Maintaining a Tesla can be pricey, and one of the most expensive aspects is replacing worn-out tires. After the first few thousand miles we have to start looking for suitable replacements. As a Tesla owner, you may be wondering how much does a Tesla tire cost?

New Tesla tires can cost anything from $135 – $570 per tire and $416 to $2 280 per set. This excludes taxes and labor. The exact cost will depend on the Tesla Model you have, the wheel size, and the tire brand you choose.

With the cost of Tesla tires being higher than average, it’s important for owners to be well-informed about their options and costs. That’s where this comprehensive guide comes in. In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the cost of Tesla tires.

How Much Do Tires For a Tesla cost?

The answer varies depending on the model of your car and the type of tire you need. For example, a set of 19-inch Michelin Primacy MXM4 tires for a Tesla Model S can cost around $1,200. Meanwhile, a set of 20-inch Pirelli P Zero tires for a Model X can cost upwards of $2,000.

Keep in mind that these prices are just estimates and can vary based on where you purchase them from and any additional services you may need such as installation or alignment.

It’s important to budget accordingly for these expenses to ensure your safety while driving your Tesla.

This article will help you create this budget. From understanding the factors that influence pricing to knowing how often you should replace them, I’ve got you covered.

I’ll even cover common questions like whether or not Tesla has spare tires and how much roadside assistance for a flat tire will cost.

The Different Prices of Tires for Every Model of Tesla

Since the four Tesla models — Model X, Model S, Model 3, and Model Y — vary significantly in cost, function, and capabilities, they each require different tires. 

Below, I’ve put together a table highlighting the cost of new tires for every Tesla model. The table shows the cost of one tire and a set of four tires for each of the four models. The prices are given in USD for both categories. The table also shows the wheel sizes for each model in inches (and centimeters, for those who live outside the U.S.). 

Tesla Model Wheel Size Individual Tire CostSet of 4 Tires Cost 
Model X20″ or 22″ (50.8 or 55.88 cm)$135 – $377$540 – $1508 
Model S19″ or 21″ (48.26 or 53.34 cm)$155- $570 $620 – $2,280
Model 320″ (50.8 cm)$104- $491$416- $1,964 
Model Y21″ (53.34 cm)$380 – $475 $1,520- $1,900
This table shows all Tesla tire prices from

The price difference between these tires depends on the quality, manufacturer, and purpose of the tires. You can buy Tesla tires directly from Tesla or third-party vendors. I based the above-named prices on third-party vendor prices.

You can scroll down for a more in-depth cost description per model.

What are Tesla Car Tires?

You may be wondering about the type of tires your Tesla car requires for optimal performance and safety. The good news is that Tesla vehicles are equipped with high-quality tires designed to meet the needs of electric vehicles.

These tires are specially engineered to provide maximum efficiency, range, and traction while minimizing rolling resistance.

Tesla car tires come in different sizes and types depending on the model you own. For example, Model S and Model X have 19”, 20” or 21” wheels with all-season or summer performance tire options. On the other hand, Model 3 has 18”, 19” or 20” wheels with all-season or winter tire options.

When considering tesla tires cost, it’s worth noting that investing in high-quality, well-maintained Tesla-approved tires can save you money in the long run by reducing energy consumption and increasing battery life expectancy.

Factors that influence the cost of Tesla Tires

When it comes to the cost of Tesla tires, there are several factors that can influence the price.

Model of the Tesla Car

Different Tesla models come with varying tire sizes and specifications that can affect the cost of your tires.

For instance, the Model 3 comes fitted with 18-inch wheels as standard, while the Model S and X are designed for larger rims ranging from 19 inches to 22 inches.

The type of Tesla car you own also plays a role in determining how much you’ll spend on tires.

For example, if you drive a rear-wheel-drive Model S or X, expect to pay more for replacement tires compared to all-wheel-drive models due to wear and tear differences.

Additionally, some high-performance models like the P85D may require specialized performance-oriented summer or winter tires that can cost significantly more than regular ones.

Size of the Tires

Knowing the tire sizes for your specific Tesla model is crucial in ensuring a smooth driving experience and avoiding any unexpected expenses. Different Tesla models require different tire sizes.

Generally speaking, larger tires tend to be more expensive than smaller ones due to their increased manufacturing costs and materials required.

How To Check The Tire Size For My Tesla

If you need to check your Tesla’s tire size, you can find it on the side of the tire or in your owner manual. It’ll be a combination of numbers and letters like “235/45R18.”

The first number is the tire width in millimeters, the second number is the height of the sidewall as a percentage of the width, and the third number is the wheel diameter in inches.

It’s important to get the right size and type of tires for your Tesla so you can drive safely and get the best performance.

Type of Tire

The type and wheel configuration of your Tesla’s tires will also impact their price, since some types are more high-end or offer better performance features than others.

When it comes to Tesla tires, there are generally two types: summer tires and all-season tires. Summer tires are designed for warm weather conditions and provide excellent grip and handling, while all-season tires are built to handle a wider range of temperatures and weather conditions.

Wheel Configuration

When it comes to the wheel configuration of your Tesla, it’s crucial to choose the right size, offset, and bolt pattern. These factors determine how well your vehicle handles the road and how comfortable your ride will be.

The right wheel configuration can also improve efficiency and reduce tire wear, which can ultimately save you money on Tesla tires cost.

Another important factor is offset – this determines how far out or in the wheels sit from the hub assembly. A proper offset ensures that your wheels don’t rub against other parts of the car while driving.

Lastly, bolt pattern refers to the number of lugs and distance between them on each wheel; matching this with your Tesla’s specifications ensures proper fitment and safety on the road.

By considering all these factors when choosing a wheel configuration for your Tesla, you’ll ensure a smooth ride without compromising safety or efficiency while keeping an eye on tesla tires cost.

Tesla Wheel Supplier

Of course, where you buy your tires (at a Tesla dealership or a third-party supplier) can also impact the cost.

Are Tesla Tires More Expensive Than Regular Tires?

The answer to this question can vary depending on a few factors. However, in most cases, yes – the comparative price of Tesla tires is higher than that of ICE vehicles.

Why You Pay More for Tesla Tires

As far as electric vehicles go, few (if any) come close to Tesla. Teslas have above-average braking capabilities, power, and acceleration, and they’re heavier than standard cars. So, you can’t use the kind of tires that fuel-powered vehicles do for a Tesla, because they’ll break down faster than you can say “Go!” 

Because Teslas are electric vehicles with powerful engines, their tires need to be able to handle the increased weight and torque of the car.

This means that they often need to be made from high-quality materials and designed with specific features like low rolling resistance or enhanced traction.

To know more about what makes Tesla tires more expensive than standard ones, check out this Youtube video:

The Cost of New Tires From Tesla

If you want to buy tires directly from Tesla, you can buy them from Tesla dealerships or the Tesla shop website. Tesla offers tire packages online which you can buy for your car. These packages contain different types of tires and one to two sets of 4 tires.

Tesla’s tire sets can cost anywhere from $2,000 for a set of summer tires with wheels for the Model 3 to $6,000 for high-performance Model S tires and wheels. 

In case those figures sound too steep for your current situation, Tesla also offers a tire loan service where they swap out the damaged tire until it’s time to buy a new set. This service is included in their roadside assistance package, which is usually part of the warranty on new vehicles bought directly from Tesla. 

Check out this related article that I wrote about the Best Tire Repair Kit for Every Tesla Model. This is somewhat related to this post.

Tesla Tire Replacement Cost per Tesla Model

You may be wondering how much it’ll cost to replace your Tesla Model S, Model 3, Model X, or Model Y tires. The cost varies depending on various factors such as size and brand of tire.

On average, expect to pay between $200 and $500 per tire. However, prices can go up to $1,000 for premium options.

Tesla Model S Tire Price

The cost of replacing the tires on a Model S can vary depending on the size and brand of the tire you choose. On average, you can expect to pay between $300 and $500 per tire, which means that a full set of four tires could cost anywhere from $1,200 to $2,000.

When it comes to Tesla tires cost, it’s essential to remember that the quality of the tire will impact its price. Higher-end brands like Michelin and Goodyear tend to be more expensive but also offer superior performance and longevity.

It’s worth investing in high-quality tires if you want your Model S to handle well and last longer without needing replacement. Ultimately, though, the decision is up to you – just make sure that you’re factoring in the tire cost when budgeting for your overall vehicle expenses!

Tesla Model 3 Tire Price

Tesla offers a variety of tire options for the Model 3, including all-season tires and performance tires.

The cost of these tires can range from around $150 to over $400 per tire, depending on the size and type.

If you’re looking for an affordable option that still offers good performance, Tesla’s standard all-season tire is a great choice.

These tires are designed to provide a smooth ride while also providing good traction in wet and dry conditions. They typically cost around $150-200 per tire, depending on the size needed for your Model 3.

If you’re looking for more performance-oriented tires, Tesla also offers high-performance summer tires that are designed to provide exceptional handling and grip at high speeds.

These can cost upwards of $400 per tire but may be worth it if you value performance over cost when it comes to your vehicle’s tires.

Tesla Model X Tire Price

On average, a set of four tires for your Tesla Model X can cost anywhere from $500 to $1,500.

To get the best deal on Tesla model X tire price, it’s essential to do some research beforehand. You may want to consider purchasing directly from Tesla or through a trusted online retailer that specializes in electric vehicle tires.
Additionally, make sure to factor in any installation costs or fees when budgeting for your new set of tires.

Tesla Model Y Tire Price

The cost of tires for a Tesla Model Y will depend on various factors such as brand, size, and type. On average, the cost could range from $300-$400 per tire.

The base model comes with 18-inch wheels and all-season tires that are rated for up to 500 miles of range.

However, if you choose to upgrade to 19 or 20-inch wheels and different tire types like summer performance or winter tires, the prices may vary accordingly.

Buying Tires From Third Parties vs. Tesla

As I showed you earlier, Tesla tires straight from Tesla can break your bank. You can buy from third parties instead, but that comes with its own risks. 

To help you decide whether you should buy straight from Tesla or from (hopefully authorized) third-party dealers, I made this handy comparative table for you.

Random Fun fact:

Tesla is the top electric car manufacturer in the world, with close to 1,000,000 new cars sold in 2020 alone. 

Buying From Tesla

Tire supplierProsTire supplier
TeslaGuaranteed to be of good quality
Various sets offered with wheels 
Tesla service centers will fit your tires for you 
Cost-effective (long-term)
Higher initial cost 
Not everyone lives close to Tesla service centers 
Availability can be limited 
Third-party supplierCheaper 
More convenient in most cases 
More likely to wear out quicker 
Depending on the tire quality, vehicle performance could suffer
It may cost more in the long run due to more frequent replacements
A table comparing the pros and cons of Tesla and third-party tire suppliers for Tesla tires.
Two columns
Tesla Tire and Date Replacement Calculator
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You can use this online Tesla tire calculator to find how long any Tesla Model tire will last. You can also estimate the number of miles left on your current set and how many days you have until they need to be swapped out for new ones. If that is the case, you can also find the price for any set of Tesla tires by selecting the appropriate tires. Have fun!

The Harshest and Kindest Tesla Tires on Your Wallet

New tires are going to be one of the costliest components of being a Tesla owner. Tesla tires wear out quickly compared to those for ICE (internal combustion engine) vehicles, as the batteries add a significant amount of weight to the vehicle. 

If you ask me what the best value-for-money tires for your Tesla are, I’d say the tires that come with your new car, hands down. After all, they’re specifically designed for your vehicle’s needs. Besides, you can replace these at the Tesla service center closest to you. 

On the other hand, the worst value-for-money tires for your Tesla are standard highway tires that just happen to fit your Tesla. As you can imagine, they’re not quite up to handling the added weight and exceptional performance of the average Tesla. Sure, they’re cheaper when you buy them — but those frequent replacement costs will add up, trust me.

Random Stat:

The average weight of electric vehicles is 16% higher than the average for all vehicles, according to a 2020 study by the International Council on Clean Transportation. 

The Best Tires for Your Situation

With all of the above said, not all Tesla tires will fit every Tesla. Below are the factors you should consider when choosing a tire for your Tesla. 


If you own a Tesla Model S, Model Y, or Model X, and you like to drive fast, consider investing in performance tires. Although these tires are pricier than the rest, they’re a worthwhile investment if your driving tends to be hard on your wheels. 


If you live in a cold area full of icy or snowy roads, winter tires are a must-have. As you can imagine, driving with tires that aren’t suitable for icy roads is dangerous. You can also buy snow cages for your wheels directly from Tesla to give you extra grip under frosty conditions. 

Pro Tip: Can you reset your Tesla tire configuration while driving?

If you live in a climate where seasonal tire changes are common, and you want to reset the configuration of the wheels in your on-screen computer; don’t do this while driving. The computer will restart, and it might be a long 3-5 minutes before you’ll be able to drive again. All this might frustrate the drivers around you. So, just wait a little while and change the configuration in your garage.

Long Distance 

Teslas are capable of covering large distances on a single charge. However, if you drive long distances regularly, your tires tend to wear out quicker. So, you need long-distance tires with added durability so they can last longer. 

Standard Tires for Tesla

Standard tires (also known as all-season tires) are your most basic choice. As long as you drive carefully in a temperate or hot climate, common tires are your best bet. Tires built for Tesla models are also durable (and better!), making these a great value for your money. 

Did you know?

Tires cause 35% of vehicle-caused car accidents. This highlights the importance of having the right tires in good condition on your Tesla. 

Make Your Tesla Tires Last Longer

As I mentioned earlier, tires will make up a huge chunk of your Tesla maintenance costs. Therefore, one way you can keep Tesla costs down is to make your tires last as long as possible.

For example, you can watch how you drive. Limit your sharp turns, aggressive acceleration, and abrupt braking as much as possible. All of these wear down the rubber on your tires and rapidly accelerate their wear. 

Another way to ensure your tires last longer is by buying the correct type of tire for your driving habits, climate, and Tesla model. I’ve already covered these in detail above.

Proper tire maintenance can also help them to last longer.

Tips for Maintaining Your Tesla Tires

Firstly, it’s important to check the tire pressure regularly as underinflated tires can lead to increased wear and tear, reducing their lifespan. You can find the recommended tire pressure in your owner’s manual or on the driver’s side door jamb.

Secondly, make sure you rotate your Tesla tires every 10,000 miles or as recommended by the manufacturer. This will help distribute the wear evenly across all four tires and prolong their life.

You can follow Tesla’s recommendations on tire rotation.

Additionally, keeping your wheels clean is crucial as dirt and brake dust can accumulate over time which could damage them.

Lastly, don’t forget to keep an eye on the tread depth of your Tesla tires as worn-out treads could be dangerous when driving in wet conditions.

It’s also worth noting that Tesla offers a limited tire warranty that covers defects in workmanship or materials for up to 2 years from purchase date or until 12,500 miles have been accrued on each tire (whichever comes first). However, this doesn’t cover normal wear and tear due to usage nor does it apply if you’ve purchased a different brand/model of tires than those originally installed by Tesla.

Therefore, proper maintenance is key not only for longevity but also for avoiding unnecessary costs related to replacing worn out or damaged tires outside of warranty coverage.

Tesla Tire Rotation Cost

Tire rotation cost varies depending on where you go for service, but it typically ranges from $50 to $100.

It’s recommended that you rotate your tires every 10,000 miles or so to ensure even wear and prolong their lifespan. Luckily, if you’ve purchased a new Tesla within the past few years, your tires are likely covered under a tire warranty.

This warranty covers any defects in materials and workmanship for up to four years or 50,000 miles (whichever comes first). However, keep in mind that this warranty does not cover damage resulting from road hazards or normal wear and tear caused by driving.

So while getting regular tire rotations may seem like an extra expense at first, it can ultimately save you money by extending the life of your tires and preventing the need for premature replacements.

How Often Do I Need To Replace My Tesla Tires?

There are several factors to look out for when considering how often you need to replace your tires.

According to Tesla, you should buy new tires every 30,000 to 40,000 miles (48 280 to 64 373 km) or about every six years if you’re an average driver. 

Tesla also recommends replacing your tires when the tread depth reaches 3mm or less.

Since this can vary depending on driving habits, road conditions, and climate, it’s essential to keep an eye on your tire wear and get them replaced before they become a safety hazard.

To determine if it’s time to replace your Tesla tires, you can perform a simple test using a penny. Insert the penny into the tread groove with Lincoln’s head facing down. If you can see all of Lincoln’s head, it’s time for new tires.

It’s also important to note that regular maintenance like tire rotations and alignments can help prolong the life of your tires and save you money in the long run. So make sure to keep up with scheduled maintenance and check your tire wear regularly.

Tesla Roadside Assistance Flat Tire Cost

You may be surprised to find out how much you could save by taking advantage of Tesla’s roadside assistance program for flat tires. If you get a flat tire in your Tesla, don’t panic! Just call the Tesla roadside assistance hotline and they’ll send a technician to help you.

Tesla roadside assistance providers may provide you with a loaner wheel to quickly replace a damaged wheel or tire. This is dependent on availability. You’ll have to return the loaner wheel to the Service Center within three days (unless another time was agreed on).

If a loaner wheel is not available, your Tesla will be towed to the nearest Service Center within 50 miles (80 km). If the nearest Service Center is further away, you’ll have to pay for the transportation costs beyond this distance.

This roadside assistance is free of charge. However, if you want the tire to be repaired or replaced by the nearest Service Center, you’ll have to pay for this service

Does Tesla Have a Spare Tire?

Tesla does not provide a spare tire with their vehicles. This is because Tesla believes its tires are durable enough to withstand most driving conditions and road hazards.

This may leave some drivers feeling uneasy, especially if they encounter a flat tire while on the road. In case of a flat tire, Tesla offers roadside assistance as part of its warranty package.

The cost of this service varies depending on factors such as location and severity of the issue (see the section above).

Additionally, Tesla owners can purchase an optional Tire Repair Kit from the company’s website or service centers for added peace of mind. This kit includes sealant and an air compressor that can temporarily fix punctured tires until they can be replaced or repaired by a professional technician.

Overall, while not having a spare tire may seem concerning at first glance, Tesla has taken steps to ensure their customers have access to reliable assistance in case of any unexpected issues with their vehicle’s tires.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are New Tires Covered Under Tesla’s New Car Warranty?

New tires are not covered under Tesla’s new car warranty. Flat tires are classed as normal wear, and the warranty only covers issues or defects from manufacturing and not wear and tear. 

Can Tesla Help When You Have a Flat Tire?

Tesla offers roadside assistance as part of its warranty. They can come to you and help repair your car if you get a flat tire. Tesla also offers loaner tires to get you up and moving. 

On the last note, if you would like to find out about Tesla flat tire costs with their Roadside Assistance, check out this dedicated article that I wrote about it. Check out all the extra options you have available!

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