The interior of most Teslas is some of the most magnificent you’ll find (though very much debatable among forums). The vegan leather and the futuristic dashboard look as great in real life as they do in pictures. However, the headrests are often an issue for many owners, so how can you adjust them?

You can adjust the headrest on a Tesla by either pulling it out manually or using the headrest adjustment function on the dashboard. However, the digital adjustment option is only available on models like the X. Model 3 owners have to adjust the headrest manually or reverse it. 

The rest of the article will look at what you need to know about adjusting the headrest on various Tesla models and how to complete the adjustment.

How You Can Adjust a Tesla Headrest – All Models Explained

Below is a look at how you can adjust the headrest on most Tesla models.

Adjusting the Headrest on a Tesla Model 3

The default design of the Model 3 only allows vertical adjustment. Therefore, you can move it up and down easily. You’ll need to put in some strength to take out the headrest, but you can complete it in minutes.

The YouTube video below will show you how:

However, moving the headrest up or down isn’t the problem most drivers have to deal with. The headrest pushes a bit too forward, putting you in a hunched position.

If you have back pain, the headrest configuration on the Model 3 can make rides uncomfortable. Fortunately, there’s a solution.

Here’s what you should do:

  1. Remove the headrest clip as shown in the video above and take out the headrest completely.
  2. Remove the material cover on the headrest to prevent tears or stains.
  3. Put the headrest in a vise and pull on the metal poles with hollow tubes to adjust the angle.
  4. Pay attention to how far you have to go when bending the pole.

Here’s another YouTube video that goes into more detail on this method of adjusting the Model 3 headrest:

As you’d quickly find out, this is a labor-intensive approach to adjusting your Model 3 headrest. There’s also the risk of damaging the vehicle, so make sure it’s something you can do.

An alternative to adjusting the headrest in the manner described above is to simply reverse the headrest. You can see how to do it in this post on the Tesla Owners Online forum.

You only need to pull out the headrest, turn it the other way, and fix it back to get more headroom.

Adjusting the Headrest on a Tesla Model Y

Unfortunately, the headrest in the Tesla Model Y is built into the car seat. You can’t separate the headrest, as is the case with the Model 3.

Some more savvy DIY people may know how to dismantle the seats to separate and adjust the headrest, but that’s a dangerous process that could void your warranty or damage the seat permanently.

Although you can’t adjust the Model Y headrest directly, you can use optional extras to improve the balance you get while driving.

A headrest pillow like the LightEase TESCAMP Car Seat Headrest on is a good example. It’s easy to install and doesn’t look out of place inside your car.

Once installed, it’ll help support the region around your neck and upper back, keeping you more comfortable compared to the standard headrest.

Car Neck Pillows with Resilient Memory Foam,Automotive Seat Cushions of Headrests for Relieving Neck Stiffness &Supporting with Adjustable Straps and Comfy Outer Cover(Black,1Package)

Adjusting the Headrest on a Tesla Model X

If your headrest feels uncomfortable on the Model X, you don’t have to live with it. Fortunately, this model allows for semi-digital adjustment of the headrest. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Tap the button on the lower side of the seat.
  2. You’ll get a prompt on the center screen to choose between the Lumbar and Headrest.
  3. Select Headrest.
  4. Use the up/down button on the side of the seat (not the one on the screen) to adjust the headrest.

Some people may find that this mode of adjustment doesn’t quite improve the overall comfort of the headrest. If that’s the case for you, you may have to use the headrest pillow recommended above.

If you’d like to move the headrest backward, you can only do so on a Model 3. The headrest here is removable, allowing easy adjustment of the angle. You can also choose to reverse the headrest to create more room around the head area and improve general comfort.

How Do You Move the Tesla Model 3 Headrest?

You can move the Tesla Model 3 headrest by removing the headrest clip. After the clip is disengaged, you can move the headrest easily. However, you can only move the headrest up or down.

If you’re thinking of moving the headrest backward, you’ll have to use the angle adjustment method we’ve described above.

Do Tesla Headrests Come Off?

Tesla headrests come off only on the Model 3. For other models, the headrest is built into the seat to make up a unit.

Some Tesla owners have detached the headrest on other Tesla models, but that’s a tough job for the average person. 

There’s also the possibility of damaging the seat components and voiding your warranty. If you have a Model X or Y, it’s best to explore non-invasive approaches to improving the comfort of your headrest.

Do Tesla Headrests Go Up?

Most Tesla headrests are vertically adjustable, so they go up and down. You can move the headrest up manually On the Model 3, while the Model X has a combination of external and digital controls to move the headrest up and down.

However, with the Model Y, the headrests are not adjustable.

Below is a table highlighting the major Tesla models and their mode of adjustment.

ModelMode of AdjustmentDirection Possible By DefaultHeadrest Removable?
Model 3Manual adjustmentUp and downYes
Model XCombination of manual and digital adjustmentUp and downNo
Model YNot adjustableNoneNo

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