Picking the Best Color for Your Tesla: Popular Choices

It is known that red cars are ticketed more often than any other color. Yep, for some reason, red cars (Tesla Roadster 😉 ) are associated with speed and adrenaline and make drivers feel powerful. Although this shouldn’t affect your decision, when it comes to buying a new Tesla, color choices can make or break a deal. After all, you’ll be spending plenty of time with your ride, and would want it to look good! But which Tesla color do people really love?

The Pearl White Multi-Coat is one of the most popular among all Tesla models. This color also offers the most value for money because it comes at no extra cost. The Pearl White Multi-Coat has the same quality finish as the Red Multicoat ($2 000 extra). Maintenance is easy and specs of dust and scratches aren’t easily visible.

So after forgetting about the red car danger zone, join me as we take a colorful journey through the most popular Tesla color choices and explore certain factors that buyers usually consider. To give you a wider understanding of Tesla colors, we also take a look at general paint maintenance, and how exactly the Tesla paints are different. So put on your sunglasses and let’s dive in!

Why White is the Best Color For Your Tesla

Based on our research, Tesla owners choose the white color for various beneficial reasons, which include:

  1. As with most other car brands, the Pearl White Multi-Coat hides imperfections better than darker colors.
  2. White is seen as the most environmentally friendly because the car itself doesn’t heat up as much when standing in the sun for a long while. Therefore, it doesn’t need as much air-conditioning to cool off from the inside. It must be noted that the interior colors of cars affect the interior heat more than exterior colors. White interior seats are thus also very popular among Tesla buyers. Also, note that Teslas might not be as affected by interior color because of the glass roof. It still makes a difference nonetheless.
  3. White cars are also easier to spot on the road, which sort of makes it safer.
  4. White and lighter colors are more durable because they don’t have to withstand as much heat.

2nd Best Tesla Paint Color

Another popular color choice for Teslas in recent years has been the solid black color. This is likely due to the fact that it’s free and included. But it is a classic and timeless color that goes well with the sleek and modern design of Tesla’s cars. However, black cars tend to show more f and other debris more easily.

Darker colors like Obsidian Black Metallic, Midnight Silver Metallic, and Deep Blue Metallic colors are also quite popular among Tesla buyers. These colors provide a more sophisticated and elegant look to the car, but they also tend to show dirt and scratches more easily than lighter colors.

Tesla has also introduced new paint colors in recent years, including Quicksilver, Red Multi-coat, Pearl White Multi-coat, and Midnight Cherry Red. These colors add a bit of excitement and personality to the car. Some colors may also be more prone to fading and chalking than more common colors.

It Comes Down To Personal Taste

Ultimately, the choice of color for your Tesla is a matter of personal preference.

While some buyers may prefer the classic look of a black or white car, others may prefer the added personality and excitement of a red or blue car. Some buyers also prefer the unique look of metallic paint or multi-coat paint.

It is also worth keeping in mind that in the used car market, very popular color choices like white, black, or silver will be easier to sell than unique colors. So it’s important to consider how easy it would be to resell your car if you ever decide to do so.

It’s best to see the color in person to get an idea of how it will look on the specific model.

Most Popular and Common Tesla Colors

ColorNumber Of Votes% Of Votes
Signature Red (Signature)81/840(9.6%)
White (Solid)62/840(7.4%)
Black (Solid)55/840(6.5%)
Titanium (Metallic)87/840(10.4%)
Midnight Silver (Metallic)121/840(14.4%)
Obsidian Black (Metallic)71/840(8.5%)
Deep Blue (Metallic)161/840(19.2%)
Silver (Metallic)43/840(5.1%)
Pearl White (Multi-Coat)101/840(12%)
Red (Multi-Coat)58/840(6.9%)
A Tesla Model 3 In All Available Colors
Picking the Best Color for Your Tesla: Popular Choices 1

In a recent Poll that was done on Ride the Lightning’s Patreon Page, the question was asked which of the new Quicksilver or Midnight Cherry Red is preferred. Here are the results.

Midnight Cherry Red57%
I’d choose one of the other already-available colors12%
I wrote a detailed article about Tesla’s new Quicksilver Metallic color, go check it out!

Most Durable Tesla Paint Color

All Tesla paint colors are designed to be durable and long-lasting. None of the colors are more durable than any of the others because they all have the same clear coat on top of the paint.

Teslas produced in China or Germany may have better color quality than those produced in the US. Teslas with dark colors will not be as durable in hot climates as lighter-colored Teslas.

The longer-lasting Tesla paint color is different depending on where you live and where your Tesla will have been produced.

Theoretically, the two colors that should be the most durable are Pearl White and Red colors. Unlike the other colors, these two colors get a 3-stage paint.

  1. Non-Metallic Base Paint.
  2. Pearl Paint Coating.
  3. Clear Coat.

Model S and X paint has been superior to Model 3 and Y up until 2020 where they all seem to be equal now, or close to it.

Immaculate Reflections

Comparing Model S and X Color Popularity to Model 3 and Y

Most Popular Tesla Model S Color

iSeeCars Ranking of Tesla Model S Deals by Color. Colors that hold their value.

RankColor% Deals Compared to Model Average


If you ever get dents on your car and want to repair them, don’t go to the body shop but rather call a paintless dent repair company. You can easily find a technician on Yelp with good reviews. Within about an hour and a couple of hundred bucks you can easily repair significant dents on your car. In this quick and easy way, your car will look as good as new. If you get Paint Protection Film and follow this route, it will be like it never happened. This method will save you a lot of time and money at the body shop.

Most Popular Tesla Model X Color

iSeeCars Ranking of Tesla Model X Deals by Color that hold their value.

RankColor% Deals Compared to Model Average

We’ve also asked some detailers around the country to find out which Tesla colors get the most Paint-Protection Films and Ceramic Coating. The overwhelming answer is always: Silver and White.

Most Popular Tesla Model 3 Color

ColorVotes #Percentage
Pearl White Multi-CoatVotes: 699.7%
Silver MetallicVotes: 17925.0%
Solid BlackVotes: 16022.4%
Midnight Silver MetallicVotes: 8411.7%
Deep Blue MetallicVotes: 709.8%
Red MetallicVotes: 344.8%

Most Popular Tesla Model Y Color       

Tesla Model Y Stats Graph Chart Picking The Best Color For Your Tesla: Popular Choices
Picking the Best Color for Your Tesla: Popular Choices 2
ColorVotes #Percentage
Pearl White Multi-Coat12526.42%
Midnight Silver Metallic12225.79%
Deep Blue Metallic10321.77%
Red Multi-Coat7014.8%
*According to a poll on Reddit

If you would like to find out about Paint Protection Films and Clear Bra for Teslas, check out this informative article that I wrote.

White Tesla vs Black Tesla

Tesla’s white color has better durability, maintainability, and a lower cost when buying. The black color tends to hide certain design elements of the cars, while the white color seems to add more depth, with visible and clearer lines. The overall consensus is that White is the better color.

Some people might like lines that aren’t as clearly visible as they could seem sleeker. The black version thus seems to appeal to people’s egos more.

When both the black and white versions are cleaned to perfection, the black color does take the edge. But the black color is almost impossible to keep that way.

Black almost universally will show every swirl, scratch, a layer of dust, etc. while white is extremely visible day and night. The black color doesn’t have the metal flakes to accent it.

The cleaning schedule should depend on how much it’s driven and whether stored inside or outside. There is nothing unique to Tesla in this regard.

*From the 2016 Model X tracker configuration report.

Maintaining the Shine: Tips for Keeping Your Tesla’s Color Looking New

When spending so much dough on your new car, it is important to keep the paint well-maintained.

Everything loses its shine after a while and if you want to keep the paint looking new for longer try to regularly wash the car with an occasional wax.

To maintain good paint quality you can also try the following:

  • Protecting the paint from harsh chemicals.
  • Avoiding parking in direct sunlight for extended periods of time.
  • Using a car cover can also help protect the paint.

It is also worth mentioning that metallic paints and multi-coat paints require a bit more attention and care when it comes to maintenance, as they are more prone to fading and chalking.

The differences between solid, metallic, and multi-coat paint options

Solid Paint:

  • The basic type of paint is usually the least expensive option.
  • A single layer of paint is applied to the car’s body.
  • The color of solid paint is less vibrant than other types of paint but it is also the most durable and easiest to maintain.

Metallic Paint:

  • Type of paint that contains small metal flakes, which gives the paint a shimmery or sparkling appearance.
  • More expensive than solid paint because of the added metal flakes.
  • Can give the vehicle a more luxurious or sporty look.
  • More durable than solid paint.

Multi-coat Paint:

  • Also known as pearlescent or tri-coat paint.
  • Type of paint that has multiple layers.
  • The first layer is a solid base coat, followed by a layer of pearlescent pigments, and finally, a clear coat.
  • Can give the car a more vibrant and dynamic appearance, with a depth of color that is not possible with solid or metallic paint.
  • More durable than solid paint, but not as much as metallic paint.
  • Tesla uses this paint option in its vehicles.

It’s worth noting that the durability of paint on cars also depends on external factors like geography, weather, and how often and how the vehicle is used. Additionally, all paint colors are warranted for 4 years by Tesla, and the repainting process and cost should also be considered if the customer changes their mind about the color.

How Tesla’s paint is different from other car manufacturers’ paints

The Science Behind the Shine

Tesla uses a proprietary paint process that is specifically designed for their electric vehicles. The paint system consists of a primer, base coat, and clear coat, which results in a deep and glossy finish.

One of the key differences between Tesla’s paint and the traditional gasoline-powered car paint is the use of water-based paint. This type of paint is not only better for the environment, but it also allows for greater accuracy in color matching and consistency.

Another difference is the use of a paint system called the “3-stage” process in Model S, X, and 3 vehicles, which includes a non-metallic base paint, pearl paint coating, and clear coat. This results in a higher-quality finish and is what makes the multi-coat color options (e.g. Pearl White Multi-Coat) especially glossy and vibrant.

Keeping it Fresh

Tesla takes several steps to ensure that their paint remains durable and resistant to damage. One of these steps is the use of a high-quality clear coat, which not only protects the paint from scratches but also helps to resist fading caused by UV rays.

Tesla also uses a specialized curing process that allows the paint to fully harden and bond to the car’s body. This not only improves the durability of the paint but also helps to reduce the risk of peeling or flaking.

Finally, Tesla also offers a paint protection package that includes ceramic coatings and paint protection film. This additional protection can help to further protect the paint from damage caused by road debris and other environmental factors.

All in all, Tesla’s paint process is designed to produce a high-quality, durable finish that is resistant to damage and fading. By using water-based paint, a specialized curing process, and a clear coat, Tesla’s paint is able to maintain its shine and luster for years to come.

If you’re still unsure of which color to choose, consider going for a test drive to see the colors in person and make your decision based on your personal taste!

Process and costs of repainting a Tesla

Repainting a Tesla can be a costly and involved process. If a customer changes their mind about the color or if the paint is damaged, they can either take their vehicle to a Tesla-approved body shop or contact Tesla’s service department.

The cost of repainting a Tesla will vary depending on several factors, such as the size of the vehicle, the type of paint used, and the extent of the damage. Generally speaking, repainting a Tesla can cost several thousand dollars. It is worth mentioning that the cost will be significantly high if the car is under warranty.

The process of repainting a Tesla typically involves a few steps:

  1. An assessment of the damage: A Tesla-approved technician will carefully inspect the vehicle to determine the extent of the damage and what will be required to repair it.
  2. Removal of existing paint: The existing paint on the vehicle will be removed in preparation for the new paint.
  3. Sanding and filling: Sanding and filling will be done to smooth out any dents, dings, or imperfections in the metal.
  4. Priming and painting: The vehicle will then be primed and painted with the new color.
  5. Clear coating: A clear coat will be applied to protect the paint and give it a glossy finish.

The entire process can take several days or even weeks depending on the extensiveness of the repair and the workload of the body shop. It should be noted that repainting a Tesla may also void any remaining paint warranty on the vehicle, so it is advisable for customers to consider this before deciding to repaint.


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