Can You Put Run-Flat Tires on a Tesla?

You can put run-flat tires on a Tesla as long as they fit the dimensions of your particular Model. While Tesla spends a considerable amount of time and effort researching which tires will be best for each Model, you are free to use any tire that’ll fit the size and weight of your vehicle.

Tesla spends so much time evaluating which tires will be best for each Model, in fact, that it’ll change tires for a model if better ones become available. For example, before 2014, Michelin tires were the “upgraded” tires for performance vehicles, whereas now it’s Pirelli tires.

So, the tires that came with your Tesla will be best at maximizing the performance of your car.

If you still want to install run-flat tires on your Tesla, you can certainly do so. Just bear in mind that run-flat tires may impact the performance, as well as the driving experience, of your Tesla. 

Keep in mind that run-flat tires are best for people who spend most of their time driving on city streets. If you spend the majority of your commute on the freeway, you may not benefit as much from installing run-flat tires on your Tesla. People who seldom leave the city may also not find a lot of benefit from run-flat tires. 

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Erwin Meyer
Erwin Meyer

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