Do Teslas Have Comfortable Seats? Evolution of Improvement

Tesla’s seat quality is often compared to premium cars in their respective price range. They have also received their fair share of criticism when it comes to comfort and durability. With a reputation for luxury and innovation, it’s no surprise that drivers and passengers alike expect the ultimate in comfort from this electric car brand. From premium-quality materials to plush cushioning, Tesla seats are some of the most comfortable around. So, are Tesla seats comfy in general?

Teslas do have increasingly comfortable seats that are made of premium-quality materials and cushioning. However, taller passengers may find the back seats cramped. Models S and X are preferred for their accommodating cushioning and roomier back seats. All models come equipped with heating and ventilation modes.

Taller passengers may find the back seats a bit cramped, and with each new model release, they seem to be shrinking even further. But don’t worry, if you’re shorter, you’ll have no problem stretching out and enjoying the ride.

In this article, we’ll dive deeper into the features of Tesla seats, which models are the most comfortable, and how they’ve evolved over time.

How Comfortable Are Tesla Seats?

Tesla seats are exceptionally comfortable. They’re spacey, soft, and supportive; however, the back seats can be cramped. Models 3 and Y come with an additional cooling feature, while models S and X are preferred for their accommodating cushioning.

With Teslas, you get what you pay for as far as comfort goes. Their seats are premium-quality materials and cushioning, while the flat floor makes for a spacious, airy feel- that is, as long as you ride shotgun (always call it early for long road trips!).

Tesla’s back seats are notoriously known for being a bit too cramped; they’re made of the same comfy material, but taller people simply can’t sit on them for longer than a few hours.

So, if you’re taller than 6 feet (or 1.83 m for my European friends), all I have to say is good luck! You might need to get out and stretch often.

Do Teslas Have Comfortable Seats? Evolution of Improvement 1

Worst of all, it seems like, with every new model, the back seats keep shrinking. While websites refer to model S’ seats as “roomy for most adults,” you’ll find model Y’s described as “suitable for smaller children.”

However, not all is lost! If you’re on the shorter side, you should have no problem stretching and laying down to your heart’s desire.

Therefore, overall I’d say that you can expect to sit on a Tesla just as long as you’d be able to on any other vehicle. They tend to be similar in size to other popular models.

Tesla Seat Features

The seats on all their models usually consist of synthetic leather upholstery.

However, if you’re a vegan, you might want to call Tesla to ask for a few adjustments first, as their wheels are still being covered with genuine leather.

Luckily, the cushioning (almost) makes up for the lack of space. Tesla’s comfort pads (placed right under the synthetic leather) mold to your body, adding plushness and comfort. They’re made of a light, hypoallergenic material designed to last through years of use.

Lastly, Tesla provides some excellent temperature control features on their seats.

While only models 3 and Y offer a cooling option to keep you comfortable throughout hot summer days, all models come equipped with heating and ventilation modes.

So, even though you might be contorting yourself there in the back, at least you’ll feel toasty when road tripping on a chilly winter afternoon.

Which Tesla Model Has the Most Comfortable Seats?

Tesla Models S and X are usually considered the models with the most comfortable seats. The air suspension on these models is better, while their back seats are roomier than those of newer models 3 and Y.

Therefore if comfort is what you’re after, going for an older model might be the best choice. Many taller people feel a bit too cramped in the newest Teslas.

Tesla Seats Evolution

When speaking of Tesla’s seat evolution, no model can showcase the process better than the OG: Model S.

Given that the car has now been around for more than a decade, its interior design has undergone various changes to accommodate the increased customer expectations.

You can find the full story of Tesla Model S’ seat evolution here:

However, if you don’t feel like watching the whole video, I’ll be covering the main points here.

Moreover, those too lazy to even read through a few paragraphs (seriously, what are you planning to do with those two extra minutes?) can go to the table at the end of this section to see the summarized content.

Tesla Model S launched in 2012, featuring what we now refer to as Generation 1 seats. These came in either leather or textile and benefited from a good arrangement; however, they were simply not comfortable enough.

The skim padding couldn’t support the weight of an adult body for extended trips, while the seats themselves lacked side support.

Therefore, considering the ever-growing complaints, Tesla moved on to Generation 2.

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Tesla introduced these seats toward the end of 2014. They came with several improvements, including bigger headrests and more supportive padding.

However, they still weren’t comfortable enough to match Tesla’s price point. The company decided to make some modifications again.

Therefore, in late 2015, they introduced Generation 3 seats. These offered considerably more support and better features, shifting the public’s perception of Tesla’s uncomfortable seats.

Still, customers lamented that they were not qualitative enough.

In 2017, Tesla came out with their Generation 4 seats and quickly made them the standard across all Model S’ manufactured till this day. These were completely redesigned, and the company started manufacturing its own seats for the first time.

This time, the only available material was their premium-quality synthetic leather upholstery.

The comfort level left customers satisfied enough that Tesla hasn’t had to make a single tweak in more than half a decade.

SeatYearMaterialsPaddingComfort Level
Generation 12012-2014Textile or LeatherSkimVery Low
Generation 22014-2015Textile or LeatherThickerLow
Generation 32015-2016Textile or LeatherThick Average
Generation 42017Synthetic LeatherOptimalHigh
Table of Tesla Model S Seat Evolution

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Tesla Seats More Comfortable Than Other EVs’?

Tesla seats are generally more comfortable than most other EVs, as they’re made of higher-quality material and cushioning. However, their back seats might be less comfortable due to the lack of space.

Can You Upgrade Tesla Seats?

You can upgrade Tesla seats. However, if you want to retrofit your existing seats, consider that the process might cost you a few thousand dollars. Upgrading isn’t usually necessary.

Why Are Tesla’s Front Seats More Comfortable?

Tesla’s front seats are more comfortable than its back seats because they provide significantly more room. The back seats are cramped, limiting an adult’s time to sit on them comfortably.

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