4 Best Model Y Lift Kit Brands: Top Options Compared

Model Y lift kits are new but are becoming more common, and they are useful. If you add a lift kit to your Model Y, you can more easily drive on rugged terrain without worrying about damaging your car since it’s higher off the ground. 

In this article, I’ll compare four of the best Model Y lift kits brands: the MPP 1.75″ Suspension Lift kit, the Luxury Coilover Suspension kit, the Dirt And Snow Coilover Suspension Kit, and the SPACCER-heightening set. I’ll cover every detail so you can determine which one is best for you. 

Model Y Lift Kit Brand Comparison

Lift Height Relative PriceReturns
MPP 1.75″ Suspension Lift Kit for Tesla Model 3/Y1.75” (4.44 cm)$No
Luxury Coilover Suspension Kit for Tesla Model YUp to 2.55” (65mm) decrease$$$30-day
Dirt And Snow Coilover Suspension Kit For Tesla Model YUp to 4” (10.16 cm)$$$30-day money-back guarantee
SPACCER-heightening set 12mm, or 0.47 inches, per spacer used, and up to 4 spacers. Maximum lift is 1.89 in (4.8 cm)$No – made to fit your car
This table compares the four best Model Y lift kit brands by price, maximum lift height, and whether or not you can return the lift kit.

No matter what lift kit you choose, you should get jack pads. Consider the Korop Auto Parts Lifting Jack Pad (available on Amazon.com), which helps you lift up your car when installing the lift kit.

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Without jack pads, you risk damaging your car, and this set is easy to use. All you need to do is turn them once when you insert them, then they stay in place, and you can use your jack.

MPP 1.75″ Suspension Lift Kit for Tesla Model 3/Y

The first suspension lift kit works for a Model Y and a Model 3. The lift height is 1.75 inches (4.44 cm) and will fit on any car with tires up to 29.5 inches (74.93 cm) in diameter. 

This MPP lift kit is best for making it easier for your Tesla to drive through snow, steep roads, speedbumps, and any other high or rough conditions you want to drive. Thanks to the lift kit, the bottom of your Tesla has more protection from being damaged when you drive in these conditions. 

By the way, if you’d like to read more about Tesla Floor Jacks, then check out this article that I wrote. It covers the whole topic and everything that you might want to know about Tesla jacks.

Spare Car Tire On Steel Red Rim And Manual Scissor Car Jack Isolated On A White Background

The MPP brand did tests before releasing this suspension lift kit, and they determined that 1.75” (4.44 cm) is the perfect height for lifting a Model Y. Anything lower wasn’t enough to make a difference when it comes to suspension or to clear the road conditions you expect to clear with a lift kit. 

But, lifting the Model Y higher than 1.75” (4.44 cm) affects the performance of the car in a negative way.

The suspension and driveline angles don’t work as well as prior to lifting the car more than 1.75” (4.44 cm). And the mileage of the car also decreases the more the car is lifted. Additionally, the appearance was less attractive, and the lift was very noticeable. 

This video shows you how to install this lift kit on your Model Y:

Luxury Coilover Suspension Kit for Tesla Model Y

This coilover suspension kit works similarly to the lift kits, only instead of raising the height of a Model Y, it lowers it. You can choose how high you want to lift the car, and the bottom spring has a height of 65 mm, or 2.55 inches. 

Not only can you customize the size with this kit, but you also have two spring options depending on how you want the Model Y to drive. First is the luxury spring option. This spring gives you a low lift, about one inch lower than the manufacturer’s height, and it will make your Model Y ride as smooth as possible. 

Or, you can make the ride height as low as possible, which will give you a sports-car-like feel. A low lift improves the handling and makes the springs firmer, giving it a sporty feel. 

This kit is easy to install, no matter which direction you decide to go. The springs are made for the Model Y, so you don’t need to alter or adjust them before you install them. 

This video shows you how to install the kit and a review of how the car drives after it’s installed:

Dirt and Snow Coilover Suspension Kit for Tesla Model Y

This lift and suspension kit is great for off-roading. The lift kit lets you raise your Model Y up 4” (10.16 cm) so you have plenty of ground clearance when you’re driving in the dirt, snow, or other uncommon road conditions. 

However, just because this enhances the off-road capabilities of your Model Y doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice the standard road drive excellence. You can still smoothly drive in cities and on flat, paved roads no matter what height you have your suspension at. 

You can adjust the lift height to go as high as 4” (10.16 cm). And it’s easy to adjust the height whenever necessary, even if you want the lift height to go back down to 0”. 

If you plan on off-roading in your Model Y with this kit, you should get the appropriate tires since the manufacturer’s tires are not the best for off-roading. If you use this kit for standard city driving, you can use it with the manufacturer’s tires. No matter what tires you use, this suspension kit will work with it, and you won’t have any issues changing the height.

Whether you have the suspension from this lift kit at 0 inches, four inches, or in between, your car will maintain its sporty looks and precision on the roads. 

SPACCER-Heightening Set

Our final lift kit, the SPACCER-heightening set, comes in various height options. With this kit, you can adjust the height in four different ways. The height is adjusted using spacers, and each spacer raises your Model Y 0.47 inches (1.19 cm). You can use up to four spaces, which will lift the car to 1.89 inches maximum. However, you only have to use one, two, or three spacers if you don’t want your car to be lifted too high. 

The spacers are easy to install since they are made for your specific vehicle based on the model, type, and VIN. Even if your vehicle has been lowered, the spacers will work with it to add back height. You also get a detailed, step-by-step installation guide. 

Not only does the added height improve your Model Y’s performance, but it also makes the car look more sporty and improves the entry comfort. 

What Are the Key Benefits of Installing a Lift Kit on My Model Y?

Lift kits offer a range of advantages for your Model Y. Firstly, they provide increased ground clearance, which means you can confidently tackle rugged terrain without the worry of damaging your vehicle. These kits are especially useful for traversing snow-covered roads, steep inclines, and speed bumps. Additionally, a lift kit offers added protection to the underside of your Tesla, safeguarding it from potential damage in challenging driving conditions.

Which Model Y Lift Kit Is Best for Snow and Rough Road Conditions?

When it comes to handling snow, rough terrain, and steep roads, the MPP 1.75″ Suspension Lift Kit stands out as an excellent choice. This kit has been specifically engineered to excel in these challenging conditions while ensuring your Model Y’s performance remains uncompromised.

Can I Adjust the Height of My Model Y with a Lift Kit?

Certain lift kits, such as the Luxury Coilover Suspension Kit and the Dirt and Snow Coilover Suspension Kit, allow you to customize the ride height of your Model Y to suit your preferences and specific driving needs.

How Does Lowering My Model Y with the Luxury Coilover Suspension Kit Affect Its Ride?

Lowering your Model Y using the Luxury Coilover Suspension Kit results in a smoother ride with improved handling. This adjustment provides a sportier driving experience, enhancing the overall performance of your vehicle.

Is It Easy to Install Lift Kits on a Model Y?

Installing lift kits on a Model Y is generally a straightforward process. Most kits are designed for easy installation, and you can easily find online instructional videos that guide you through the steps. Furthermore, the SPACCER-heightening set includes a comprehensive, step-by-step installation guide for your convenience.

Do I Need to Change My Tires When Using the Dirt and Snow Coilover Suspension Kit for Off-Roading?

While it’s recommended to use appropriate off-road tires for optimal performance during off-roading adventures, you can still use your Model Y’s manufacturer-provided tires when driving in standard city conditions with the Dirt and Snow Coilover Suspension Kit. The kit is versatile and compatible with various tire types.

How Does the Height Adjustment Work with the SPACCER-Heightening Set?

The SPACCER-heightening set employs spacers to adjust the height of your Model Y. Each spacer adds 0.47 inches (1.19 cm) of lift, and you have the flexibility to use up to four spacers, providing a maximum lift of 1.89 inches. Whether you want a subtle lift or a more substantial one, the spacers can be customized to meet your specific preferences.

Will Lifting My Model Y with a Lift Kit Negatively Impact Its Performance?

Lifting your Model Y beyond the recommended height can indeed have repercussions on its performance. This includes alterations in suspension and driveline angles, decreased fuel efficiency, and a potential reduction in aesthetic appeal. Therefore, it’s crucial to adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure your Model Y performs optimally with the lift kit.

Can I Use the Lift Kit with My Specific Model Y Configuration?

Lift kits are typically designed to match specific Model Y models and configurations. To ensure a precise fit and maximum performance, be sure to select a lift kit that aligns with your vehicle’s specifications.

Are Jack Pads Necessary When Installing a Lift Kit on My Model Y?

Jack pads are an absolute necessity when installing a lift kit on your Model Y. They play a vital role in lifting your car safely and preventing any damage during the installation process. Consider using the Korop Auto Parts Lifting Jack Pad, which offers user-friendly operation and provides an extra layer of protection for your valuable vehicle.

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