Believe it or not, you can drive, eat, sleep, and stargaze in your Tesla. Investing in one of Tesla’s mattresses that fit comfortably in the interior and provide enough support for a restful sleep is one of the great perks of owning a Tesla.

In the rest of this article, I will discuss the best Tesla Model 3 sleeping mattresses in the market, along with their pros and cons.

This YouTube video might give you a better idea of what it’s like to sleep in a Tesla:

Basenor Portable Camping Air Bed Cushion

Custom-fit for Tesla Model 3It May be uncomfortable for a big person
Can be easily inflated and deflatedWith 6 chambers, inflating can be tedious
Comes with a car charged electric pumpNot a great option if you have a pet
Easily foldable for storage
This table shows the pros and cons of the Basenor Portable Camping Air Bed Cushion.

This Basenor Portable Camping Air Bed Cushion is specially designed for Teslas. It is suited with Tesla Model 3 units released from 2016 to 2022.

Tesla Mattress Portable Camping Air Bed Cushion for Tesla Model 3 Model Y Model S Model X Accessories 2016-2022 Gen 2
The inflatable SUV Mattress is made with skin-friendly, thicker premium PVC and flocking material that is environmentally friendly and waterproof that can be used in various situations, such as camping.

It’s extremely easy to use and Includes a car-charged electric pump for air mattresses. It comes with efficient inflation and deflation feature which means you can inflate the mattress in minutes. This Gen 2 air mattress can be folded for multipurpose use such as:

  • Camping 
  • Extended travels 
  • Hiking 
  • all other possibilities 

On the other hand, there are a few downsides: when fully inflated it is 3 inches (7.6 cm) thick, so for a normal-sized person, it will be very comfortable, however, if you are a big person you might feel cramped.

The mattress includes six chambers and many valves which makes the inflating job no fun. 

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TESCAMP Camping Mattress

Pillows are built-inMight take a little more space than an air mattress
Space-savingIf someone is big, the thickness of the mattress is 1.75” (4.45 in) might not be enough.
Makes camping a luxurious experience
Easily foldable
You and your pet both can be accommodated
This table lists the pros and cons of TESCAMP Camping Mattress
TESCAMP Camping Mattress for Tesla Model Y/3/X CertiPUR Memory Foam Car Mattress, Storage Bag & Sheet Provided, Portable, Foldable, Space Saver, One Person Use
This Tesla Model 3 car camping mattress from Tescamp is super comfortable and excellent for boondocking, road excursions, and outdoor camping.

It’s straightforward to set up and store back after easily folding. In fact, it is far handier than an air mattress. The mattress sheet is included in the package. 

You won’t need to carry an additional cushion with you because its patent-pending mattress has one built-in. When you just want to relax in the woods or need to take a nap for a few hours after a long journey, this is the perfect bed for you and your pet. 

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Its high-quality material with 2.4″ (6.1 cm) memory foam is soft and supportive and encased in a small cover. It easily fits in the sub-trunk or trunk. Unlike an inflatable mattress, this memory foam mattress provides a comfortable bed-like experience for all of your travel trips. 

On the flip side, this mattress might take a little more space compared to an air mattress, since it cannot be deflated.

Another issue could be the thickness of the mattress for a big person. He might not feel any cushion, and the optimal capacity of this mattress is only 180 lbs (81.6 kg). 

SPEEDPARK for Tesla Model 3

Skin-friendly high-grade materialSomeone who likes memory foam might not find it as comfortable
Easy storageSix different valves can be overwhelming while inflating
Easily inflatable with an accompanying air pumpTwo people will be comfortable, three can be cramped
Can carry three people
Comes with two pillows
This table lists the pros and cons of SPEEDPARK for Tesla Model 3

This Speedpark’s inflatable mattress for Tesla Model 3 was designed with you in mind. It is made up of PVC and soft flocking. This material is eco-friendly and can carry three large people without leaking. 

SPEEDPARK for Tesla Model 3 Model Y Model S Mattress Portable Inflatable Car Air Bed with Electric Air Pump Flocking Surface Camping Air Bed Cushion for Tesla Accessories
It comes with an air pump that can be attached to the car itself. It has three types of inflating funnels, so it only takes 6-10 minutes to fill, and approximately 6 minutes to deflate. It also comes with an instruction manual, so it is simple to set up.

It has six air compartments which may be utilized for three different reasons. For personal usage in a garden or on a balcony, for SUVs, and for outdoor uses like camping or a beach vacation. The air mattress can be folded after deflating and stored easily. 

However, there can be certain limitations. It might not be as cozy as memory foam. Moreover, it is claimed that three people can be easily accommodated, though there is really only enough space for two. Additionally, there are six valves to inflate the mattress, which can make inflation more taxing.

LMZX Car Air Mattress

High grade and very soft materialNeeds to be inflated every 10 hours
Can carry 260 kg (573 lbs) easilyThe air pump is very basic
Easily foldable and storedMultiple valves for inflation
Gets inflated quicklyNo extra pillow
This table lists the pros and cons of LMZX Air Mattress

The air mattress by LMZX was created specifically for the Tesla Model 3 owners to enjoy a good night’s sleep while camping out. It is made up of high-quality PVC that is non-toxic and odorless. It is also highly breathable and can be washed at home. 

These car air mattresses have a feather-like surface that provides outstanding endurance and relaxation.

Car Air Mattress for Tesla Model 3, Y, S, X 5 Seater SUV MPV Inflatable Travel Camping Mattress Air Bed Accessories
Its excellent quality is ensured by a one-of-a-kind manufacturing technique and a stunning design perfect for indoor, camping, travel, and adventure activities.

This flat, broad, and comfy automobile inflatable mattress is a good investment. 

Supportive and reliable, this mattress can withstand up to 260 kg (573 lbs) of weight. In addition, it folds easily, and Inflation and deflation are quick and straightforward with the electric air pump that comes with it. 

On the other hand, the mattress can only hold air for about 10 hours once fully inflated. For comfortable use, the user would need to re-inflate it. The mattress doesn’t include a pillow and the process of inflating the mattress is cumbersome as you need to inflate it through different adaptor heads. 

Lastly, the air pump that comes with it is rather basic and leaves a lot to be desired. It may require more work to inflate it than other models.

EVNV Tesla Model 3 Mattress

Stays supportive throughout the nightNo pillow 
Memory foam is more comfortableA relatively new product; thus not many customer reviews are available.
Size custom made for Tesla3Only one person can sleep comfortably.
Adjustable firmness
This table shows the Pros and Cons of EVNV Tesla Model 3 mattress.

This premium memory foam mattress gives you a good night’s sleep with the feel of your own bed, as it doesn’t get deflated like in the case of an air mattress. It comes with a high-grade polyester fabric with non-slip dots on the surface. 

EVNV Tesla Model 3 Mattress - Premium Tesla Camping Air Mattress with Comfortable, Supportive Memory Foam Insert - Adjustable Firmness - Rest Well (Model 3, Black)
It fits Tesla 3 like a glove and gives you plenty of room to stretch out. Moreover, you can adjust the mattress to suit your comfort for a sound sleep.

Two locking 2-way valves make sure that you awake fresh in the morning.

On the other hand, there are no pillows included with the pack, and only one person can fit in nicely; it will be very uncomfortable for two people.

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