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Which Color Tesla Should I Get? Most Popular Choices Revealed

The classic conundrum of a true prospective Tesla buyer: Which darn color should I get for my Tesla?

The Pearl White Multi-Coat is one of the most popular among all Tesla models. This color also offers the most value for money because it comes at no extra cost. The Pearl White Multi-Coat has the same quality finish as the Red Multicoat ($2 000 extra). Maintenance is easy and specs of dust and scratches aren’t easily visible.

Tesla buyers truly care more about their potential car color than other car owners. It is a very important question after all. When spending so much money on a car, you might as well make the most of it by looking good in it, impressing friends, and ensuring that it meets all your needs. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Read on to make your choice easier and to find a more detailed answer.

Most Popular and Common Tesla Colors

ColorNumber Of Votes% Of Votes
Signature Red (Signature)81/840(9.6%)
White (Solid)62/840(7.4%)
Black (Solid)55/840(6.5%)
Titanium (Metallic)87/840(10.4%)
Midnight Silver (Metallic)121/840(14.4%)
Obsidian Black (Metallic)71/840(8.5%)
Deep Blue (Metallic)161/840(19.2%)
Silver (Metallic)43/840(5.1%)
Pearl White (Multi-Coat)101/840(12%)
Red (Multi-Coat)58/840(6.9%)

Why is White the Best Color For Your Tesla?

Based on our research, Tesla owners choose the white color for various beneficial reasons, which include:

  1. As with most other car brands, the Pearl White Multi-Coat hides imperfections better than darker colors.
  2. White is seen as the most environmentally friendly because the car itself doesn’t heat up as much when standing in the sun for a long while. Therefore, it doesn’t need as much air-conditioning to cool off from the inside. It must be noted that interior colors of cars affect the interior heat more than exterior colors. White interior seats are thus also very popular among Tesla buyers. Also note that Teslas might not be as affected by interior color because of the glass roof. It still makes a difference none the less.
  3. White cars are also easier to spot on the road, which sort of makes it safer.
  4. White and lighter colors are more durable because they doesn’t have to withstand as much heat.


BlackVotes: 78.1%
WhiteVotes: 5564.0%
GreyVotes: 2427.9%

Total voters: 86

A Tesla Model 3 In All Available Colors
We’ve also asked some detailers around the country to find out which Tesla colors get the most Paint-Protection Films and Ceramic Coating. The overwhelming answer is always: Silver and White.

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Most Durable Tesla Paint Color

None of the colors are more durable than any of the others because they all have the same clear coat on top of the paint. Teslas produced in China or Germany may have better color quality than those produced in the US. Teslas with dark colors will not be as durable in hot climates as lighter-colored Teslas.

The longer-lasting Tesla paint color is different depending on where you live and where your Tesla will have been produced.

Theoretically, the two colors that should be the most durable are the Pearl White and Red colors. Unlike the other colors, these two colors get a 3-stage paint.

  1. Non-Metallic Base Paint.
  2. Pearl Paint Coating.
  3. Clear Coat.

Are Model S and X Colors better Compared to Model 3 and Y Colors?

Model S and X paint has been superior to Model 3 and Y up until 2020 where they all seem to be equal now, or close to it.

Immaculate Reflections

How Often Should You Clean a Tesla Compared to Other Cars?

The cleaning schedule should depend on how much it’s driven and whether stored inside or outside. There is nothing unique to Tesla in this regard.

*From 2016 Model X tracker configuration report.

Most Popular Tesla Model S Color

iSeeCars Ranking of Tesla Model S Deals by Color. Colors that hold their value.

RankColor% Deals Compared to Model Average


If you ever get dents on your car and want to repair them, don’t go to the body shop but rather call a paintless dent repair company. You can easily find a technician on Yelp with good reviews. Within about an hour and a couple of hundred bucks you can easily repair significant dents on your car. In this quick and easy way, your car will look as good as new. If you get Paint Protection Film and follow this route, it will be like it never happened. This method will save you a lot of time and money at the body shop.

Most Popular Tesla Model X Color

iSeeCars Ranking of Tesla Model X Deals by Color that hold their value.

RankColor% Deals Compared to Model Average

Most Popular Tesla Model 3 Color

ColorVotes #Percentage
Pearl White Multi-CoatVotes: 699.7%
Silver MetallicVotes: 17925.0%
Solid BlackVotes: 16022.4%
Midnight Silver MetallicVotes: 8411.7%
Deep Blue MetallicVotes: 709.8%
Red MetallicVotes: 344.8%

Most Popular Tesla Model Y Color       

ColorVotes #Percentage
Pearl White Multi-Coat12526.42%
Midnight Silver Metallic12225.79%
Deep Blue Metallic10321.77%
Red Multi-Coat7014.8%
*According to a poll on Reddit

If you would like to find out about Paint Protection Films and Clear Bra for Teslas, check out this informative article that I wrote.

White Tesla vs Black Tesla

Tesla’s white color has better durability, maintainability and a lower cost when buying. The black color tends to hide certain design elements of the cars, while the white color seems to add more depth, with visible and clearer lines. The overall consensus is that White is the better color.

Some people might like lines that aren’t as clearly visible as they could seem sleeker. The black version thus seems to appeal to people’s egos more.

When both the black and white versions are cleaned to perfection, the black color does take the edge. But the black color is almost impossible to keep that way.

Black almost universally will show every swirl, scratch, layer of dust, etc. while white is extremely visible day and night. The black color doesn’t have the metal flakes to accent it.

Which Tesla Car Colors Are Planned for The Future?

Tesla might be adding a new color called “Deep Crimson Red” which looks almost like a darker shade of red mixed with purple undertones. It is speculated that the color will be added and used on the line-up in the Giga Berlin factory in Germany.


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