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In mid-2020, a Rhode Island judge allowed a Tesla owner to keep his number plate FKGAS. He argued that he got the idea from his daughter, who described the electricity used to charge the Tesla as ‘fake gas.’ Nevertheless, he encouraged other motorists to interpret the personalized plate as they wished. 

Below I will look at the best in personalized Tesla plates. We have listed some very clever and funny ideas that you can draw inspiration from. They should help you create a unique one for your Tesla. 

Best Tesla Personalized License Plate Ideas

Some of the Tesla personalized plate ideas out there are simply genius. It makes you realize that Tesla owners aren’t just environmentally conscious but also quite witty. 

We have compiled a list of seven of the best tesla personalized plate ideas, along with a brief explanation of each one. 

FKGASThis one was so controversial, that the Tesla owner needed a court order to help him keep it. 
He says it translates to fake gas, but it can also allude to other terms that degrade gas as an energy source.
Pure genius. 
KSMYGASYet another knockout blow against gas. 
This one is also right on the edge of crossing into vulgar territory. It will rile up some ICE users and draw laughs from fellow Tesla owners. 
REVOLTThis one has a double meaning.
It signifies what you do when your car’s out of juice. It also defines the movement against gas power. 
ZEROMPGTrying to stick it to the miles per gallon enthusiasts? 
Well, this is the personalized Tesla plate for you. 
ACDCCDThis one’s rather clever as it refers to the different types of electric current associated with Tesla. 
You charge with AC, and the battery stores and utilizes DC. 
ELONOILElinoil is a petroleum company based in Greece. 
As we do not need petroleum, we use Elon-Oil. Clean energy from Elon Musk. 
LOL OILSimple yet effective. 
It’s becoming laughable that people are still reluctant to switch to Teslas. Let your personalized Tesla plate spread the message. 
A Tesla personalized plate should draw emotion from the person reading it. It should evoke laughter, smiles, or joyful bewilderment. Some Tesla personalized plates are provocative but in a cheerful way. 
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Most Common and Popular Tesla Vanity Plates

Tesla owners can be quite creative with their vanity plates, but some are so good that you’ll see them in almost every state you visit.

The most common and popular Tesla Vanity plates are in no way boring. Tesla owners love them because they are fun and a tad provocative to ICEs. 

END OILThe message is pretty straightforward, isn’t it? 
Prepare for some mean looks from ICE motorists if they can catch up. 
RIP OILEverybody knows that EVs are the future. Keep reminding them with your Tesla vanity plate. 
NIKOLAWe are driving Teslas because of the tireless and innovative work of Nikola Tesla
He wouldn’t mind an appreciation on the plate of your Tesla. CH4RGEDTesla keeps advancing with its charging technology, so there’s little chance that you’ll run out of juice. 
Let them know that your batteries are full. 
AMPD-UPThis plate lets them know that you’ve got plenty of juice in your tank. 
You know, just in case they think they’re faster off the line. 
CLN PWRAnnounce to the world that your Tesla is doing its part in conserving the environment. 
ELECTRFDAnother popular one that shows yours is no ordinary car. 

Best Tesla Vanity Plates

In my opinion, below are the best Tesla vanity plates out there. 

You don’t have to use them, but they can serve as inspiration for your unique Tesla vanity plates. 

WATTUPPerhaps the most electrifying greeting out there. 
It can also serve as a call for people to move to electric vehicles – to trade their ICEs for Watt cars. 
CHARGMEIt shows people that your car uses electrical energy. 
HIVLTGYou’ve been warned. That car has electricity running through it. 
Approach and touch at your own risk. 
FARADAYLike Nikola, Faraday contributed significantly to the understanding of electromagnetism. 
It’s because of innovators like him that we can drive Teslas today. 
DURACELDuracell prides itself in building long-lasting batteries. 
Tesla batteries have proven to be quite long-lasting as well. Combine those two, and you get an epic vanity plate. 
PWRPLNTThis plate takes pride in the tons of electrical power flowing through your Tesla. 
It’s a show-off vanity plate. 
MARSNXTThis plate shows how far Tesla is technological. 
Tesla owners might be driving cars on the moon very soon. 

Check out some more awesome plates on YouTube:

Laws in Each State Regarding Personalised Number Plates for EVs

States have differing rules regarding personalized number plates. I have analyzed each state’s laws and placed them in the following table.

AlabamaThe state allows up to seven-letter combinations. 
AlaskaDMV prohibits combinations it deems offensive, vulgar, and illegal. 
ArizonaAny plate combination is legal if approved by the state’s Motor Vehicle Division. The plate can have a maximum of seven characters
ArkansasThe state allows for up to six characters plus a blank space. Offensive combinations will be rejected. 
CaliforniaAny combination of letters and numbers between 2 to 7 characters. It mustn’t be offensive or owned by another person. 
ColoradoCombination of letters between 2 to 7 characters. It mustn’t conflict with any other plate in the state. 
ConnecticutThe state allows up to seven numbers and letters without spacing. It allows one dot that can’t appear at the beginning or end of the plate. 
DelawarePlates must have between 2 to 7 characters. Numerals must be displayed to the right of all letters. Hyphens, ampersands, and spaces are the only punctuation marks allowed. 
District of Columbia The combination should contain up to seven characters, including spaces. Punctuations, symbols, and offensive combinations are prohibited. 
FloridaComplete an application for a personalized license plate and pay an additional fee. The plate will be issued upon approval. 
GeorgiaIt is issued upon payment of a fee on top of the regular registration fee and approval by the commissioner. 
HawaiiLaw limits the plate to six letters. Space is counted as a letter. The punctuation mark allowed is the hyphen, which is considered a letter. 
IdahoThe plate mustn’t exceed seven letters. The state can’t issue two similar plates. 
IllinoisPersonalized plates have both letters and numbers, with the numbers coming after the letters. For vanity plates, you should choose either numbers or letters. 
IndianaState laws only allow numbers and letters with not more than one consecutive space. Minimum of two characters. 
IowaPlate combinations must not be issued to another driver. The number 0 is prohibited to prevent confusion with the letter O. 
KansasMaximum of seven characters, including numbers, letters, and spaces. The number 0 is prohibited
KentuckyThe state allows up to six characters and additional space or dash. 
LouisianaOnly seven characters are allowed and must include two letters. Periods and hyphens are allowed as special characters
MaineThe state allows any three-number and three-letter combination. 
MarylandThe plate must have two to seven characters consisting of numbers or letters. The state can decline a plate if it already exists or carries an obscene message.
MassachusettsThe vanity plate must begin with two letters. Maximum of six characters. State disallows intermixing of letters and numbers. 
MichiganThe plate ordered shouldn’t match an existing plate. A maximum of seven characters is allowed. 
MinnesotaPlates are limited to seven characters. Numbers, spaces, and hyphens are allowed and the plate must have at least one letter
MississippiThe state allows one to pick their preferred combination of letters. The approving body will reject any obscene combination
MissouriThe state decides whether to approve or reject the personalized configuration. It will reject any plate it considers offensive or contemptuous. 
MontanaMaximum of seven characters, with at least two letters. Use of the letter O is prohibited. The state will reject indecent combinations
NebraskaDMV holds the power to reject or approve a vanity plate. The owner must provide meaning behind a plate while submitting their application. 
NevadaThe state allows a minimum of four and a maximum of seven characters. It will reject offensive plates or plates already issued
New HampshireThe number of characters possible depends on plate design. Spaces cannot be used, but various special characters are legal. State disallows the use of more than two special characters
New JerseyThe plate must have a minimum of three letters. The state allows a maximum of seven letters on the plate. 
New MexicoThe state allows a maximum of six or seven characters depending on the plate design. Any combination is legal except for derogatory or duplicated combinations.
New YorkMaximum of eight characters and a minimum of two. Requires approval from the DMV. The website will decline certain combinations per New York laws. 
North CarolinaDifferent plate styles have differing maximum characters. The state will reject an offensive or duplicate combination.
North DakotaThe maximum number of characters depends on the plate design. The state allows for the use of spaces, letters, and numbers. 
OhioMost plate designs allow for a maximum of six characters. The Bureau of Motor Vehicles has the final say on plate approval. 
OklahomaThe state imposes no length restrictions if the plate is on letters or if the plate is a combination of numbers and letters. A plate with numbers only is required to have seven numbers
OregonOregon law allows for personalized plates with a maximum of six characters along with a hyphen. The state will allow any combination so long as it isn’t derogatory. 
PennsylvaniaState laws allow for a maximum of seven characters. You can use a hyphen or a space, but no other special. The hyphen and space are not considered one of the characters. 
Rhode IslandAny mix of numbers and letters up to six characters. If you use letters only, you are restricted to a maximum of six and a minimum of two. 
South CarolinaThe state allows you to pick any combination of letters and numbers as long as it isn’t offensive
South DakotaThe state allows for a minimum of one character and a maximum of seven. Each space counts as a character, and you can’t use special characters. Numerals 1 or 2 alone are disallowed. 
TennesseeThe maximum number of characters varies with the model plate chosen. The maximum for any plate is seven characters. 
TexasTexas law prescribes that six-character plates have a minimum of one letter. Seven-character plates can have letters, numbers, or both. Texas law also allows for the use of symbols and spaces
UtahUtah law allows for a maximum of seven characters on the vanity plate, but some can only carry five. The licensing body will refuse to approve any offensive plate. 
VermontThe state only allows two numbers in combination with letters and prohibits the use of special characters. The laws forbid a plate that starts with the letter Z
VirginiaVirginia law allows for plates with up to seven characters. The combination must not be offensive. 
WashingtonState laws allow for a maximum of seven characters. The state will recall or refuse to approve vulgar or indecent messages. 
West VirginiaThe minimum number of characters the law allows is two, and cannot be symbols or punctuation marks. You can add up to eight characters and your plate mustn’t carry an obscene message. 
WisconsinThe state allows a minimum of 1 and a maximum of seven characters. Numbers or capital letters are the only characters allowed. 
WyomingWyoming allows for a maximum of five characters on the plate. If the combination must have numbers only, the plate must start with the zero digit
Tesla owners have proven to be quite innovative when coming up with personalized vanity plates. The list I provided up there is nowhere near comprehensive.
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Before you spend your time and energy coming up with a personalized plate, check your state laws to ensure your plate’s legality. 

The state’s rules will also guide you regarding length and the numbers and symbols allowed. Each state website provides the rules in detail and guides you on how to apply for the plate. 

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