Tesla White vs. Black Interior: Which Is Better?

Tesla’s vegan leather interiors come in two simple yet elegant colors — white and black. Although both options look impressive and luxurious, is there a clear winner? So, should you get white or black Tesla interior?

Both white and black Tesla interiors have their unique pros and cons. White Tesla interiors are softer and more luxurious than black interiors. However, a black interior comes standard, whereas you have to pay a premium for a white interior. Additionally, black interiors are easier to maintain.

Tesla is meant to offer customizable options that give you the perfect high-end eco-conscious car. This article will explore both interior options to help you choose what is suitable for you.

What Is the Difference Between Tesla’s White and Black Interiors?

Tesla is completely different from other car brands regarding interior customizability. They have rather limited options to make it easier and cheaper to manufacture.

When choosing the interior, you personalize the entire experience of driving it. The primary difference between Tesla’s white and black interior isn’t the aesthetic but the feeling of sitting in the vehicle. That is both literal and figurative.

The main difference between Tesla’s white and black interiors is the price. The black interior comes standard, but you have to pay extra for a white interior. But since you’re paying extra, you get slightly better and more comfortable seats.

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Tesla remains consistent in its mission to give the customer the ability to customize their experience. Considering how much time you’ll spend in your car, the interior becomes a more serious consideration. However, whether you go with white or black, you can be certain about the quality.

The white comes in a classic white and a cream variety. It gives a certain luxury appeal to the vehicle’s overall look, standing out regardless of the exterior color you select. Beyond that, it was made to be extra soft.

Many customers choose white because the seats feel more comfortable and give the cabin an airy feel.

With the black interior, you get the chic look often associated with dark leather. But it isn’t genuine leather, as all new models feature a cruelty-free material that makes the seats 100% vegan.

That is a claim not many car companies can give. You get all the benefits of old-fashioned, genuine leather without any of the guilt that comes with it. 

Interior OptionWhite InteriorBlack Interior
FeelExtra softHas a more traditional leather seat texture
CleanabilityHard to cleanEasy to clean
PriceCosts extraComes standard
Unique TraitStays cool in summerGets hot in direct sunlight
If we break it down, we can see that both Tesla interiors are similar with a few key differences:

In the most recent updates to their line, the brand has sought to close the gap between their interiors. Customers don’t have to feel like they’re giving up the benefits of one or the other. But that hasn’t put the two options on equal footing. 

As you can see from the table above, white seats are more likely to stain. To Tesla’s credit, they have made the risk of this pretty minimal. The white seats are easy to clean, and most spills can be wiped down effortlessly. Even sticky or acidic liquids won’t absorb into the fabric, which can’t be said for mesh car seats.

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That doesn’t mean they’re immune to stains, though. Even without staining, dirt and grime show glaringly on white, so regular cleaning is necessary. On the other hand, a bit of dust isn’t going to show as vividly on black.

Choosing white is already committing to cleanliness that isn’t sustainable for everyone, especially if you have a busy life where you spend long hours behind the wheel. 

Temperature is another consideration. Tesla has modeled its features for convenience, and the ability to quickly cool down the car was a priority. Black interiors will inevitably take much longer to cool, as they suck up rays and make everything from the dashboard to the steering wheel get extremely hot. 

With these slight differences, it can be helpful to compare Tesla to other manufacturers.

Even other high-end vehicles on the market haven’t managed to capture quite this mix between high-end, comfortable, stain resistant, aesthetically pleasing, and cruelty-free. It is another way this brand quickly becomes synonymous with the future. 

Is There a Price Difference Between Tesla’s Interiors?

Probably the most significant controversy about Tesla is the price and how certain features can jack up the price tag. In 2022, the Model S is predicted to average between $94,990 to $129,990, which in part has to do with customizations. 

The price difference between a Tesla white and black interior model is $1,000. This is a departure from the norm, where black products usually cost more than white. It also reflects the additional care put into white interiors as they’re softer to the touch and don’t stain very easily.

You can watch KilowattAuto’s video where he breaks down if the $1,000 difference is worth it after a year of ownership:

One thing that stands out in the video is how beautiful the interior looks. The seats are pristine, and he shows how he cleans them to keep them in that condition. There is no denying a white interior brings a particular class to an already classy luxury car. 

Here’s another great video. This Youtuber gets a little deeper into the topic:

He addresses a couple of issues from the older models that could still be relevant in the newest Tesla Model S.

In the end, you’ll be paying more for the white interior, which could be a dealbreaker for some drivers. But as you can see from KilowattAuto, there are genuine reasons to pay extra.

While your first instinct may be to base your decision entirely on the visual elements, especially with the price gap, you might enjoy the benefits of the white interior enough to make that initial investment. 

How Do You Clean Tesla’s White and Black Interiors?

Once you have chosen what interior you want, it’s time to learn how to clean it properly. With Tesla using unique materials for the entire car, how do you safely clean them? 

Both Tesla’s white and black interiors are easy to clean. Both the seats and the dashboard require only a microfiber cloth and a mixture of water and mild, detergent-free cleaner. Once you have tested the cleaner on a hidden portion of your car, spray it, wipe it, and dry the surface thoroughly.

Natural ingredients such as vinegar or baking soda are the safest and cheapest options. Another great option would be dish soap, especially if you spilled something greasy all over your nice interior.

Some interior cleaners are specially-designed for sensitive car seats. SHINE ARMOR Interior Cleaner (Amazon.com) is a simple spray cleaner you can use on everything from the pedals to the seats.

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While cleaning, consider spraying the cloth rather than the car itself to ensure the cleaner doesn’t come into direct contact with the interior.

This also helps eliminate streaks. If using a wet cloth, follow it immediately with a dry microfiber cloth for best results. 

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