The Tesla App Schedule service allows Tesla owners to easily and conveniently schedule services for their vehicles from the comfort of their smartphones.

With this service, you can quickly contact Tesla, provide information on any problem you may be experiencing, and manage related appointments. 

Check out the rest of this article to find out what you can do when receiving this message and other common reasons why the Tesla app can malfunction in certain situations.

The Tesla App Schedule Service

The Tesla app schedule service is a tool anchored on convenience and designed to give you peace of mind if you encounter some issues with your vehicle. Although electric cars have relatively fewer maintenance needs relative to their non-electric counterparts, they still require care from time to time. 

With the Tesla app schedule service function, you can easily self-schedule a service appointment via the Tesla App without needing to call or email the Tesla service team. 

If you have perhaps given in on keeping up with the numerous updates streaming in from the brilliant minds at Tesla, the video below should provide some much-needed guidance. 

Common Reasons Why the Tesla App Schedule Service May Malfunction

While you can fix issues with the Tesla app schedule service missing or malfunctioning in several easy steps, it is prudent first to understand some of the factors that cause this problem. 

These are as summarized in the table below: 

Possible IssueSolution
Server IssuesTry again later
App is under maintenanceContact Tesla to find out whether the app is under maintenance
Software updatesDownload and install the latest Tesla updates
App malfunctionRestart the app, or uninstall and reinstall
This table shows the possible causes and solutions to the Tesla app service missing 

Let’s discuss the above in detail. 

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Server Issues

One of the common reasons behind the Tesla app malfunctioning is when the server is down. This can be due to different reasons, including: 

  • Network issues 
  • Operating system failure 
  • Power-related issues 

However, one of the common distinctions with other issues is when the server is down, the Tesla app will, in most instances, not open at all. 

Fun Fact:

In November of 2021, Tesla witnessed a global app power outage. Consequently, most users could not connect to their car during this period, a problem that mainly affected US and Canadian Tesla owners. 

App Is Under Maintenance

Another reason you may not be able to access some or all features of the Tesla app service is that the app is under maintenance. Usually, you will receive a message from Tesla that the app is under maintenance. 

Therefore, it is good practice to call and inquire about possible ongoing maintenance when you face issues with the app. 

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One would usually have to turn to the “P” on the stock when parked next to an available parking spot. Now if you see the “P” appear when parked next to a parking spot, all you can do is put it into reverse where it will alert you to go into auto-park. From there you can let the car do its thing. Enjoy easy parking from now on out!

Software Updates

App-related problems may also stem from software update issues. It is always important to ensure that your Tesla mobile app has the latest software update available to access all of its features.

If you haven’t updated your app recently, you should do so before trying to use the scheduling service.

App Temporal Malfunction

Sometimes, missing features such as the scheduled service could be explained as a glitch in the application. You can try restarting the app or uninstalling and then reinstalling the app and trying again. If the issue persists, it is best to contact Tesla service via mobile or email. 


What To Do When the Tesla App Schedule Service Is Missing

If you experience issues with the Tesla mobile app and find that the schedule service on the app is missing, there are several simple steps you can take to resolve this problem. 

Let us go through them one by one. 

Close the App and Relaunch It

Closing the app and relaunching it is a good first step to ruling out that a temporary malfunction is at play. Usually, you should regain access to this service after restarting the app. If you are still unable to schedule or access the service, I recommend trying again later or contacting Tesla. 

Play the Waiting Game

If your issue is not urgent and you are not keen to keep refreshing the app or uninstall and reinstall it, you can simply wait it out. If it is a server failure or maintenance issue, the chances are that the service will be restored later on. 

You may thus go on with your errands and double back later to see if the issue persists. 

If it does, it may be time to contact Tesla. 


There are approximately 2 million Teslas on the road today. In comparison, there are more than 113.5 million iPhones in the United States, based on 2020 statistics. Therefore, it is likely that app developers may not exert as much effort into new Tesla app versions, which may result in more app malfunctions. 

Contact Tesla Roadside Assistance

One of the main advantages of Tesla roadside assistance is that they will typically respond promptly. You can contact them when the Tesla app service schedule goes missing, and this will allow you to explain the service needs you have. 

On the same breadth, you can also explain that you cannot access the app. The roadside assistance team can then let you know whether there is scheduled server maintenance or if the server os app is down. 

Use the Tesla Website

The Tesla app schedule service feature was not introduced to entirely replace the website approach but rather as an alternative. Since there is a whole universe that exists outside your phone, you can use the Tesla website to schedule your appointment if the app fails. 

You can access the ‘Schedule a Service Appointment’ from the Tesla website under the ‘Tesla Account’ section. Previously, this section was labeled as MyTesla. Here, you may be able to: 

  • Provide details of your service 
  • Schedule an appointment 
  • See related dates, when the app is on the fritz 

Did you know:

Do not be alarmed if you are experiencing some issues scheduling a service via the Tesla App scheduling service. While uncommon, scheduling a service via the Tesla mobile app may return an error, or the app can fail to launch. Sometimes, the schedule service feature can disappear altogether. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Still Email or Call Tesla for Service Appointments?

You can still email or call Tesla for service appointments via email or by calling their nearest Tesla service centers if you don’t want to use the Tesla app schedule service.

Is the Tesla App Schedule Service Feature Any Faster Than Other Options?

The Tesla app schedule service feature does not necessarily mean faster service. You will get an option to schedule the service appointment and select your preferred time. 

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