With the wide variety of services that Costco has to offer one almost expects them to be able to change your Tesla tires. But it doesn’t exactly fall within their main business. So, does Costco change Tesla tires?

Costco does offer Tesla tire changes. However, according to their Frequently Asked Questions page, they will only install tires that you have bought from them. So you can’t buy your own tires from elsewhere and then ask them to install them for you.

In this article, I also discuss the Costco Roadside Assistance as well as the cost of changing Tesla Tires at Costco. I also compare Tire Options vs Original Factory Tires for Teslas. Check it out!

Changing Tesla Tires at Costco

Costco has a pretty simple four-step process to find and replace tires. Go onto the Costco Tire Center website and follow these steps.

  • Search for tires based on vehicle information, tire size, license plate, or specific tires.
  • Select the appropriate tire based on driving needs and rim size.
  • Schedule and confirm your appointment at your chosen Costco Tire Center.
  • In 5-10 business days, your tires will arrive at the chosen warehouse, and you’ll have 14 days from then to install the new tires.

And that’s it! This is a pretty simple way to stick to your scheduled rotations or changes.

But what to do if your car needs an emergency tire change? What if you get a tire puncture? What if a miscreant lets the air out of them?

Well, I can’t tell you what to do about the miscreant. However, I can help you with your tires.

Can Costco Change Tesla Tires
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Costco changes tires on appointment, but in the case of an emergency, you can call for Roadside Assistance from Tesla or go to Costco to replace your tires. Costco usually keeps a stock of tires in their warehouse, which they will raid to find the ones you need.

At this point, all you need to do is stand aside, ensure they’re using the correct tires, and hope for some wind to blow your hair back dramatically. I’ve been assured that the theatrical hair blowing adds to the intimidation factor and ensures good customer service.

Then again, you’re a Tesla owner, so I suppose you have that well in hand.

Anyway, on a similar note; I wrote a related article where I discussed in detail how you can change the aims on a Tesla. Check it out!


Costco Roadside Assistance

Costco also has a Roadside Assistance membership program. This program costs around $64 per year and allows for up to four calls per year.

However, in the Standard Plan, Costco only offers roadside assistance for vehicles under 12 years old. This might exclude many of Tesla’s S3XY line-up. So I’d suggest you stick with Tesla’s Roadside Assistance or go to Costco yourself.

If you’re interested, I wrote a related article where I compared Tesla Roadside Assistance vs AAA. This might help you further. Check it out!

Cost of Changing Tesla Tires at Costco

Costco charges around $18-$21 as installation charges, plus the cost of purchasing new tires. At an average rate of $250-$350 for a single tire, you can expect to pay around $1000-$1400 plus installation charges for four new tires.

According to Costco’s Tire Center FAQ page, they charge around $18 per installation. However, customers have reported being charged anywhere between $18-$21 per installation.

As for the cost of the tires themselves, well, it depends on the kind of tire you purchase. Generally, most Tesla owners report spending close to $1200 on four new tires. This works out to an average of $300 per tire.

Pro Tip: Which Costco product fits perfectly into a Tesla frunk?

It might be difficult to pack toilet rolls into your Model 3. If you plan on buying toilet rolls at Costco, they will fit almost perfectly in the Frunk. This probably applies to the Model Y as well.

Best Costco Tire Options vs Original Factory Tires for Teslas

Tesla ModelCostco “Best Match” Tire OptionOriginal Factory Tires
Model XMichelin Latitude Sport 3Continental CrossContact LX Sport
Model YMichelin Pilot Sport 4Goodyear Eagle Touring
Model SMichelin Pilot Sport 3Goodyear Eagle Touring
Model 3Bridgestone – POTENZA RE050AMichelin Primacy MXM4
This table summarizes Costco’s best tire options for your Tesla Model and the original factory tires each comes with. You can use this to compare the specs of the factory tires with Costco’s recommendations.

Note: The tire options given on the Costco Tire Center website may not match the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) guidelines. Always check your car’s user manual to determine which tires to buy.

Tires Required for Teslas

Tesla doesn’t make their own special tires. They use premium versions of standard tires for their cars. These long-lasting, durable tires don’t wear out easily and are reported to last for up to 30,000 miles (48,280.32 km)

Let’s take a look at why Tesla uses only premium tires.

Gas cars use Internal Combustion Engines (ICEs). Electric Cars use electric engines. One big difference between electric engines and ICEs is that electric engines can achieve Instant Torque.

Torque is defined as the rotational equivalent of linear force or a force that can rotate the object of the force on its axis.

To us normal folk, that definition is a whole lot of big words that only vaguely make sense. So let me break it down a bit.

In simple terms, torque refers to a force applied to an object that makes said object rotate (spin) on its axis.

So what’s instant torque?

Instant torque is defined as the ability of an engine to make the car tires spin and accelerate immediately after starting the engine. This means that while gas cars have a higher top speed, electric cars have quicker acceleration from a resting position.

To put it simply, electric cars, like a Tesla, accelerate from a starting position much faster than gas cars. This kind of acceleration, or torque, is much harsher on tires, which is why Tesla only uses premium tires for their cars.

You can watch this video by Engineering Explained on YouTube to see how instant torque works in electric cars.

To conclude, Tesla uses premium tires because of the extra wear and tear caused by instant torque. These premium tires are available in standard tire stores like Costco and the Tesla online shop. You just have to make sure you ask for tires that match the OEM specifications in your user manual.

Costco is a Third-Party Retailer for Tesla

Costco isn’t considered an official seller or affiliate of Tesla. Costco is a third-party retail store that provides products and services for car servicing through its Costco Tire Center.

Tesla allows third-party servicing for emergency tire replacement or fixing. They also have a Roadside Assistance feature that runs 24/7, 365 days a year. You can learn more about Tesla Tire Repair and Maintenance on their website.

You can buy tires for your Tesla through Costco or get them changed and serviced. But any tire servicing done by Costco is considered third-party servicing by Tesla.

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You can use this online Tesla tire calculator to find how long any Tesla Model tire will last. You can also estimate the number of miles left on your current set and how many days you have until they need to be swapped out for new ones. If that is the case, you can also find the price for any set of Tesla tires by selecting the appropriate tires. Have fun!

Where To Replace Tesla Tires

Looking for a place to swap out your electric car’s rubber shoes? Check out some of the top tire replacement options available.

If you’re looking for convenience, cost-effectiveness, and quality service all in one stop, then Costco may be the perfect fit for you. Not only do they offer a wide selection of tires at competitive prices, but they also have certified technicians who are trained to handle Tesla tires.

Costco is known for its hassle-free approach to tire replacement. You won’t need to worry about haggling with salespeople or dealing with hidden fees because their pricing is transparent and upfront. Plus, if you’re a Costco member, you can take advantage of additional benefits like towing and flat tire services.

You can also replace your Tesla Tires at a Tesla service center.

Does Costco Fix Tesla Tires?

Got a flat on your electric ride? Let’s see if those wheels can be repaired at the bulk retailer, Costco.

Besides offering tire rotation and tire rotations, Costco also offers flat tire repairs.

If you’re lucky enough to live near a Costco with a tire center that can handle Tesla tires, then you’re in luck! You can take advantage of their competitive pricing and quality service.

It’s always a good idea to call ahead and make sure they have the necessary equipment before heading over. If they don’t, don’t worry; there are plenty of other reputable options out there for replacing your Tesla tires.

Can Anyone Change Tesla Tires?

It’s easy to imagine yourself on the side of the road with a flat tire, wondering if anyone is capable of replacing it. As a Tesla owner, you might be concerned about finding someone who can properly change your tires.

You can change your Tesla tires as you would any other car tires. However, note that the tire pressure monitoring system sensors will have to be resetafter changing one or multiple tires.

Because a Tesla is such a technologically advanced vehicle, it might be better to have your tires replaced at an authorized service center.

Can you Replace Tesla Tires Anywhere

Although you can technically replace your Tesla tires at any tire shop, I don’t recommend it. Using a Tesla-authorized service center will ensure that you receive the correct tires. It will also ensure that your tires are replaced and balanced correctly.

With such an advanced electric vehicle, it’s just a safer bet to go to a shop that knows what they’re doing.

Can Costco Do a Tire Patch?

If you’re in need of a quick and easy tire patch, Costco might just be the solution for you. They offer tire installation services for most vehicles, including Tesla tires.

When it comes to getting a tire patch at Costco, it’s as simple as bringing your car in and letting their experts take care of the rest. They’ll examine your tire and determine if a patch is possible or if replacement is necessary.

While they can handle basic patching needs, more complex issues may require specialized attention from a Tesla-certified technician. Overall, if you’re looking for affordable and efficient tire services, Costco could be a great option for your Tesla tires’ needs.

How Much Does Tire Rotation Cost at Costco?

Costco offers tire rotation services for all types of vehicles, including Teslas. The cost of tire rotation at Costco varies depending on the location and type of vehicle. However, on average, you can expect to pay around $20 per tire for a standard rotation.

This is a great deal compared to other auto shops that may charge upwards of $50 or more per tire. Plus, with Costco’s reputation for quality service and customer satisfaction, you can trust that your Tesla will be in good hands during the rotation process.

Can I Change My Tesla Tires Anywhere?

You can change your Tesla tires at any service center. You can call Tesla’s 24-hour Roadside Assistance to take you home or to the nearest Tesla or third-party service center in emergencies.

Can I Get My Tesla Tires Rotated at Costco?

Costco will also rotate your Tesla tires, even if you don’t need them fully changed. They will have the equipment required to rotate your tires and it is often cheaper than a Tesla Service Center.

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