Tesla Door Handle Repair Costs and Common Issues

A broken door handle won’t keep you out of your vehicle if you have the Tesla app, but a door handle that is not functioning as it should is an inconvenience most of us would rather avoid.

The best solution is to repair the handle as soon as possible – however, repairs can be relatively expensive. 

The Cost of Repairing Your Tesla Door Handle

If your Tesla door handle breaks, you have to temporarily switch to open the door from the app. While this is a solution that will work, you should also look at ways to repair your door handle to make using your car as convenient as possible. So how much will it actually cost to repair your Tesla Door handle?

Repairing a Tesla door handle can cost up to $500 for each affected unit. Alternatively, you can buy DIY kits for under $200. Furthermore, if your car is still under warranty, you can get the door handle fixed for free.

If your car is under warranty, you can book an appointment with Tesla from the app. Drive the car down to the service center, and they’ll repair it for free.

If you’re no longer under warranty, you will need to consider whether the cost of repairing the handle is worth reducing the hassle of opening your car through the app.

The door handles on some Teslas like the Model S break down frequently. If you have owned one of these models for a couple of years, there’s a high probability that the door handle will break down at some point.

The cost of repairing door handles is a major talking point amongst Tesla owners, but at the moment, it will likely set you back a couple of hundred dollars. 

The good thing is that, unless you own an older model or your car is already out of warranty, you’re unlikely to spend that much.

Additionally, if you’re willing to take a stab at repairing the handle on your own with aftermarket parts, you can get the job done for far less than the quoted sums.

The one downside to buying aftermarket handles is that you’re likely to only find the latest versions on sale (Gen 3). So, you’ll end up installing older iterations of the handles (Gen 1 and 2).

Common Types of Tesla Door Handle Damage

The main types of Tesla door handle damage include the following:

Internal Wire Breakage

If internal wires on your door handle extend without opening the door, they may be broken. The anchoring of the wires to the microswitch is the main cause of this problem in the affected models. The wire flexing overlaps the microswitch leading to breakdowns over time.

Replacing the wiring loom in the handle corrects the problem. Fortunately, the door handle wiring has changed in newer Teslas, so this issue is no longer as common.

Tesla-Doors Model X

If you’d like to know more about Tesla Doors, I wrote a Complete Troubleshooting Guide. You’ll find out how to manage all sorts of door issues. Check it out!

Broken Gear or Cog

The door handles won’t extend from the car body if the gear or cog fails or is heavily worn from use. Replacing the gear typically corrects the problem. 

The gear in the handle of modern Teslas is more durable than it was in older models. However, if you’ve owned your vehicle for a while and use it regularly, the gear can break down.

Misalignment in Handles

If your door handle doesn’t extend smoothly and always seems to retract abruptly, it may be due to a misalignment in relation to the rest of the car’s bodywork.

If a small slip of paper can’t pass between the car body and the chrome handle, you should consider taking the car in for realignment.

Don’t attempt to use a lubricant to release the jamming. The adjustment from the service personnel is enough to correct the problem.

Tesla Door Handle Repair Costs and Common Issues 1

How Long Will It Take To Repair a Tesla Door Handle?

It takes around half an hour to repair a Tesla door handle at a professional service center. For DIY repairs, your proficiency at handling tools and the severity of the problem will determine the repair duration.

With the right tools, you can finish a DIY Tesla door handle repair in less than an hour.

The table below shows the cost and duration of a Tesla door handle repair with the different options available to you. 

Repair OptionCostRepair Duration
Tesla Service Center$0-$500<30 minutes (minus wait time)
Third-Party Repair Center$300-$500+<30 minutes (minus wait time)
DIY Door Handle Repair Kit$100-$200Variable

Are All Types of Tesla Door Handle Damage Repairable?

Most types of Tesla door handle damage are repairable. Problems such as broken wires in the handle and worn or broken gear may require the replacement of parts, but you don’t have to buy a new door handle.

Installing a completely new handle only makes sense if you have a legacy door handle and can no longer find parts.

EV Speedy’s Take

Tesla door handles no longer break down as frequently as they used to in the past. However, when they do break down, they can cost you hundreds of dollars to repair per handle.

If you have to repair two handles, you may easily have to spend over $1,200 – an eye-watering sum to spend on door handles.

However, as long as your door still opens through the app, door handle repair is not a necessity for your Tesla. Because of these factors, it currently feels like handle repairs are designed for people who are still within their warranty window.

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