Can You Take a Driving Test in a Tesla? Here’s How To Pass

When it comes to renewing or acquiring a driver’s license for the first time, it’s essential to show up to your appointment confident and prepared. This is especially true if you are looking to pass your test using an intelligent car like a Tesla. So, can you actually pass your driver’s test in a Tesla?

It’s possible to pass your driving test in a Tesla, provided the driving examiner okays the vehicle and some of the automatic features are turned off, such as the brake’s automatic engage feature. This will allow the examiner to better determine your driving abilities outside of a smart car.

The most likely reason people fail their driver’s test in a Tesla is due to the vehicle’s automatic driving aids like the automatic brake engagement feature and their vehicles being set to assist with turning and other driving. 

Does the Model of Tesla You Drive Matter? 

Now that you understand that it’s possible to pass your driver’s test using a Tesla, you may be wondering if these results vary based on the vehicle’s model. However, most models of Tesla look and feel relatively similar. So, does the type of Tesla you drive actually matter during your test? 

The model of Tesla you drive doesn’t matter when taking your driving test. There are currently no rules on which types of smart cars can be used for a driver’s test. However, you will still want to be careful and remove any automatic driving aids during your test. 

Each Tesla model may have slightly different features, but all of them do come with automatic driving aids to help you stay safe and promote hands-free driving.

However, as I previously stated, these features will need to be turned off in order to pass your driver’s test in a Tesla. 

Tesla Models Model FeaturesAbout The ModelLikeliness To Pass
Tesla Model 3AWD, dual motor, vision detect, self-driving, 360°cameras, 250m (820ft) range. Model 3 can auto-adjust to avoid accidents and brake automatically. 10/10
Tesla Model SQuick acceleration, electric powertrain, vision detection, 360° cameras, self-driving. Model S is fast and also includes features to drive automatically and brake by itself. 10/10
Tesla Model XElectric powertrain, improved handling, vision detection, 360° cameras, self-driving.Model X is an SUV that has the same self-driving features as the other models. 10/10
Tesla Model YDual motor, AWD, vision detection, 360° cameras, self-driving, 250m (820ft) range. Model Y has an automatic dual motor as well as all the other auto features. 10/10
This table shows the 4 different models of Teslas, their automatic features, and the likelihood of you passing your driver’s test in any of these vehicles.

However, it’s imperative to note that to pass your test, you MUST disable the automatic braking, put your car into “chill mode,” and set the steering wheel to “comfort” mode before taking the test. If you don’t make these adjustments, you will automatically fail your driver’s test. 

The driving examiner’s ultimate goal is to assess how well you’re able to drive, and they are unable to accurately determine your driving abilities when using the driving aids of your Tesla. This is why you’ll want to be sure to deactivate them or use another vehicle for your driving test. 

Drawbacks to Taking a Driving Test in a Tesla

Teslas have been growing rapidly in popularity over the years, and many are opting for this electric vehicle due to the growing movement to become less dependent on fossil fuels. Of course, everyone knows that Teslas are pretty great; however, there are still a few drawbacks to using this vehicle for your driving test. 

So let’s take a quick look at some of the drawbacks to taking your driver’s test in a Tesla:

  • You will need to disable some of your vehicle’s automatic features. Features such as the auto-sensing brakes and any other software that aids you while driving, such as the autopilot feature, must be disabled. 
  • You may experience some irritation from your driving examiner. Though smart cars are allowed to be used during your driver’s test, you may encounter a grumpy examiner since they prefer you test in a standard vehicle. 
  • Your car’s features will be different from others, and you’ll have to explain this to the examiner. You will be asked where certain items (such as the emergency brake) are in your car, and you’ll need to point out and explain how they function since it will not be standard.
  • If you insist on driving with a Tesla, be sure that you have some prior experience driving the car. Otherwise, you might accidentally accelerate the car too fast and be disqualified for reckless driving.

Ultimately, as long as you remember to disable any self-assisting driving features your Tesla has and you’re friendly and focused, you shouldn’t have too much difficulty using a smart car during your driver’s test.

However, if this idea stresses you out, you could always choose to test in a different vehicle. 

How To Pass Your Driving Test in a Tesla

Teslas are renowned for their ability to drive themselves along with their automatic safety features, which aid in drivers moving safely while driving on the road. So, how exactly should you go about passing your driving test when using a Tesla?

Here are some tips on how to pass your driving test using a Tesla:

  • Have your Tesla pre-approved by the examiner to use during your driving test. 
  • Turn off all automatic driving features such as auto-sensing brakes and other auto-driving aids. 
  • Understand how your vehicle operates so that you can explain any feature to the examiner should they ask. 
  • Never use autopilot during your driving test. 
  • Be polite and confident when driving your smart car. 

Every examiner and driving test will be slightly different, but the main points will stay the same. You’ll want to showcase your driving abilities and affinity for safety when on the road. So, if you do those things and follow these tips, you should have no problem passing your driving test in your Tesla. 

Just remember, you should NEVER use Tesla’s autopilot feature when taking your test. Using this feature will result in an automatic fail if you’re caught and possible revocation of your license.

If you don’t believe me, you should check out TESLAPEG’s video where he tries to use autopilot during his driving test. You will be able to see exactly what can happen for yourself: 

Will a Driving Examiner Be Tougher on a Tesla Driver?

Another common concern is whether or not an examiner will be automatically biased toward you when you show up driving a Tesla. 

A driving examiner may be tougher on a Tesla driver, but there is no rule against using a Tesla for your driving test. Some people have had great experiences using a Tesla for their test, while others have experienced examiners that appeared frustrated by testing in a smart car. 

So, yes, an examiner can be harder on you for showing up in a Tesla if you happen to catch a crabby one at the wrong time. 

However, this isn’t standard. Many people report fair treatment from their examiner, while only a few have had terrible testing experiences. If this prospect stresses you out, you can always take the test in a standard vehicle. 

Tesla Pro Tip: Is there an additional way to let Autopilot know that you’re attentive?

When driving on Autopilot and the notification comes up to apply pressure on the wheel, you can pull on the Autopilot stock which serves the same function. When changing lanes on “Navigate On Autopilot” you can just pull on the stock for about a second and it will register to change lanes automatically.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Use Autopilot on a Driving Test?

You cannot use autopilot on a driving test. It will result in automatic failure and even temporary revocation of your current license in some cases. Therefore ensure that autopilot is off before taking the test.

Which States Allow You To Use a Tesla During Your Driving Test?

All states currently allow you to use a Tesla during your driver’s test. Many examiners prefer that you show up in a standard vehicle but it’s not against the law to take your test in a Tesla without Autopilot.

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