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How To Check Mileage on Tesla Model S | With Alternatives

Tesla made a name for itself by being a disruptor in an otherwise conservative industry. While Tesla’s unique characteristics are some of its biggest selling points, it can also confuse users who may struggle to find common features like the odometer.

Here’s how you can check the mileage on a Tesla Model S

  • Swipe right on the car graphic on your console.
  • Scroll all the way down on your console.
  • Alternatively, check the Tesla app on your phone. 

There’s no need to feel bad if you’ve struggled to find the odometer on your Model S. In this article, I’ll quickly walk you through how and where you can find your Tesla’s odometer.

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1. Swipe Right on the Car Graphic on Your Console

To find the odometer on your Tesla Model S, you need to swipe right on the car icon on the left-hand side of your Tesla touchscreen. This is where you’ll find the trip info on your Tesla, including information on your vehicle’s energy efficiency and kilometers driven. The odometer will be in the leftmost card.

“Tesla Model S interior and battery indicator shown on the touch screen, while using Supercharger charging network” by Marco Verch, Flickr is licensed under CC BY 2.0

2. Scroll All the Way Down on Your Console

Once you’re on the leftmost card, all you have to do is swipe all the way down! The odometer will be at the bottom. You can watch the 30-second YouTube video below for a quick demonstration of how to find the odometer in your Tesla console:

3. Alternatively, Check the Tesla App on Your Phone 

The easiest place to find the odometer for your Tesla Model S is on the Tesla app on your phone. Simply launch the app and scroll to the bottom to find the total mileage of your Model S. By doing so, you’ll be able to look at the mileage of your vehicle even when you’re not in it! 

RebootDescriptionInstructionsScroll wheel reboot. This is a soft reboot that will restart your Tesla software without shutting off electricity to the rest of the vehicle.Press and hold the scroll wheels on one side of your wheel for 10 seconds or until the screen shuts off. Once a reboot has been initiated, the main screen will reboot.
Top button rebootThis is a soft reboot like the one above, except that the reset instructions are slightly different for Model S and Model X.Press and hold both steering wheel scroll buttons for 10 seconds or until the screen turns black. Once the screen shuts off, wait up to a minute for it to restart on its own.
Steering wheel resetA steering wheel reboot will completely power off your vehicle momentarily. It will not affect or change any of your configurations.Press and hold both steering wheel buttons while also pressing the break.  Release after the screen has turned black and the Tesla logo has appeared.
Full power downThis will power down your Tesla completely for as long as you stay in the vehicle. Note that the Tesla will wake when you open the door after a full power down. On your console, go to Controls → Safety → Power Off. Do not interact with the vehicle for at least two minutes so that it is completely powered off. 
Factory resetA factory reset will completely wipe your Tesla as if it was brand new. Only try this if you have exhausted other options. On your console, go to Settings → Service → Factory Reset. Sign in to your Tesla account with your email address and password. Your factory reset will begin. 
The table covers four different types of reboots for your Tesla.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You See the Odometer While Driving a Tesla?

You can see the odometer while driving a Tesla by swiping right on the car icon in your console and scrolling down. However, you shouldn’t use the Tesla app to check the odometer while driving.

However, note that there is no way to keep the Tesla odometer up on your console while you’re driving. The card that shows the odometer is set to disappear after a few seconds, presumably to prevent drivers from getting distracted.

Tesla drivers who need to record their mileage for reimbursement may not be happy about this feature. A good solution would be to use a third-party Tesla app like TeslaFi or TezLab. These apps will automatically keep track of your mileage each time you drive your Model S.

What Should I Do If I Cannot Find My Tesla’s Odometer?

If you can’t find your Tesla’s odometer by swiping right on the car icon on your touchscreen, a soft reboot should resolve the issue. In rare cases, a hard or factory reset may also be needed.

If you cannot find your odometer, the first thing you should do is reset your vehicle. Lucky for you, there are numerous ways to reboot a Tesla.

EV Speedy’s Take

A Tesla Model S’s odometer can be found in the Tesla console and the Tesla app. To find the odometer in the console, all you have to do is swipe right on your car icon and scroll to the bottom.

To find the odometer in the app, simply scroll all the way to the bottom to see the total mileage of your vehicle. 

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