9 Best Tesla Touch Up Paint Colors Compared (With Pictures)

As a car owner, you may try your best to maintain that glossy, pristine look reminiscent of when you bought it. Unfortunately, your car may be subjected to bird droppings, scratches, dirt, and dust, leaving it far from pristine.

Here are the 10 best Tesla touch-up colors to conceal these blemishes and showcase your sense of style:

  1. Pearl white multi-coat touch-up paint.
  2. Deep blue metallic touch-up paint.
  3. Silver metallic touch-up paint.
  4. Blue metallic touch-up paint.
  5. Titanium metallic touch-up paint.
  6. Midnight silver metallic touch-up paint.
  7. Red multi-coat touch-up paint.
  8. Obsidian black metallic touch-up paint.
  9. Signature red touch-up paint.
  10. Solid black touch-up paint.

Let’s take a deeper look into the touch-up colors. Purchasing the correct color can make your Tesla the best-looking car on the road.

It is always rewarding to maintain your car in the best possible condition. Minor blemishes such as dents, dings, and scratches, coupled with other contaminants such as excess dirt and paint chips, can negatively impact your car’s appearance.

1. Pearl White Multi-Coat Touch-Up Paint

One of the finest touch-up paint colors in the market, the pearl white multi-coat is an excellent choice for hiding dirt and minor scratches. This is because most scratches are a light color, easily concealed with either silver or white touch-up paints. 

Save for being one of the more inexpensive options in the market, the pearl white multi-coat touch-up paint also scores highly when it comes to ease or care. 

Tesla-Pearl-White-Muli-Coat-Back Color Palette
The pearl white multi-coat color on a 2014 Tesla Model S 85

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A Tesla Model 3 In All Available Colors

2. Deep Blue Metallic Touch-Up Paint

The deep blue metallic color is in its true element during daytime. This is because it pops up in conditions of bright sunlight.

However, you may notice a difference in appearance during nighttime because it takes on a more purplish appearance. 

Tesla-Deep-Blue-Metallic Palette Color
Deep blue metallic paint color on the 2018 Tesla Model 3 Long Range AWD

3. Silver Metallic Touch-Up Paint

Like the pear white color, silver metallic is ideal for concealing scratches. It is also easy to take care of, giving your car a clean, glossy look. 

The silver metallic color is also effective at concealing dirt, particularly during the winter. It is easy to keep up over time and does not fade, unlike darker shades. 

Silver metallic color on the 2014 Tesla Model S P85DL

4. Blue Metallic Touch-Up Paint

Like the deep blue metallic color, blue metallic is also an ideal choice for the daytime.

It does a decent job concealing minor scratches while also giving your Tesla a nice, bold appearance. 

Blue metallic color on the 2015 Tesla Model S 85D

5. Titanium Metallic Touch-Up Paint

The titanium metallic touch-up color is also an excellent option to conceal scratches while giving your car a glossy appearance.

This touch-up ensures that any imperfections are barely noticeable even during the night. 

The titanium metallic color on a 2016 Model X 90D

6. Midnight Silver Metallic Touch-Up Paint

Suppose you want to give your Tesla a nice finished look while concealing more prominent marks such as scraped mirrors or scuffed bumpers.

In that case, the midnight silver metallic touch-up color offers an excellent solution. 

Midnight-Silver-Metallic-Touch-Up-Paint-Tesla-Model-3 Color Palette
Midnight-silver metallic finish on a 2019 Model S 75D

7. Red Multi-Coat Touch-Up Paint

The red multi-coat touch-up paint works well to conceal a few scuffs or dings, especially on the lower rocker panels.

Apply this multi-coat touch-up paint gently and leave it to dry for best results.

Red-Multi-Coat-Touch-Up-Paint Color Palette
Red multi-coat color on the 2018 Tesla Model 3 Long Range RWD

8. Obsidian Black Metallic Touch-Up Paint

The obsidian black metallic is arguably one of the best colors, especially on the Tesla Model 3 and S.

Thanks to its metallic flake, this gorgeous touch-up color is a good option for concealing scratches while accentuating your car’s finishing.

Obsidian-Black-Metallic-Touch-Up-Paint-Tesla-Model-3 Color Palette
Obsidian black metallic color on a 2018 Tesla Model X P100D

9. Signature Red Touch-Up Paint

You can make a bold statement with this signature red touch-up color option. A rare, rich red hue, this color will definitely make your car stand out from the rest. 

If you are one of the 1,000 owners of the 2016 Tesla Model X Signature Series, this touch-up color will do a great job in covering noticeable chips and giving your car a rich, radiant glow. 

Signature-Red-Touch-Up-Paint-Front Color Palette
Signature red color on the Tesla Model X Signature

10. Solid Black Touch-Up Paint

Considered the best color finish during nighttime, this touch-up paint pairs elegance with a striking appearance. It also communicates your sense of class.

However, although it looks fantastic, be warned that this color is perhaps the most difficult to keep clean and maintain. 

Solid-Black-Touch-Up-Paint-Tesla-Model-3 Color Palette
Solid black color on the 2020 Tesla Model X Performance Series

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are having a hard time finding the right touch-up paint for your car, you are not alone. Read on for answers to some of the common questions about Tesla’s touch-up paints. 

How Can I Ensure the Touch-Up Color Matches My Car?

One of the common challenges of selecting the right touch-up color is finding the right option that matches perfectly with your car. It is important to remember that when buying a touch-up paint online, the image provided may not match the actual paint color of your vehicle.

You can ensure the touch-up color matches your car by verifying that you are buying the correct option. Make sure you compare the color code of your car’s paint and the color code on the touch-up paint before placing an order.

A common cause of this mismatch might be that the color on the computer screen is either darker or lighter than it actually is, depending on your viewing angle. Your eyes can also deceive you so to be on the safe side, I recommend making sure the color code on the touch-up paint matches your car’s.

How Do I Locate My Tesla’s Color Code?

You can locate your Tesla’s color code by checking the identification sticker on the car. Follow these steps to locate this identification sticker:

  • Open the driver-side door of the car.
  • Look for the sticker at the bottom of the pillar.
  • Find the paint color code at the bottom left of the ID sticker.

Tesla paint codes consist of four letters, so this should be easy to find. If you experience trouble locating this sticker, this video should help you out:

Tesla Touch-up Paint Color Codes

The table below summarizes the different color codes for the touch-up colors to simplify your search:

Color Description Color Code
Pear white multi-coatPPSW
Deep blue metallicPPSB
Silver metallicPMSS
Blue metallicPMMB
Titanium metallicPPTI
Midnight silver metallicPMNG
Red multi-coat metallicPPMR
Obsidian black metallicPMBL
Signature redPPSR
Solid blackPBSB
Summary table of the best Tesla touch-up colors and their respective color codes.

What Do I Need To Begin Painting Touch-Up?

Doing your touch-up work is only recommended if you have a good understanding or experience in spray painting. If you are a beginner, consider taking your car to paint experts because you risk turning simple scratches into potentially costly repair work. 

To begin painting touch-up, purchase the Tesla paint repair kit compatible with your car. It should come with the following:

  • One 0.5-ounce (14.1748-gram) OEM paint bottle
  • One 1-ounce (28.34-gram) bottle of blending solution
  • One squeegee
  • One micro brush
  • One ultra brush
  • One wiping cloth
  • One microfiber towel

This kit provides everything you need to cover up paint chips and debris and clean up after completing the touch-up for a smooth, finished appearance. 

EV Speedy’s Take

I recommend getting matching touch-up paint for your car to maintain that nice, clean look.

Ensure that the touch-up paint’s four-letter code matches the color code located on your car’s information sticker for a seamless blend. 

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