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Simple Ways To Clean Tesla Seats (Every Model) + Helpful Tips

No matter what kind of car you have, chances are you’ll one day need to clean the seats. Tesla is known for its vegan leather seats, which are standard in most models, though some use cloth seats like the older Model 3. Either way, it’s essential you know how to clean them, so they last as long as possible.

The best way to clean Tesla seats is to use a soft cloth, warm water, and non-detergent soap. Alternatively, you can use a cleaner that is made for leather seats, even though the seats aren’t leather. These options will ensure that your seats get cleaned without causing any damage. 

This article will discuss the best way to clean Tesla vegan leather seats and what products to look out for. We’ll also cover how to protect those seats from stains without damaging them. 

Best Way To Clean Tesla Seats

The best way to clean Tesla seats is with a soft cloth and non-detergent soap. Non-detergent soap is key here because it is made without petroleum or synthetic ingredients, which can be harmful to your seats. The most important part of cleaning Tesla seats is to be gentle.

A soft cloth is important because rougher cloths can harm faux leather. With a soft cloth, you’re not at risk of scratching or damaging anything as you clean. 

A gorgeous black Tesla Model X with white interior. Non-detergent soap is essential when it comes to cleaning your seats, as petroleum-based ingredients can leave residue behind, and synthetic ingredients can be harmful to vegan leather.

Best Cleaner for Tesla Seats

The best cleaner for Tesla seats is the CarGuys Super Cleaner, as it’s formulated to clean every part of your car, not just the seats. Being water-based, it’s made to lift away dirt from surfaces, so you don’t need to push down and cause potential damage or cracks. 

Carguys Super Cleaner - Effective All Purpose Cleaner - Best For Leather Vinyl Carpet Upholstery Plastic Rubber And Much More! - 18 Oz Kit

The Super Cleaner by CarGuys (on Amazon.com) is the most efficient and effective option for cleaning your Tesla. Don’t let the multi-purpose part of the cleaner make you hesitate. It is the best option out there for cleaning Tesla seats. 

The cleaner comes with a microfiber cloth that can be used to safely clean your seats without risking any damage. 

Make sure when using this cleaner to clean in small sections to ensure maximum coverage. This helps to make sure you don’t use too much and allows you to be thorough with your cleaning as well. 

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Tesla Model S White Seats

How To Care for Tesla Seats

The best way to care for your Tesla seats is to ensure you are protecting them with a leather protector. While the seats are actually vegan leather, a leather protector will work well to keep them from getting dirty. 

Before doing anything with your seats, it is important to clean them. Whichever method above that you use to clean them is fine, but make sure they are clean before applying for any protection. 

Once clean, apply your choice of leather shield with a soft cloth (that typically comes with the kit). Use thin layers but be sure to spend the time to rub it into the leather. Then, use a clean and dry microfiber cloth to wipe away any excess.

Leather protectors should last as many as six months, but if you use the car daily or if it sits in the sun for long periods of time, you might want to reapply the leather protector sooner. 

Check out this video by Chicago Auto Pros about how to apply a protector to your seats (skip to minute four for the seat cleaning):

These steps help keep your seats safe, but the video covers all parts of the interior of your Tesla. So, if you want to know how to protect your seats and other parts of the car, you’re in luck. 

How To Clean Tesla Model 3 Seats

The best way to clean Tesla Model 3 seats is to use something gentle like baby wipes. All new Tesla Model 3 seats are vegan leather, so while it is okay to use leather cleaners, you don’t need to. 

The Super Cleaner listed above works well for the Model 3 interior as well, but because the seats are not real leather, it isn’t necessary to use that cleaner. Instead, you can use baby wipes to get the seats clean without risking any damage. 

Because baby wipes contain very few chemicals and are intended for a baby’s sensitive skin, it is safe to use them on your seat. Other cleaning wipes usually contain detergents and other harmful chemicals, some of which may cause your seats to dry out and crack or even cause discoloration. 

So, it is important to be careful what you use to clean your seats if you want to keep them looking nice for a long time. Baby wipes are the most gentle option that you have to keep your seats clean, but other cleaners will also work. 

Proper Care for Black and White Tesla Seats

Tesla seats come in either black or white, and they let you choose your colors at the very beginning of the buying process. 

But cleaning and care can look a lot different for black seats and white seats. Below you’ll find a table to show you the differences in cleaning and care for both colors:

Black Tesla SeatsWhite Tesla Seats
CleaningSuper Cleaner by CarGuysSuper Cleaner by CarGuys
CareNon-Detergent Soap Leather Seat Protector Regular CleaningBaby Wipes Protective Treatment Spot Cleaning

As you can probably tell from the table above, white Tesla seats do require more upkeep, just like anything else that is white. So, let’s talk about each part in more detail to see what is needed to properly take care of your Tesla seats. 

Black Seats Are Easier To Keep Clean

We already discussed cleaning above, but to elaborate, you need more than just a standard cleaner for these seats.

Dirt, dust, and grime can get pushed down into your seat with some cleaners. Super Cleaner lifts the dirt, so you aren’t wiping the dirt further into the material of your seat. This is especially vital for white seats as they can discolor easily. 

When it comes to black Tesla seats, you can get away with being a little more relaxed. Of course, it is important to clean them regularly and use a protective spray to ensure they don’t get scuffed or stained, but this isn’t as vital as it is with white seats. 

White Seats Need Extra Care

Lots can go wrong with white seats. In fact, something as simple as sunscreen or wet denim can stain your seat if left unprotected and uncleaned. So, it is vital with white seats to keep baby wipes available to handle those potential stains right away. The longer it is left to sit, the less likely you are to be able to get it out. 

Preventative treatment is a little different for white seats too. While the same leather seat protector works, getting a more intense protective treatment is highly recommended. The more you care for your white seats, the longer they will stay white. 

For white seat owners, it may be best to pay a little extra and get the treatment done at the dealership. If you do this, you know the treatment will work and last for a long time. 

Tesla’s Vegan Leather Explained

Derived from plastic instead of cows, vegan leather is a less harmful alternative to leather seats. It is not actual leather, but it is made to be very similar to leather interiors. 

If you own or have looked into buying a Tesla, you’ve probably heard of vegan leather, but most people don’t know exactly what it is. Vegan leather comprises polyurethane and polyvinyl chloride, which combine to make a material that feels a lot like leather but comes without harming animals. 

Vegan leather can be mistaken for the real thing, making it a huge innovation for quality products that don’t harm animals. Though it has been difficult to make quality vegan leather, Tesla has put a lot of time and research into it.

They wanted to make a leather-like material that would also last for however long you have the car. 

The main issue that manufacturers had was creating something that was as durable as leather. Durability is why leather is and remains a popular choice in car seats, furniture, and fashion. So, upon creating a vegan alternative, companies had to focus on finding something similar that was also durable. 

This is exactly what Tesla has done with its vegan leather seats. Not only does it look and feel like leather, but your seats are durable and can handle quite a bit. 

How To Avoid Stains on White Tesla Seats

Avoid stains on your white seats by using a protective treatment, not getting into the car with wet clothes, and being careful what clothes you wear when driving the car. 

Besides avoiding spills, these are the best ways to ensure your seats stay white. 

Choose Neutral Clothes Rather Than Dark Colors

Clothes with heavy dyes can be a problem for white seats, so you’ll want to avoid dark denim and sweatpants. These are normally heavy in dark dyes and can stain your seats by just sitting there for an extended period of time. This will especially affect your white seats if you are wet or sweat while in the seat. 

We all get caught in the rain sometimes, but this can mean that dyes from your clothes leak onto your beautiful seats. This is not avoidable with normal usage unless you want to change your entire wardrobe. But it can be dealt with if caught early enough. 

It is best to avoid fabrics that may stain, but if you don’t want to change what you normally wear, that’s okay. Make sure your seats are treated and use spot cleaning to avoid those stains collecting over time. 

One time wearing jeans isn’t going to turn your seats blue, but over time, you will see the effects of the clothes you wear leftover in the seat. 

Be Careful With Sunscreens and Lotions

Your clothes aren’t the only thing that can stain your seats. Beyond the obviously spilt drinks and sauce packets, there are other things to consider too. One major culprit for staining seats is sunscreen. 

A day at the beach sounds nice, but the chemical makeup of sunscreen makes it difficult to deal with and nearly impossible to get out of your seat if left uncleaned. Sunscreen may give your seats a brown hue, which wouldn’t look good for white seats. 

So, if you do get into the car with sunscreen on, make sure you take the time to clean it off the seats before it stains the material. 

Drexler Ceramic Leather Coating 50Ml Kit 1-2 Years Protection Coat Hydrophobic Fabric Stain Repellent
Ceramic coating, like this Drexler Ceramic Leather Coating Kit from Amazon.com, offers up to two years of protection and claims to be 100% hydrophobic.

Products like this fill the gaps in the material, preventing stains and dyes from entering.

This is not perfect and will likely still require spot treatment, but it is the safest way to ensure that your white Tesla seats stay that way for as long as possible. 

Are Tesla Seats Stain-Resistant?

Tesla seats are stain-resistant, and there are already properties within the seat protecting it from everyday stains. For smaller stains, a baby wipe or a soft cloth with soap and water should wash it off quickly. Just remember to clean the stain as soon as possible.

EV Speedy’s Take

Tesla seats are quite easy to clean, and all you need is a soft cloth and non-detergent soap. Be gentle and work in small circles.

Of course, stains happen, but luckily your Tesla seats are designed to be stain-resistant. Still, things like protective coatings and ceramic can help those stain-resistant seats even more. 

As long as you’re paying attention to any possible stains and catching them before they become an issue, your seats can stay as good as new ones for a long time.

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