11 Best Tesla YouTube Channels: For Tesla YouTubers Fanboys

1. Tesla

Tesla Youtube Channel
11 Best Tesla YouTube Channels: For Tesla YouTubers Fanboys 1

Does Tesla Have A YouTube Channel?

I can’t start this list without mentioning Tesla’s own YouTube channel. Here you can get all the latest updates from the company itself. You will find playlists for some of Tesla’s specific features on the channel page, including Tesla tutorial videos.

You will also find all of their behind-the-scenes videos, where you can see how Teslas are made and tested, as well as videos for their Tesla Events, which are streamed live on YouTube and can be played back at any time. 

Some of their other video series include guides for each model where they show you how they work and how to get the most out of it. Tesla on YouTube videos are also a great way to decide what model is best for you.


Tesla started their YouTube channel in December 2006, making it one of the oldest YouTube channels. 

Quick Facts About Tesla’s YouTube Channel

  • Subscribers: 2.22 million
  • Uploads: 270+ videos
  • Video views: 211 million

Tesla’s most popular YouTube video is the reveal of their ticket-avoidance-mode for the Model S. The video demonstrates the feature and how it works to keep your car from getting ticketed. 

2. Tesla Daily

Tesla Daily
11 Best Tesla YouTube Channels: For Tesla YouTubers Fanboys 2

Tesla Daily is a news channel that’s all about Tesla, with new videos released every weekday. This channel is a great way to stay updated with everything Tesla. They discuss Tesla Motors, Tesla Energy, Tesla Solar, and Tesla Network, as well as Tesla stock information, Elon Musk, SpaceX, and other related companies. 

Since the videos are released daily, they tend to have the latest news. The videos are short—usually fifteen minutes or less, so it is an easy channel to add to your daily routine. Besides their daily news videos, Tesla Daily YouTube has interviews with people in the Tesla community and videos from live Tesla events. 

Quick Facts About Tesla Daily

  • Subscribers: 209k
  • Uploads: 620+ videos
  • Video views: 46 million

The Tesla Daily YouTube video with the most views is an interview with Jim Cramer, a financial expert. They discuss Tesla stock, Elon Musk, the company’s future, and what makes Tesla stock stand out. 

3. Tesla Owners Online

Tesla Owners Online Logo
11 Best Tesla YouTube Channels: For Tesla YouTubers Fanboys 3

Another great YouTube channel you should check out is Tesla Owners Online. They are a group of Tesla fans and owners led by a man named Trevor dedicated to showing you the best features Teslas have to offer. They have an online podcast that you can watch and listen to with more than 100 episodes. 

They also have product reviews, car updates, tutorials, and videos from Tesla events they attend.

There is a corresponding Tesla Owners Online Forum where you can find information and discuss anything Tesla with other Tesla fans and owners. 


The Founder of Tesla Owners Online retired in April 2022, as he announced in a video on the channel. The company keeps running thanks to another company that took it over.

Quick Facts About Tesla Owners Online

  • Subscribers: 72.7k
  • Uploads: 540+ videos
  • Video views: 13 million

The most-viewed video on the Tesla Owners Online channel is about the hidden details of the Tesla Model 3. There are many features that Tesla itself does not highlight in the car’s release that you will still want to know about. 

4. It’s Kim Java

It'S Kim Java
11 Best Tesla YouTube Channels: For Tesla YouTubers Fanboys 4

The first single-person Tesla channel I’ll recommend is It’s Kim Java. Kim is a Tesla and lifestyle vlogger who shows off her Model 3 and its amazing features. A lot of her videos are about the hidden features of the Model X. 

She also has a lot of videos where you can see the functionality of the Model X, including its cargo space and how you can upgrade it with market features. Some of her other videos are about other electric vehicles and other Tesla products like the Powerwalls. She also has videos about upcoming Tesla products like the Tesla RoboTaxi and the new products like the latest Plaid Model X.

Quick Facts About It’s Kim Java

  • Subscribers: 162k
  • Uploads: 300+ videos
  • Video views: 36 million

With more than two million views, Kim’s most viewed video shows off the hidden key fob features of the Model X. 

Tesla Pro Tip: Can you watch YouTube TV from a Tesla?

There is no YouTube TV app for Tesla, but you can circumvent this by going to YouTube on your Tesla and logging in like normal with your Gmail account. In the upper right corner, you can click on the square box with the 6 little squares inside. Click on that icon and you will have to option to watch YouTube TV.

5. Rich Rebuilds

Rich Rebuilds
11 Best Tesla YouTube Channels: For Tesla YouTubers Fanboys 5

Rich Rebuilds is a snarky YouTuber who mostly talks about rebuilding Teslas and occasionally other cars. Many of his videos are about rebuilding or swapping Tesla parts to see how they run. For example, he has videos where he puts motors from other cars, like diesel cars, in a Tesla. 

He also reviews Teslas and has some videos about the latest Tesla news and upcoming cars. His videos are great for people who are interested in the inner workings of Teslas and how you can alter them. 

Overall, Rich does seem to criticize Tesla A LOT! He claims that he is pro-Tesla and supports the company, but one often gets the feeling that he has tremendous disdain for the company.

Tesla does give him a hard time because he is openly buying and selling used parts, and trying to get salvaged Teslas registered on the network. But he has to respect the company’s policies when it comes to such sensitive security matters. Otherwise, any backyard mechanic can scrape together a Tesla and hold them responsible when something goes wrong.

Quick Facts About Rich Rebuilds

  • Subscribers: 1.31k
  • Uploads: 330+ videos
  • Video views: 158 million

Rich’s most popular video asks whether or not you can drown a Tesla motor. Find out whether or not it is waterproof here:

6. Bjørn Nyland

Bjørn Nyland Youtube Logo
11 Best Tesla YouTube Channels: For Tesla YouTubers Fanboys 6

Bjørn Nyland is a full-time YouTuber born in Thailand but has lived in Norway for most of his life. His videos are all about electric vehicles, with a special focus on Teslas. He reviews, tests, and takes road trips with the cars and documents it all. 

In his videos, you will get a look at the features of Teslas and how well they drive on long road trips and in different weather conditions. He also has some how-to videos and other helpful information, such as what to do if you run out of power and what flaws you should be aware of in Teslas. 


The Bjørn Nyland channel is based in Norway, and it is the 129th most popular YouTube channel in the country. 

Quick Facts About Bjørn Nyland

  • Subscribers: 274 thousand
  • Uploads: 2,600+ videos
  • Video views: 135 million

The most viewed video on this channel is a less serious one, where Bjorn and a friend crush food in the door of the Model X and see what happens. This is an entertaining video for all Tesla lovers and a reminder to keep your fingers and other body parts away from the doors when they close. 

7. Ben Sullins

Ben Sullins Youtube Logo
11 Best Tesla YouTube Channels: For Tesla YouTubers Fanboys 7

Another person with a great Tesla YouTube channel is Ben Sullins. He reviews Teslas, other electric cars, and other Tesla products. 

A majority of his videos are car reviews. Still, he also has a lot of information about living sustainably with products like solar panels, power walls, and electric cars. 

All of his reviews are independent, which means you can trust them more than most paid reviews. He uses the products in his home and life, so he is not just testing them for review purposes.

Quick Facts About Ben Sullins

  • Subscribers: 244 thousand
  • Uploads: 550+ videos
  • Video Views: 51 million

Ben’s most viewed video is about the Tesla Powerwall 2 and whether or not he thinks it’s worth the money. He reviews the Powerwall, explains why he loves his Powerwall 2, and details when it is not worth the cost for someone to purchase. 

8. Now You Know

Now You Know Youtube Logo
11 Best Tesla YouTube Channels: For Tesla YouTubers Fanboys 8

Now You Know is an educational YouTube channel with videos all about Teslas and other electric vehicles. Most of their Tesla videos are about self-driving features, road trips, how well the Model 3 will run in certain conditions, and how long it will last.

The channel also has an in-depth series where they dive deep into how electric cars work and answer some common questions about EVs. 

They also have a lot of videos about Elon Musk and topics unrelated to Teslas, which you will enjoy if you like their content. 

Quick Facts About Now You Know

  • Subscribers: 308k
  • Uploads: 1,200+ videos
  • Video Views: 71 million

The most-viewed video from Now You Know is about the Model 3 and how much it costs to charge it. They compare the cost of charging the car to the cost of buying gas for a non-electric car. 

9. DÆrik

Dærik Youtube Logo
11 Best Tesla YouTube Channels: For Tesla YouTubers Fanboys 9

Tesla Inventory – aka DÆrik is a channel all about a guy named Erik and his experiences with Teslas. He has a lot of how-to videos that show you how to get the most of your Tesla, no matter which model you have. Before he installs items, he does unboxings so you can see what you get when you order a product. 

He also has a lot of videos all about solar panels, including reviews and installation videos for the Tesla Powerwalls and how the Powerwalls can help save you money on your electric bill. Tesla Inventory has a lot of weekly live streams where Erik talks about current Tesla news, upcoming events and products, and changes to Tesla prices. 

Quick Facts About DÆrik

  • Subscribers: 86k
  • Uploads: 750+ videos
  • Video Views: 25 million

The most popular Tesla Inventory by far is an unboxing of Tesla diecasts of the Model S, 3, and X. He looks at each one to see how they compare to the actual cars and how detailed each diecast is.

10. i1Tesla

I1Tesla Youtube Logo
11 Best Tesla YouTube Channels: For Tesla YouTubers Fanboys 10

i1Tesla is a channel with many videos about Teslas. They show you how you can makeover, upgrade, and get the most out of your car.

Many of their videos are geared toward other Model Y owners who want to upgrade their car as well as people who are considering a Model Y and want to know more about its features and the options they have for personalizing it. 

Quick Facts About i1Tesla

  • Subscribers: 59k
  • Uploads: 760+ videos 
  • Video Views: 18 million 

i1Tesla has some non-Tesla videos featuring cats and kids, which are actually the channel’s top five most viewed videos. However, the most viewed Tesla video on the channel is about the Tesla Model 3’s auto-stop feature and whether or not it will stop when a person is in front of the car. 

11. Tesla Joy

Tesla Joy Youtube Logo
11 Best Tesla YouTube Channels: For Tesla YouTubers Fanboys 11

Our final amazing Tesla YouTube channel is relatively new and was created by a woman named Joy. She shares her life as a Tesla owner, specifically with a Model 3, so others can see what it would be like to own a Tesla or compare her experiences as a fellow owner. 

A lot of Joy’s videos are helpful for people who want to own or already own a Tesla. She has car tours, insurance information, and reviews after owning the vehicles for certain periods of time. Other videos are about finances, such as how to afford a Tesla and how to power your Tesla without using too much electricity. She also has videos about other electric vehicles. 

Quick Facts About Tesla Joy

  • Subscribers: 17 thousand
  • Uploads: 170+ videos
  • Video Views: 2 million

Joy’s most-viewed video is about her Model 3 and the five things she dislikes about it. She has a suggestion or solution for some of the things she dislikes. 

Earnings Comparison Table

It’s not easy to make it as YouTuber, but when you do, chances are you big bucks coming your way. It’s no different from all the Tesla channels we’ve mentioned on this list. In case you’re curious, here’s a ranking detailing the annual earnings of each channel. These figures are estimates from Social Blade

RankTesla Youtube ChannelEstimated Annual Earnings
1Tesla$12.3K – $196.3K
2Rich Rebuilds$9K – $144.7K
3Bjørn Nyland$5.1K – $82.3K
4Tesla Daily$5.1K – $81.2K
5Now You Know$3.2K – $50.9K
6It’s Kim Java$801 – $12.8K
7Tesla Inventory$504 – $8.1K
8i1Tesla$344 – $5.5K
9Tesla Owners Online$170 – $2.7K
10Tesla Joy$85 – $1.4K
11Ben Sullins$0

Ranking of the best Tesla YouTube channels based on their annual earnings.

Honorable mention: Warren Redlich – Mostly tech videos especially Tesla, SpaceX, Neuralink, The Boring Company and other topics related to Elon Musk.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Tesla YouTube Channel?

The best Tesla YouTube channel for straight facts and information is the official Tesla channel. If you want opinions and reviews, you should watch various channels to get an unbiased view. 

How Do Tesla YouTubers Make Money?

Tesla YouTube channels make money from the ads that play on their videos. They can also sell affiliate items, offer a Tesla referral code, or partner with brands to promote their products.

What Can I Expect to Find on Tesla YouTube Channels?

Tesla YouTube channels offer a diverse array of content. You’ll find the latest updates from Tesla itself, behind-the-scenes videos, model-specific guides, and live event coverage. These channels are a treasure trove of information and entertainment for Tesla enthusiasts.

Are Tesla YouTube Channels Suitable for Tesla Owners and Enthusiasts?

Tesla YouTube channels cater to both owners and enthusiasts alike. They provide valuable insights into Tesla vehicles, maintenance tips, and discussions about the cutting-edge developments in the world of Tesla.

How Often Do These Channels Release New Content and News?

The release frequency varies, but many Tesla YouTube channels provide regular updates. Some even deliver daily content, ensuring you’re always in the know about the latest Tesla news and happenings.

Do These Channels Discuss Topics And Reviews Beyond Tesla?

Some Tesla YouTube channels extend their discussions to broader electric vehicle topics. You’ll find comparisons with other EVs, conversations about sustainable energy solutions, and reviews of related products like solar panels and Powerwalls.

Can I Find Information About Tesla Stock on These YouTube Channels?

Certain Tesla YouTube channels dive into Tesla’s stock performance, financial news, and insights into the company’s overall financial health. They provide a well-rounded view of Tesla as a business entity.

Are There Channels Dedicated to DIY Tesla Projects?

Some channels, like Rich Rebuilds, are entirely focused on DIY Tesla projects. These channels showcase creative and experimental aspects of Tesla ownership, from rebuilding to custom modifications.

Is There Content for Those Considering Buying a Tesla for the First Time?

Many Tesla YouTube channels offer guidance for first-time buyers. They discuss different Tesla models, highlight their features, and provide essential considerations for prospective buyers.

Are There Channels That Explore the Environmental Impact of Tesla Vehicles?

Yes, certain channels delve into the environmental benefits of owning a Tesla. They discuss reduced carbon emissions, Tesla’s positive impact on the environment, and the broader sustainability aspect of electric cars.

How Can I Support These Channels or Get Involved in the Tesla Community on YouTube?

You can support Tesla YouTube channels by subscribing, liking, and sharing their content. Engaging in discussions in the comments section and participating in Tesla-related forums and communities is a great way to connect with fellow Tesla enthusiasts and contribute to the community’s growth.

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11 Best Tesla YouTube Channels: For Tesla YouTubers Fanboys 12

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