The Model X dance is an innovative feature from Tesla that allows owners to show off their car’s personality, and it’s easy to do.

Check out this step-by-step guide for dance mode below:

How To Make Tesla Dance

If you’re wondering how to make a Tesla dance, you’ve come to the right place. Once you’ve gone through these steps, you’re bound to impress a few bystanders (at least!) as your Model X puts on a show. It’s like a little Easter egg that the Tesla team hid away in this model to bring you joy when you find it.

1. Park Your Tesla in an Open Space

Your vehicle will be opening the front doors, so you’ll want to make sure there’s plenty of room on either side.

The car checks for obstacles too, so you don’t have to worry too much about that. For safety reasons, make sure you’re not parking your car too close to other vehicles.

2. Click the Little Arrow To Show the Extra Menu on the Control Unit

This little arrow gives you access to many things, some of which are important, fun, or nice to have. Expect to see things like a calling feature, calendar, and Tesla’s toy box. Play around with the extras to see which ones you’d like to use. 

White Tesla-Model-X-Dance-Mode

3. Tap on Toy Box

Tapping on the toy box opens a new menu with many options, but you want to tap on “Model Xmas.”

A pop-up will give you instructions on how to proceed to enable the dance. But the general idea is to step out of the vehicle and press the lock button on your key fob. This will start the dance.

And that’s how to make your Tesla dance!

Here is a YouTube video for a visual explanation: 

What To Expect in the Model X Dance

Your Model X will start the dance by opening all the windows. Then, the music will start playing. It’s important to note that the music is a bit loud, but you can adjust the volume in the settings menu.

The light show follows with your headlights, taillights, and fog lights coming to life, all working in sync with the music. It’s a pretty cool sight that will turn some heads.

After that, your Model X will move its falcon doors up and down, along with some hip action. The doors will also open and close in time with the music.

Once the dance is over, your car will close all the doors and windows and turn off the music and lights, exiting dancing mode. That’s it! 

Random Fun Fact:

The Model X can dance without anyone in it. So, if you want to, you can start the dance and leave your car to enjoy the show. Just be sure to turn down the volume first!

Your Song Options

So far, Tesla offers only one song for the Model X dance: “Trans Siberian Orchestra.” But we imagine that they’ll eventually provide more songs to choose from.

This decision from Tesla is totally understandable. They did a lot of work to make the light show and dance sync with the orchestra, and they’ll have to repeat that for every other song they add. 

If you’re interested in the best ways to control music in a Tesla, then check out this related article that I wrote.

This is obviously not a top priority for the team. They would rather spend their time developing better battery technology and dealing with the pains of growing their company. So, we’ll have to wait for more songs.

In the meantime, you can always enjoy the “Trans Siberian Orchestra” while your Model X does its thing.

Did You Know:

The 2022 Model X can open and close its doors 25% faster than previous models. The team has also managed to reduce road noise by 22%. Tesla also responded to the boot space issue caused by the falcon doors with an external solution to tow bulky things like skis and snowboards. 

Other Quirky Features in the Model X

Fart Noises (An Extra Easter Egg)

There’s a set of speakers that fart when you hit the emissions tab in the toy box. It’s not the most mature thing in the world, but it’s still a fun little addition.

You’ve got to give it to Musk (Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla) – he knows how to get people talking!

However, this sound will be external, and the user can choose which speaker (seating position) they want to use. The result is a super loud fart that is very popular with kids.

Dog Mode

The dog mode is another great feature that will keep your pet safe and comfortable while you’re away. The car will maintain a comfortable temperature and play soft music to keep your dog calm. You can also see a live stream of what your dog is doing while you’re away.

This mode also lets a message pop up on your screen, assuring any concerned passers-by that your dog is fine in the vehicle.

These are just some “Easter eggs” that make the Tesla Model X so special. A lot of thought went into the design and features of this car. And we can’t wait to see what Tesla comes up with next.

Random Stat:

The Tesla Model X can go from 0 to 60 mph (97 kph) in just 3.2 seconds. This makes it one of the fastest cars on the market. And with a range of over 200 miles (322 km), it’s also one of the longest-range electric cars.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Tesla Model X dance code?

A Tesla Model X dance code is an activation code. Previous versions of Model X required code “modelxamass” to trigger the dance, but this is no longer necessary.

How do I activate the Tesla Model X Dance?

You can activate the Tesla Model X Dance by pressing and holding the lock button on your key fob.

What Is the Tesla Model X Dance?

The Tesla Model X Dance is a captivating feature that allows your Model X to perform a choreographed dance routine set to music. For example, the doors open and close to the beat of a song.

The Tesla Model X dancing is a delightful and entertaining way for Tesla owners to showcase their car’s unique personality. Such a dance can create quite a stir!

How Do I Activate the Model X Dance?

Here’s how to make Model X dance:

  • Park your Tesla Model X in an open space with ample room on both sides.
  • Access the “Toy Box” menu on the Control Unit by clicking the small arrow.
  • Select “Model Xmas” from the options available.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions, which typically involve stepping out of the car and pressing the lock button on your key fob. This action initiates the dance sequence.

Note: These steps explain how to make Tesla Model X Dance 2022 – earlier versions needed an activation code.

Is Dancing A Feature Of All Tesla Models?

At the time of writing, only the Tesla Model X can dance. No other model has this feature yet. Whether or not Tesla plans on making this “Easter egg” a standard feature in other models is not information I have. However, I can imagine that Tesla doesn’t have a legitimate interest in prioritizing this type of feature.

Can I Customize the Music for the Dance?

Currently, Tesla offers only one song, “Trans Siberian Orchestra,” for the Model X Dance. While there is no option to customize the music, Tesla may introduce additional song choices to the mode in the future. Each song requires specific choreography to synchronize with the car’s movements and lights.

Can You Adjust the Music Volume During the Dance?

You can adjust the music volume to your preference using the settings menu. This flexibility allows you to enjoy the dance without the music being too loud or too soft, enhancing your overall experience.

Can the Model X Dance Be Performed Without Anyone in the Car?

You can initiate the Model X Dance and exit the vehicle to enjoy the Tesla dancing show from a distance. However, be sure to lower the volume before stepping away to avoid any loud surprises. You don’t want your little party to attract the wrong kind of attention, after all.

What Happens After the Dance Is Over?

Following the Tesla dance, your Model X will automatically return to its normal state. This includes closing all doors and windows, turning off the music, and extinguishing the lights. It’s a seamless transition back to regular operation.

What Is the Range of the Tesla Model X on a Single Charge?

The Tesla Model X offers an exceptional electric range of over 200 miles (322 km) on a single charge. This generous range, combined with its rapid acceleration, makes Tesla’s Model X one of the longest-range electric vehicles available today.

How To Make Tesla Model Y Dance?

Unfortunately Tesla’s Model Y does not have the dancing mode feature. This mode is unique to Tesla’s Model X. This is because the Model X is the only model that has power doors.

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