Best Glass Cleaner for Your Tesla: With Neat Tips

Teslas have a lot of glass, not only for the windshields and windows but also the roofs. Hence, you need an effective glass cleaner for your Tesla, whether your model has tempered or laminated variants. Ideally, you must not use regular glass cleaners on your Tesla for a reason. 

The best glass cleaners for your Tesla are Stoner Invisible Glass, Meguiars Wax Perfect Clarity, and Gumout Rain-X. However, do not use these glass cleaners for your Tesla touchscreen. Also, don’t use cleaners like Rain-X as your Tesla windshield wiper fluid. 

Regular glass cleaners may leave behind streaks on your Tesla, and the tint may also develop a haze. Also, you must clean the exteriors & interiors of the windows and windshields, especially if your Tesla is new. This guide discusses everything about the best glass cleaners for your Tesla.

Best Tesla Glass Cleaner

Standard glass cleaners usually contain ammonia and alcohol. Also, many regular glass cleaners contain soap or detergent and other chemicals that cause streaks on Tesla windshields and windows.

You need streak-free glass cleaners for your Tesla, hence the following shortlist.

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The real-time prices may vary due to discounts or the brands’ pricing changes.

Tesla Glass Cleaner AttributesStoner Invisible Glass 91163 for Auto (Tinted & Non-Tinted)Meguiars Wax G8224 Perfect Clarity Glass CleanerGumout Rain-X 5080217 X-Treme Glass Cleaner
Tesla ModelsS, X, 3, YS, X, 3, YS, X, 3, Y
Tesla Glass TypesWindshields, Roofs, Windows, MirrorsWindshields, Roofs, Windows, MirrorsWindshields, Roofs, Windows, Mirrors
Exterior / Interior BothBothExterior Only
Streak & SmearStreak-FreeStreak-FreeStreak-Free
Cleaning EfficacyEffortlessly EffectiveEffortlessly EffectiveEffective
Size15 oz (443 ml)24 oz (709 ml)12 oz (355 ml)
Price*Starting from $6.99Starting from $12.99Starting from $7.99
This is a table comparing the best glass cleaner products for Teslas and their application usages.

Stoner Invisible Glass 91163 for Auto and Home (Tinted & Non-Tinted)

Invisible Glass 91163-3Pk 15-Ounce Cleaner For Auto And Home For A Streak-Free Shine, Deep-Cleaning Foaming Action, Safe For Tinted And Non-Tinted Windows, Ammonia Free Foam Glass Cleaner
Stoner’s Invisible Glass 91163 Cleaner from Amazon is available in packs (1 to 6), and they have one with a microfiber cloth.

Each 15 oz (443 ml) can with a built-in sprayer contains a foam-based glass cleaning formula. The glass cleaner is ammonia-free and tint-safe. 

Pro Tip: How can you exit screen clean mode without pressing on the Tesla screen?

If you trip out every time you’re trying to clean your screen and you fret about putting a fingerprint on a nice and clean screen to exit screen clean mode, you can just put your foot on the brake pedal and flip up or down on the gear stock. That way it will exit screen clean mode and take you back to screen that you accessed that mode from. Then just tap on the “X” with your knuckle and always keep your screen clean.

You may use the Invisible Glass Cleaner on your Tesla windshields, windows, mirrors, and roof. You can clean both the exterior & interior of windshields and windows.

Stoner assures deep cleaning and a streak-free shine as the product doesn’t contain soaps, dyes, or scents. 

You can spray this aerosol directly on the windshields and windows. The made-in-USA product can clean stainless steel surfaces, too.

Also, you may consider the Invisible Glass 99031 Reach and Clean Tool Combo Kit (available on which includes a wand cleaner for the deep Tesla windshield. 

Always use mild glass cleaners on Tesla. Cleaning agents containing ammonia, alcohol, and other volatile organic compounds may damage the tint and Tesla’s water-based paint on the body. Don’t use windshield washer fluids containing repellents and volatile organic compounds.

Meguiars Wax G8224 Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner

Meguiar'S G8224 Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner - 24 Oz.
Meguiars Wax G8224 Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner (available on is a bestseller.

Like Stoner’s Invisible Glass, this product is also a favorite among professionals and auto enthusiasts. Available as a spray, the Perfect Clarity formula is superior to most other cleaners available on the market. 

You can spray this cleaner directly on Tesla windshields, windows, roofs, and mirrors.

However, don’t apply the product if your Tesla’s glass surfaces are hot to the touch. Wait for the car to cool down on a hot summer day and then start cleaning, or spray the cleaner on a microfiber cloth. 

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The Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner spreads quickly, so you don’t have to use a lot for one round of wiping. You may use the box method to clean your Tesla windshields and windows with this cleaner.

Also, Meguiars Wax infuses an anti-hazing formula for a sustainable streak-free finish. 

Do not use Meguiar’s Perfect Clarity on paint, clear plastic, or display screens, such as LCD and LED.

Avert spraying excessive glass cleaner when you spray around the edges or corners of a Tesla windshield, window, and exterior mirror.

Always use a premium-quality microfiber towel. 

Gumout Rain-X 5080217 X-Treme Glass Cleaner

Rain-X 5080217 X-Treme Clean Glass Cleaner - 12 Fl Oz.
Gumout’s Rain-X 5080217 X-Treme Clean from Amazon can remove dust, dirt & grime, and haze from windshields, windows, mirrors, and headlights.

The glass cleaner is effective on rigid residue and bugs. You may apply the cleaner directly on glass or on a damp microfiber cloth to wipe. 

Unlike the previous two glass cleaners, Gumout recommends circular motions instead of the box method. You need to apply a bit of pressure so that the cleaning solution can pick up as much dirt & grime as possible and then rinse the glass surface before wiping it dry. 

Gumout has a few 2-in-1 and combo solutions, such as the Rain-X 5071268 Glass Cleaner (available on You may not consider a cleaner & repellent, but it may be useful in places that receive a lot of rain.

Also, you can use Rain-X 630046 Anti-Fog Cleaner (available on for interior glass. 

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How To Wash and Clean a Tesla Windshield

You may use a pressure washer and foam cannon on a Tesla windshield if you are cleaning the entire car.

However, both the options are unsuitable if you have to clean only the windshield because a pressure washer and foam cannon will scatter the dirt & grime across the front trunk. 

Washing and cleaning a Tesla windshield only is doable and can be effortless & effective if you have the necessary tools.

Also, you need to use the right technique to remove all the dust, dirt, grime, rigid stains, industrial contaminants, and grease, if any. 

Here are the tools you need to wash and clean a Tesla windshield:

  • A streak-free glass cleaner (like those cited in this guide)
  • A premium microfiber cloth (medium grit or density)
  • A plush microfiber cloth (thick and dense)
  • A clay bar/mitt & lubricant (optional)
  • A wand-like tool for the deep windshield interior (optional)

1. Use the Streak-Free Glass Cleaner for an Initial Cleanse

Rubbing alcohol may or may not leave any stains on your Tesla windshield, depending on the type and concentration. Diluted isopropyl alcohol may be fine, but ethanol tends to cause streaks and haze on Tesla’s glass.

Ammonia will almost certainly leave streaks and cause haze.

Always use a streak-free glass cleaner for Tesla. You may choose any of those suggested in this guide.

Tesla windshields are broad and deep. Select quadrants or zones so that you can clean one manageable area at a time. Apply one part with the glass cleaner.

You may spray a streak-free glass cleaner directly on the Tesla windshield as long as you don’t overuse it.

Do not let the cleaning solution flow down to the painted front trunk or the sides.

The foam-based and ammonia-free glass cleaners cited in this guide don’t require any soaking.

Here’s a video showing Invisible Glass’ cleaning efficacy on a Tesla windshield: 

2. Employ the Box Method or Circular Motions (As Applicable)

Take a clean microfiber cloth, fold it in half, and then fold that again. This technique will give you eight clean and dry parts of the same microfiber cloth so that you don’t need another for one cleaning session.

Choose a microfiber cloth with a herringbone pattern as its grit for efficacy. 

You may choose the box method or circular motions to wipe the cleaning solution off the windshield.

The box method requires you to wipe the edges of a window or the perimeter of a chosen area on the windshield, and then you wipe vertically, and finally, horizontally. 

Gumout recommends circular motions for its Rain-X glass cleaner. Meguiars suggests the box method.

Also, you can choose vertical wipes for the exterior and horizontal motions for the interior if you clean both sides at the same time. This tactic will reveal where a streak is. 

3. Wipe the Windshield Dry With a Clean Medium Grit Microfiber Cloth

After you wipe the glass cleaner thoroughly, switch to an unused part of the medium-grit microfiber cloth and wipe the chosen part of the Tesla windshield dry. Repeat this clean dry-wiping method for every demarcated zone on the windshield, outside and inside.

You may have to repeat the cleaning cycle, depending on how much dirt, grime, and stains you have on the Tesla windshield.

You may need a clay bar or mitt if the Tesla windshield has a lot of environmental and industrial contaminants, quaint spots, or rigid stains.

4. Use Clay Bar or Mitt With Lubricant (Optional)

A clay bar and lubricant can extract the tiny contaminants that will otherwise stay clung to the glass. These tiny particles are why you feel a sense of roughness on glass and other parts of a Tesla or any car.

Use a clay lubricant and then a bar or mitt to cleanse the entire windshield.

You will need to remold the clay bar as you proceed, similar to how you have to toggle among the folded parts of a microfiber cloth. A clay mitt is larger and reusable, which makes it more suitable for a windshield.

Choose either or both based on your preference and familiarity. 

Here’s a video showing the box method and using clay bar & lubricant:

5. Reapply Glass Cleaner and Wipe Again (if Necessary)

Using a clay bar necessitates a final cleansing round using the glass cleaner. Otherwise, you may still need a second or third round if the Tesla windshield is immensely stained and grimy.

Repeat the same cleaning and wiping method as earlier, but change the drying technique.

6. Wipe the Windshield Dry With a Clean Plush Microfiber Cloth

The final wipe needs a clean, dry, and plush microfiber cloth.

A denser microfiber towel absorbs more moisture, but it is not as abrasive as a medium-grit variant. You don’t need abrasion as the windshield should be clean by now, so remove the leftover cleaner & moisture from the glass. 

Your Tesla windshield should be squeaky clean if you use this stepwise guide.

Also, consider cleaning the interior whenever you work on the Tesla windshield exterior. At times, hazes or streaks aren’t on the exterior but inside. New Teslas often have a notable interior haze issue. 

Invisible Glass 95161 Reach And Clean Tool (1-Piece) - Window Wand Glass Cleaning Tool For Windshields, Invisible Glass Cleaner For Auto Glass, Clean And Reach Tool For Hard-To-Reach Places
Best Glass Cleaner for Your Tesla: With Neat Tips 1

All the fresh plastic outgassing can cause a haze on your Tesla windshield interior, and it can affect your visibility.

You may use an Invisible Glass 95161 Reach and Clean Tool available on This wand glass cleaning tool is handy for the hard-to-reach windshield interior. 

You may use the Invisible Glass or Meguiars Perfect Clarity cleaner on the microfiber cloth of the wand-like tool for your Tesla windshield’s interior surface. Don’t use any cleaner in excess, particularly inside, as the solution may flow down to the dashboard and prolong your task.

Can You Use Windex on Tesla Windows?

You should not use Windex on Tesla windows unless the product label says ammonia-free. Most household and general-purpose glass cleaners contain alcohol that may leave traces and stains on the tempered or laminated glass of your Tesla windows.

Modern automobiles, especially Tesla’s models, have factory-tinted windows. Harsh chemicals can damage the tint, and you may have streaks, hazes, and other stains on the glass.

Also, ammonia and alcohol traces may influence the visibility in direct sunlight and under streetlights. 

What Can You Use To Clean My Tesla Screen?

To clean your Tesla screen, choose a glass cleaner that is specifically made for touchscreens.

Consider solutions like the Whoosh Screen Cleaner Kit. Such cleaners are safe for smartphones and tablets, e-readers, and LCD or LED screens and are thus suitable for Tesla’s screen.

You may use the Whoosh Screen Cleaner Kit (available on for your Tesla screen, iPhone & iPad, computer or laptop monitors, and eyeglasses. This kit includes 3 premium cleaning cloths, and the mild solution based on distilled water does not contain any alcohol or ammonia. 

Whoosh! Screen Cleaner Kit – [3.4Oz +0.8Oz] Best For – Smartphones, Iphone, Ipads, Eyeglasses, E-Readers, Laptop, Tv Screen Cleaner, And Computer Monitor– 3 Premium Cloths Included
Best Glass Cleaner for Your Tesla: With Neat Tips 2

Can I Use a Tesla Glass Cleaner As Windshield Wiper Fluid?

Glass cleaners cannot serve as a Tesla windshield wiper fluid. Tesla categorically cautions owners not to use washer fluids containing water & bug repellents because they cause streaks, smears, and chattering or squeaking noise when you use the wipers.

According to Tesla, you must use windshield washer fluids containing an antifreeze agent during winters or when the temperature is ~40°F (4.44°C). Otherwise, the wiper or washer fluid will impair your visibility.

Besides, the fluid may freeze inside the Tesla windshield washer reservoir. 

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