go into your Car Menu > Service > Wheel Configuration, you can select the wheels that have on your car. This could also potentially adjust the algorithm on your range if you consider the less efficient wheel configuration. With this method, you can change and see the car (on your screen) how actually looks.

Advanced Search Music / Spotify

By clicking “Advanced Search” in the top right section of the screen, you’ll be able to search for specific threads and forums based on tags (for example, you can choose to view all threads tagged under the categories “Media,” “Threads,” “Profile Posts,” and more).

Emergency Exit Manual Lever

If you always have to tell your friends how to open the doors (from the inside) of your Tesla, you might notice that they can sometimes find a lever to pull from under the button to open the door. You should always ask your friends to not pull that manual lever. It is there as an emergency release in case the button fails. If anyone repeatedly uses the lever, it can damage the door by not dropping the window down slightly and the emergency exit not working.

Double Tap For Music Levels

There is a new music feature where you can double-tap the music icon and it will move all the way up from a single bar. This is a new interface and some argue that it is better than it was before. A single tap will move one level at a time and a double tap will move two levels at a time.

Trick Your Trunk To Think It’s Closed

If you’re transporting something large and unable to close the trunk you can use a bungee rope to tie a knot and push the cord through the latch of the trunk. This way the car will think that it’s closing and locked in place around the bungee cord. Then you can just hook it onto the connector on the bottom part of the trunk. When you arrive at your destination you can just click on “Open Trunk” it will release your bungee cord and you can unload.

Autopilot Speed Controls

If you’re on cruise control, you’ll see the speed that you’re going at in the little blue circle. On the left, you’ll see the speed that you’re going at and on the right, you’ll see the speed limit for the street that you’re on. If you tap max speed on the street that you are currently on, the car will automatically set the cruise control speed to that exact limit. If you speed up and tap on the speed that you’re currently driving, the car will automatically set the cruise control speed to that speed.

Reduce Fingerprint Smudges

If you trip out every time you’re trying to clean your screen and you fret about putting a fingerprint on a nice and clean screen to exit screen clean mode, you can just put your foot on the brake pedal and flip up or down on the gear stock. That way it will exit screen clean mode and take you back to the screen that you accessed that mode from. Then just tap on the “X” with your knuckle and always keep your screen clean.

Rated Miles Tesla App Trick

If you tend to often check your car’s rated range (by going to the charge limit and sliding/hovering the limit controller over 100%) you can see what the rated miles are. With the new app, you can click on the thunderbolt, and it will open this section for you to adjust the charge limit. You can also do this from anywhere even when the car is not charging. This will also open the charge port, unfortunately. If you just want to adjust the charge limit from your phone without opening the charge port, you can just click on the battery icon. This way it will not open the charge port.

Are The Side Mirrors Really Needed?

If you ever happen to lose a side mirror in a small accident, you can use this workaround by turning on and accessing the cameras. That way you’ll be able to see blind spots without needing any mirrors. This will help you out a lot if you ever find yourself in such a situation.

Increase the Lifespan Of Your Tesla Tires

Your Tesla can now tell you if your Tires are wearing out unevenly and if your tread depth is too low. An error message can thus appear on your screen warning you of a potential problem. It can also advise you to schedule a service appointment for a tire inspection and rotation. If one tire is losing tread quicker than the other, naturally it’ll be rotating quicker and unevenly. That way the car will be able to sense the difference, and thus notify you. This will in turn help with the lifespan of your tires if you rotate them on a regular interval and save you a decent bit of money.

Track When To Rotate Tires

If you just had new tires put on your Tesla, and you would like to get a convenient way to keep track of your 5 000-mile recommended time for rotating tires, you can follow the following steps. Go onto the trip odometer settings under the trips tab on the main screen. The default options are “Trip A” and “Trip B”, and these are editable. Here you can edit “Trip A” for example to “Rotate Tires on 5 000 miles”, and reset it to 0. Once this is done you can periodically glance at this trip odometer to see how close you are to 5 000 miles.

Never Misplace Your Keycard

If you ever misplace your key card, don’t worry! You can still unlock and lock your car using the Tesla mobile app. Make sure your phone is fully charged and has a Bluetooth connection to your vehicle.

Keep Your Car In Good Condition

To get a good resale value, it’s essential to keep your car in good condition. This includes taking care of the paint job and protecting it from scratches and other types of damage. Also, ensure other components like the engine, tires, and transmission are good.

Two Modes Of Defrosting Tesla

There are two modes of defrosting. The first one is just a regular defrost and if you click on it a second time it will activate a heated version, which will crank the temperature all the way to high. In some situations, this might be a better mode to drive in.

Get Autopilot To Chill Easily

If you’re in Autopilot and you’re prompted to slightly move the steering wheel to confirm that you’re awake and paying attention, you can just turn the scroll wheel up or down to increase or decrease the maximum speed. This will ensure that the car computer will treat it identically to you touching the steering wheel. The volume dial on the left side will also work just as well.

Back-Up Your Tesla Seat Position

If you are very meticulous about getting your Tesla seat just right, the best thing to do would be to set up a separate profile that you just call “Seat Back-up” or something. Back up that seat position to the “Seat Back-up” profile. In the future, anytime you change your seat position you can save it to that profile too. This will save you plenty of time finding the exact position that it was previously.

Managing Phone Call In A Tesla

If the blindside camera is showing and you’re getting a phone call, you can simply swipe down on the camera viewer to hang up the call. In other words, you should be able to swipe down and you’ll be able to close anything that is layered on top of the maps screen.

Shopping At Costco With A Model 3

It might be difficult to pack toilet rolls into your Model 3. If you plan on buying toilet rolls at Costco, they will fit almost perfectly in the Frunk. This probably applies to Model Y as well.

Long Distance Road Trips With Planner

A better Route Planner is an excellent alternative (if not better) to Tesla’s Route Planner. You can use their website and they have an app as well. If you’re going on long road trips, try to plan for and optimize for 250kW V3 chargers. These V3 chargers aren’t paired and should be easier to use than the higher peak charging rates. You can pull into any charging stall (even if sharing a stall) and you will get the maximum capacity at that Supercharger.

Supercharging, Steering Lock

When you charge your car at a Supercharger, your steering wheel should be locked automatically. If you would like to eat or work on a steering desk, and the steering wheel is not in the correct position you would have to unplug, unlock and adjust. You can skip this step by going into your Menu and launching Beach Buggy Racer, which will disengage the steering wheel. You can then turn your steering wheel in your desired location.

Control USB Music With Voice

If you like to listen to music on your USB device because of connectivity issues or higher quality bitrates, you might have a few frustrations with the on-screen interface. If you go back to the USB source, you always have to start from the beginning. So, if you use something like Spotify or the Radio and you go back to the USB device you can’t select it from the screen because it will again start you from scratch. But from here you can use voice control and specifically say: “Play Songs On USB”, it brings you back right back to where you were. This works in shuffle and all other modes.

Stuck Supercharger Cable

If you’ve tried literally everything the forums say about getting your Supercharger cable unstuck there is one last thing you can try which may seem obvious. And this is to pull really hard on your cable. This seems to have worked for some Tesla owners, so please proceed with caution.

Safety Tip With FSD Beta

As you get comfortable with FSB Beta over time, you must be careful not to engage FSD while keeping cruise control engaged. For instance, if you’re going in a straight line on the highway while thinking that you’re using FSD, it might become dangerous if the car is supposed to make a turn if FSD is not active. So, be careful not to disengage FSD while keeping cruise control engaged. Always check that the blue steering wheel icon is lit up!

Hidden Navigation Feature In Your Tesla

If you’re on your way home and don’t feel like entering the destination, you can just swipe your finger down over the navigation button. From there the car will automatically predict where you want to go, like Work or Home.

Can you cancel or stop the preconditioning on your Tesla?

You can cancel preconditioning on your Tesla simply by clicking on the same button that activated the preconditioning in the first place. This may not be obvious as there is no button that says, “Cancel Preconditioning”.

Can you type characters that are not in the English alphabet in your Tesla?

If you need to type some characters that are not in the English alphabet you can long-press the letters for additional options for each letter.

Is there an additional way to let Autopilot know that you’re attentive?

When driving on Autopilot and the notification comes up to apply pressure on the wheel, you can pull on the Autopilot stock which serves the same function. When changing lanes on “Navigate On Autopilot” you can just pull on the stock for about a second and it will register to change lanes automatically.

Can you get a tire warranty on your existing Tesla tires?

You can buy a warranty for your existing tires by going to America’s Tire Company or Discount Tires. You can go directly to one of these dealers and request to buy the Road Hazard Warranty on your existing tires (for example). You don’t have to buy new tires from them. This can be done with any tires, but would possibly help Low Profile owners the most, as they have a higher risk of blowing out their tires.

How can you reset Tesla wipers once stuck?

If your Tesla windshield wipers are not working after a snowstorm or any cold event, your wipers might have shut down because of the heavy snow on the windscreen (after trying to turn them on). To reactivate your wipers you can turn the wipers off on the touch screen and then turn them back on. This easy hack might get them to work again.

How can you avoid your Tesla wipers from getting frozen?

Your windshield wipers can get stuck easily during a snowstorm. If you suspect that such freezing temperatures are about to hit your area, you can put your Tesla wipers in “Service Mode” in the menu. This will flip up the wipers a little bit and will defog the windshield and defrost the wipers as well. So, when you get into your warm car the windshield will be defrosted and the wipers will be clean. This might come in handy! You’re welcome!

How can you let a Tesla parallel park on its own?

One would usually have to turn to the “P” on the stock when parked next to an available parking spot. Now if you see the “P” appear when parked next to a parking spot, all you can do is put it into reverse where it will alert you to go into auto-park. From there you can let the car do its thing. Enjoy easy parking from now on out!

What is an easy way to let Autopilot know that you’re still attentive?

An easy way to let Autopilot know that you’re still there and have your hands on the wheel is to just lightly hold on to the wheel and let your arm hang casually on the 7 o’clock position on the wheel. This should keep everything activated and you can also take control quickly when you need to.

Editing and re-arranging icons in the Tesla App

You can re-arrange all the main and important icons in the Tesla App by long pressing and sliding the icons to your desired location. The app also provides a way to add the fifth icon in that row. You can just drag a fifth icon to the main icon set until it eventually stays in the main panel. It might take a while, so keep at it.

Can you share a location and destination with your Tesla?

You can share a location or destination from other devices with your car. For example, if you’re on your Apple phone and you’re using Apple Maps, you can share any specific location, map, or destination directly with your Tesla by clicking on the Tesla icon. When you get into your Tesla, the destination will already be loaded up.

What is the best way to report Tesla errors?

The moment you have any sort of issues in your Tesla, you can press the voice-command button and say: “Report Error”. This will log the issue in the notes for techs and the time stamp on the vehicle. It is good to know the date and time it happened so that next time you go into service you can have it in the notes and the service technicians should be able to tag it from there.

Can you auto-turn-on your hotspot to use some Tesla premium features?

If your premium subscription has expired but you would still like to use features that need Wi-Fi while driving, there is an easy way to automatically hotspot your car to your phone every time you get into your car. If you have an Apple iPhone running iOS 16, you can create an automation within the Apple Shortcuts App to “Auto-Turn-On” your phone’s Hotspot. From there you can configure your car to auto-connect to that Hotspot and remain connected to that hotspot while in “Drive”. This will easily save you time and effort, and maybe a bit of money as well.

Can you watch YouTube TV from a Tesla?

There is no YouTube TV app for Tesla, but you can circumvent this by going to YouTube on your Tesla and logging in like normal with your Gmail account. In the upper right corner, you can click on the square box with the 6 little squares inside. Click on that icon and you will have to option to watch YouTube TV.

Can you open the Tesla Frunk with an NFC chip?

To open the Frunk, you either must use your phone’s app or the touch screen in your Tesla. But there is one more way to open your Tesla Frunk which is quite intuitive and simple. But you will need an NFC chip and an iPhone with the Shortcuts App. When this is done you can simply tap your phone on the frunk and it will open.

Can you turn off the inside Tesla lights at night while parked?

If you’re parked in your Tesla at night and want to turn off the lights while still inside the car, hit the open charge port and the light will turn off. When you close the charge port door the lights will stay off.

Can I use third-party Homelink apps using my Tesla?

If you keep forgetting your remote to open your electric Garage/Gate at home, you can use Homelink from your car. Your Tesla should be able to open your Garage for you (from the Tesla app), but you can use a third-party app called Nikola and configure it to your car. This comes in handy when your hands are full, and you can use Siri (voice) whenever you are close to the Garage/Gate.

What can I do if the Tesla supercharger cable cannot insert into the charge port?

If the charger doesn’t fully connect with the charge port, you will get the blinking orange light. This is often caused by a black piece of plastic caught in the charging cable. An easy way to resolve this is to gently tap the tip of the cable on the ground the little piece of plastic might come out, and you should be able to charge again.

How To Stop Tesla’s Easy Entry from Triggering

If you have your Tesla seat programmed to move back and forth when you get in and out of the car but sometimes you don’t want it to, there’s a simple solution. In the new Tesla user interface, there’s no longer a button to stop the seat from moving, but you can still prevent it from moving by tapping on one of the buttons on the side of the seat on the touchscreen. This will stop the seat from moving and let you get in and out of the car comfortably.

How to Watch Twitch without Ads on Your Tesla

If you have a Twitch subscription and want to avoid watching ads while streaming on your Tesla, there’s a simple workaround. Since Tesla doesn’t have the capability to log in through the native Twitch app, you can search for “Twitch.tv login” on Google and select the first result that appears for your Twitch account. This will open the native app on your Tesla theatre, and once you log in from there, you won’t see any ads while watching streams.

3 Tips on Preventing Freezing Issues with Your Tesla

How to Unfreeze Tesla Windows and Prevent Buildup

If your Tesla windows freeze overnight after a rainstorm, you can use a credit card or any card to remove the ice between the window and the door to get the window to go down. To prevent this from happening, try to heat the inside of the Tesla 30 minutes before getting into the car to melt the ice on the windows.

How to Prevent Auto Wiper Blades from Getting Stuck in Autopilot

When you’re in Autopilot mode, you cannot turn off the auto wiper blades. However, you can leave them in service mode when driving to prevent them from getting stuck.

Prevent Frozen Mirrors in Extreme Cold Weather by Disabling Auto-Folding

To avoid your auto-folding mirrors from getting frozen in the “tucked-in” position during extremely cold weather, disable the auto-folding feature before leaving the car for the night.

How to Restore Missing Music Card After a Tesla Update

If the music card disappears after a Tesla update and you’ve tried everything to get it back, you can try tapping on the new icon in the toolbar next to the climate settings. This icon is a little grey square with a music note. Tapping on it will bring back all the cards, including the missing music card, so you can access all the valuable data you need.

How to Make Sure Your Phone Charges on Tesla’s Wireless Charger

If your phone doesn’t charge at first when placed on the wireless phone charger in your Tesla Model S or X, you can try tilting your phone diagonally at a 30-degree angle. This will most likely allow your phone to start charging.

How to Reduce the Trunk Rumbling Sound in Your Tesla

If you’re experiencing a low-frequency rumbling or humming sound in the cabin of your Tesla Model Y, S, or X, it might be due to the entire trunk lid acting as a giant subwoofer cone. To fix this, you can buy 5/16th inch vinyl tubing from a hardware store and slide it inside the rubber gaskets around the trunk after lubricating it with a 303 brand-protected spray or wipes. This will create a stiffer seal against the trunk lid and reduce the rumbling sound from your Tesla trunk. It’s an easy and inexpensive solution.

How to Avoid Calling the Wrong Person with Voice Commands in Your Tesla

When you use voice commands to call someone in your Tesla, the onboard computer may sometimes call someone with a similar name automatically. To prevent this issue, you can press the voice command button and spell out the person’s name instead. This is particularly useful if the name is difficult for the system to recognize or if there are multiple people with similar names.

How to Make Tesla’s New Steering Yoke Buttons More Intuitive

Some Tesla owners may find the new steering yoke’s layout with the horn and headlight buttons on opposite sides to be unintuitive or difficult to get used to. To solve this issue, you can put a drop of clear-glaze glue on the horn and headlight indicators to create a slight embossment that will be easy to feel and virtually invisible.