Do Teslas Come With a Charging Cable? What’s Included?

You would expect Teslas to come loaded with all the essentials. Like so many tech companies these days, included cables are few and far between when purchasing new products. So, is a Wall Connector or Mobile Charger included in the purchase of a Tesla?

You don’t get any cables included with the Tesla Model 3, or any other Tesla model. Tesla now excludes chargers and cables, thus they are totally optional accessories. The charging cables were originally included with every purchase, but Tesla stopped this because it was deemed unnecessary and wasteful.

So what exactly is included in every purchase? Isn’t the extra charger very important in times of emergencies? Check out the rest of this article to find out more.

Optional Extras When Buying A Tesla

If you order a Tesla Model 3, you’ll be prompted to choose among the following: 

  • Wall Connector: $400
  • Mobile Connector: $200

That’s not all. You have to pay the installation cost for the wall charger, which may be anywhere from $750 to $1,500. The wall connector may also need a few additional components, most of which cost extra. 

Here’s a glimpse of what a typical wall charger installation doesn’t cover:

  • Cable longer than 24 feet (7.3 meters)
  • Concealed wiring, such as behind the walls
  • Wires from an electrical panel to the wall charger
  • Cable organizer, color-matched faceplate, etc
  • Additional sub panel and wall connector pedestal

So, you must spend $400 + $750 to $1,500 for any additional components you want to have for a complete wall connector set up to charge your Tesla Model 3. Alternatively, you need a mobile connector, but that too is no longer included in the package.

Tesla Model 3 Excludes Mobile Connector, Cable, and Adapter

Once upon a time, the Tesla Model 3 used to include a mobile connector for no extra cost. But the EV juggernaut decided to make it an optional accessory. Tesla probably thinks everyone has a Supercharger nearby or a destination charger at their workplace. 

Fun Fact:

When Tesla discontinued the practice of including the mobile connector with its cars, Elon Musk reasoned publicly that the decision was due to the low usage of these kits among owners. But when Tesla rolled out mobile connectors as an add-on purchase, the product sold out in no time.

The mobile connector continues to be out of stock as I write this piece. So, that’s just one more assessment of Tesla gone wrong.

Tesla Model 3 Mobile Connector

The standard mobile connector has a cable and adapter, which you have to purchase now for a neat $200. And here’s what you get:

  • 20 feet (6 meters) cable 
  • 120 V NEMA 5-15 adapter
  • 240 V NEMA 14-50 adapter 
  • Storage or cable organizer bag

Did You Know?

The Tesla Corded Mobile Connector that is solely compatible with a NEMA 14-50 receptacle works with all its vehicles, not just Model 3. Additionally, you can get the Tesla Mobile Connector with both NEMA 14-50 and NEMA 5-15 adapters if you want the flexibility of power outlets. 

Tesla Model 3 Adapters

If you want multiple adapters for a Tesla Model 3 mobile connector, you can get a kit. This kit includes a storage bag and the following Gen 2 adapters:

  • NEMA 5-20
  • NEMA 6-15
  • NEMA 6-20
  • NEMA 10-30
  • NEMA 14-30
  • NEMA 14-50 
  • NEMA 6-50

All these adapters are compatible with the Gen 2 Mobile Connector. You can also use this kit for Tesla Models 3, Y, X, and S, albeit the charging speed or mileage gained per hour varies.

Charging Speed of Tesla Model 3 Mobile Connector Cables and Adapters

You can buy a wall charger or mobile connector for a Tesla Model 3. The charging rate or miles (km) gained per hour depends on your setup. So, you should weigh your options depending on the following factors:

  • Type of wall outlet
  • Terminal voltage
  • Circuit breaker (amps)
  • Desired charging rate 

If you’d like to find out which size breaker you need for a Tesla charger, check out this related article that I wrote. I listed all the things to consider when choosing a breaker.

Here are the technical details of how Tesla Model 3 mobile connector cables and adapters work

Receptacle / OutletVoltageAmperageTesla Model 3 Charging Speed Per Hour
NEMA 5-15120 V15 A3 miles (4.83 km)
NEMA 5-20120 V20 A4 mph (6.44 km)
NEMA 6-15240 V15 A11 mph (17.70 km)
NEMA 6-20240 V20 A15 mph (24.14 km)
NEMA 10-30240 V30 A22 mph (35.40 km)
NEMA 14-30240 V30 A22 mph (35.40 km)
NEMA 6-50240 V50 A30 mph (48.28 km)
NEMA 14-50240 V50 A30 mph (48.28 km)
This table shows a Tesla Model 3’s charging speeds and thus miles or kilometers gained per hour for all the available mobile connector cables and adapters.

The NEMA 14-50 and 6-50 outlets can facilitate 50 A, but the maximum current is capped at 32 A, which is why the mileage gained is 30 mph (48.28 kph) instead of 50 mph (80.46 kph).

Charging Speed of Tesla Model 3 Wall Connector


The Tesla Model 3 Wall Connector requires a 240 V outlet. However, the amps drawn depend on the circuit. Naturally, the charging speed or miles gained per hour varies. Here’s how:

Voltage – Amperage – PowerCircuit BreakerTesla Model 3 Charging Speed
240 V – 12 A – 2.8 kW15 A11 miles (17.70 km) per hour
240 V – 16 A – 3.8 kW20 A15 miles (24.14 km) per hour
240 V – 24 A – 5.7 kW30 A22 miles (35.40 km) per hour
240 V – 32 A – 7.7 kW40 A30 miles (48.28 km) per hour
240 V – 40 A – 9.6 kW50 A37 miles (59.54 km) per hour
240 V – 48 A – 11.5 kW60 A44 miles (70.81 km) per hour
This table shows the Tesla Model 3’s charging speeds and thus miles or kilometers gained with a Wall Connector.

Watch this YouTube video if you are wondering about a Tesla Model 3’s wall charger installation:

Random Statistic:
Tesla delivered 936,222 electric vehicles in 2021, almost twice as much as it did through 2020. Models 3 and Y accounted for most of those deliveries, with S and X clocking a measly 24,980. 2022 may be the first year Tesla delivers over 1 million vehicles, but only time or Musk will tell. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do Tesla Model 3 Cables Last?

Tesla Model 3 cables for the wall and mobile connectors have a warranty of 4 years and 1 year, respectively. So, you can expect these cables, adapters, and connectors to last for that long at least. 

How Much Does It Cost to Replace Tesla Model 3 Cables? 

The cost to replace a Tesla Model 3 mobile connector, including the cable and adapter, is $200. A new wall connector costs $400. If you need a Model 3 phone charging cable, the cost is only $14.

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