How To Upgrade Tesla Model 3 Audio: Should You Upgrade Your Sound?

Did you know that upgrading the audio system in your Tesla Model 3 can take your listening experience to the next level? The factory sound system is decent, but for true music enthusiasts, it may not be enough. If you’re considering upgrading your audio system, it’s important to understand your options and the potential costs involved. So, what should you best do to upgrade?

To upgrade Tesla Model 3 audio, you should buy an upgrade kit designed for the Tesla Model 3. It will include all the sound equipment and enhancements you need. Have the kit installed by a professional. You can also purchase only a specific piece, such as a subwoofer, but it’s complicated.

In this article, I’ll explore the best ways to upgrade your Tesla Model 3 audio, whether it’s with an all-inclusive upgrade kit or by focusing on a specific part of the audio system. I’ll also provide expert recommendations and tips to help you get the most out of your listening experience.

As A Tesla fan myself, I understand the importance of finding the right balance between enhancing your audio system and staying true to the Tesla experience. So, whether you’re a die-hard audiophile or just looking to improve your daily commute playlist, keep reading to find out if upgrading your Tesla Model 3 audio system is right for you.

Upgrading Tesla Model 3 Audio System

The best way how to upgrade Tesla Model 3 audio is to purchase an upgrade kit that’s designed for the Tesla 3 and to have the kit installed by a professional. 

Getting a kit ensures that you have the highest quality equipment on the market and that it is compatible with your Tesla Model 3. If you try to swap out parts or buy parts individually, they may not work well together, and they may not work with the factory system already in your Model 3 at all. You’ll have wasted time, effort, and money instead of getting a proper audio upgrade.

Another benefit of buying a kit is that most come with a power source, so you don’t have to buy a different amp. 

While it is technically possible to install the audio upgrade yourself, I only recommend doing it if you are experienced with these kinds of jobs and with the Tesla Model 3 wiring.

Upgrading the audio is not an easy process. It requires drilling holes to mount the amplifier, and it is easy to make a very expensive mistake in this process.

It is possible to get an audio upgrade which involves only placing a few more speakers into your Tesla, but your sound system then wouldn’t be fully upgraded.

Furthermore, the Model 3 has a unique configuration and set-up, so even the most capable DIY-ers may struggle. 

A More Simple Audio Upgrade

An alternative to buying an all-inclusive kit is to identify what part of the audio system you’d most like to upgrade and focus on making that better. In most cases, that means improving the bass.

Most factory audio systems fail to deliver rich and deep bass. If you only want to improve that part of the listening experience, you can always purchase a subwoofer and box upgrade.

Nvx Be-Tm3-Vsw10S2 Tesla Model 3 Aftermarket Subwoofer And Box Upgrade
I recommend the NVX Tesla Model 3 Subwoofer from Its bass enclosure is specifically designed for the Tesla Model 3. It comes with a powerful subwoofer and a hand-laid fiberglass enclosure. This upgrade adds 500 watts RMS of bass to your current audio system.

The following video demonstrates how professional installers upgrade the audio system on a Tesla Model 3: 

Why Should You Upgrade Tesla Model 3 Audio? 

You should upgrade your Tesla Model 3 audio system if you want to enhance the factory sound system. Although the factory sound system on Teslas is already good, installing a high-end kit will give you a better and more immersive listening experience.

The Model 3 Tesla already comes with a solid sound system made by engineers who previously worked at Bang & Olufsen. Bang & Olufsen is known for making high-end speakers and headphones, so these engineers know how to make high-quality sound systems.

Some Model 3 owners even claim that their factory system is superior to upgraded Model S or Model X vehicles, which is impressive. 

The factory sound system of the Model 3 comes with a total of a whopping fifteen speakers: 

  • Three front tweeters 
  • Three front mids
  • Two front woofers 
  • Two immersive front speakers 
  • Four rear speakers 
  • One subwoofer

Each speaker is strategically placed in your Telsa to give you quality sound.

Because the factory sound system is so impressive already, upgrading the system is unnecessary. However, if you are a sound geek or an extreme music enthusiast and you know you’re going to be pumping the audio in your Model 3 Tesla often, it may be worth it to get an upgrade. 

Upgrading your system will improve surround sound and distinguish between mid-range and high-frequency levels. Amplifier kits include a Japanese JRC operational amplifier, ELNA silk-class high-efficiency capacitors, and a 96k-class ADi CHIP. 

Pro Tip: How can you continue music and podcasts from the right places when returning to your Tesla?

If you have the frustration of your podcasts and songs continuing from the wrong places when returning to your car, this is a handy tip. You can put the car in Neutral in your safety menu and manually apply the parking brake. Then you can go and do the things you need to do. Just remember to manually lock the car because it will not automatically do so.

How Much Does It Cost To Upgrade Tesla Model 3 Audio?

A complete audio system upgrade for a Tesla Model 3 can cost $400-$1,400 depending on the equipment and whether or not you work with a professional installer. 

Audio upgrade kits specifically designed for the Model 3—containing all the extensive equipment and products you need for top-notch audio in your car—can cost anywhere from $400-$1,000. 

Once you have the kit, it is best to hire a professional installer to install the system upgrade for your audio system. This upgrade is a complicated install that requires wiring knowledge. It’s best to get the job done with someone who’s qualified.

Professional installation ranges in price depending on your location. It could cost anywhere from $60 to $150 an hour. Installation typically takes 4-6 hours. 

Where Can I Get a Tesla Model 3 Audio Upgrade Kit?

You can purchase additional sound accessories in addition to your original Tesla Model 3 audio system in several different stores, either in-store or online.

I would suggest visiting a physical store to speak to a sales rep, or check the returns policy if you order online. This will give you the assurance that, should the system you order not be what you’re looking for, you can return the products.

Here are a few examples of Audio Upgrade Kits. Note that I haven’t tried these out myself.

1. Light Harmonic Tesla Model 3 Premium Sound System Stereo Kit

This kit received a 4-star rating on Amazon, but very few ratings overall. It includes 2 front door woofers and 2 subwoofer and these can be installed without having to cut wires or drill holes.

It costs around $700 and is a great update for playing music with more bass and at higher volumes.

2. Plugear Tesla Model 3: Premium Audio Upgrade Kit

This kit includes a subwoofer, amp and 2 rear surround speakers. It was out of stock at the time of writing.

If you aren’t sure where to start, I highly recommend visiting a car audio shop.

Tesla Model 3 Audio Quality vs. Other Tesla Models

The Tesla Model 3 already has an impressive audio system, even before you make any upgrades. In this table, I have compared the Model 3 to the other Tesla model audio:

Feature Model 3Model S StandardModel S Premium Model X StandardModel X Premium 
USB Ports for Music 22222
Midrange and Tweeters 12611911
Subwoofer Yes, 8” dual coil NoYes, 8” NoYes, 8” 
Total Amplifier Power 560 W 200 W 560 W200 W 560 W
The table illustrates how the Tesla Model 3 sound system compares to Model S, Model S Premium, Model X, and Model X Premium.

Though the Model 3 shares many features with the Models S, S Premium, X, and X Premium, it’s easy to see why many Tesla drivers consider it the best Tesla factory audio system to date.

Furthermore, the Model 3 has more midrange and tweeters than any other model, which makes for more immersive sound. 

How To Listen to Music in Your Tesla Model 3

Driving a Tesla gives you three options for cranking up the tunes while you drive. Here are your choices: 

  • Traditional radio 
  • Streaming 
  • Physical media

The first choice, listening to the radio, is pretty straightforward. With Tesla, you can listen to AM/FM radio. If you can’t access your station via the Radio function in Tesla, you can try TuneIn too.

You can stream music in your Tesla as long as you have a data connection, such as if you’re connected to WiFi, or you have Premium Connectivity. You can also pair your phone with your Tesla with Bluetooth and then play any audio files that you have stored on it. 

Another feature you may want to try is Caraoke. It’s Tesla’s take on karaoke, allowing you to sing to your favorite tunes while you drive. To access it, use the Media Player to change the source to Caraoke. Then simply browse the songs and choose one.

You can enable or disable the song’s vocals using the microphone icon, so if you want to have your own private concert in your Tesla as you drive through town, you can! You can also enable or disable the song’s lyrics on the screen.

Just note that you shouldn’t be doing “caraoke” while driving, as watching the lyrics on the screen can make you inattentive to the road. This feature is more of a bonus for your passengers.

How To Upgrade Tesla Model 3 Audio: Should You Upgrade Your Sound? 1

Your final option is to play files off a physical USB drive. The Tesla Model 3 comes with two USB ports for music. This method eliminates the need for compression, which allows you to get the highest audio quality possible. 

To get audio files onto a USB drive, simply download your music files from iTunes, Google Play, or any other music store, or upload the music from your audio CDs on a computer.

Which Music File Formats Can Tesla Play?

You can use three audio file formats in a Tesla: FLAC, AAC, and MP3. 

These listening methods are accessible through the Media Player, which is displayed on the touchscreen. The Model 3 allows you to adjust media settings and preferences, such as volume, with a voice command, which allows you to change your settings safely without removing your hands from the wheel. 

Adjusting Tesla Sound Settings

You can also adjust the following settings: 

  • Tone: You can adjust the subwoofer and five frequency bands by dragging the sliders. You can also adjust the level of sound immersion. 
  • Balance: You can choose the location where you want to focus the sound (for example, if you are listening to children’s music on the way to school, you may want to concentrate the music at the back of the car so you can enjoy a more peaceful ride. I know “The Wheels On the Bus” isn’t exactly everyone’s morning jam!)
  • Options: With this setting, you can enable or disable DJ commentary, explicit content, and traffic announcements. 

With so many choices for listening to your favorite music in your Tesla, it is definitely worth your time and money to make your music sound as good as possible.

What Is Immersive Sound? 

Immersive sound in Teslas widens the sound stage of your music, which creates a similar experience to surround sound. This way, car passengers experience sound from all around them instead of just one direction.

Do you know how listening to music at a concert and listening to recorded music is completely different? Part of this difference comes from the excitement in the environment and the joy of the people around you, but another one comes from the fact that you hear sound from all around you, not just from one sound source. 

Immersive Sound provides listeners with a three-dimensional, lifelike listening experience. The Tesla Model 3 lets you enable it when you want to be immersed in the music and turn it off when you don’t need it, such as when you’re listening to a radio show or a podcast. 

Each speaker in the Model 3 is strategically placed to create this great sound experience.

The Immersive Sound function in Model 3s also has an “Auto” setting that lets the vehicle decide the appropriate amount of immersion for the content being played. This allows you to switch from listening to music to listening to a talk show without manually adjusting your immersion level. 

Best Audio Settings for Tesla Model 3 

True audiophiles know that it takes a lot of trial and error to find the perfect settings that make any system sound great. However, having a blueprint can save you some trouble. Here is my suggestion for the best audio settings for a Tesla Model 3:

  • Bass: -10
  • Midbass: -8.0
  • Mid: -6.5 
  • Mid Treble: -11
  • Treble: -9.5 

Boosting frequencies distorts the sound and can cause phasing issues. Turning down some of the settings allows for a more balanced and detailed sound.

The following video offers its own recommendation for the best audio settings and also gives you a clear vision of how to change the audio settings in your Model 3: 

If you are not a well-seasoned audiophile, you may not know what treble, bass, and mids do for the audio you’re listening to. Here’s a brief summary: 

  • Treble: Treble adds clarity and focus to music. Many female vocals fall under this range. If treble is too low, female vocals and other high-pitched instruments and sounds will come off as muffled, and other instruments will overpower them. If the treble isn’t properly balanced, your music will sound dark and too bass-heavy. 
  • Mids: Most sounds are mid sounds, including deeper male vocals, bass guitars, most drums, and some electric guitars. Most human hearing falls inside this range, so it’s crucial to have balanced mids. Putting your mid-setting too high will cause these sounds to seem brittle and harsh. 
  • Bass: Bass provides music with that punch that you can feel in your seat. While this is exciting, too much bass can overpower the rest of the music, such as vocals and other instruments.

How Many Speakers in Tesla Model 3?

The Tesla Model 3, despite being sleek and compact, doesn’t skimp on the audio experience. It comes equipped with a stellar sound system that will make your favorite songs dance through the cabin.

Now, drumroll, please! The Model 3 boasts a total of fifteen speakers strategically placed throughout the car. These speakers work together like a well-choreographed symphony to deliver immersive sound, whether you’re rocking out to heavy metal or enjoying the sweet melodies of classical music.

Can I Yse Voice Commands To Control The Audio System in My Model 3?

Tesla knows that sometimes your hands are busy on the wheel and your eyes are focused on the road, so they’ve made it super convenient to control the audio system in your Model 3 using just your voice.

It’s like having your own personal DJ without lifting a finger (well, maybe just one to activate the voice commands).

To take advantage of this nifty feature, simply press the voice control button on the right side of the steering wheel, and your Model 3’s intelligent voice recognition system will perk up, ready to obey your audio-related requests.

You can ask it to play a specific song, artist, or album, switch to a different audio source, adjust the volume, or even skip to the next track—all with the power of your voice.

Tesla is taking smart home technology and extending it to your electric vehicle experience!

Whether you’re in the mood for some upbeat tunes or craving a dose of relaxing melodies, your Tesla Model 3 is at your vocal command to keep the music flowing. Just remember to be clear and speak confidently to ensure the voice recognition system understands your musical desires.

Can I Upgrade My Old Tesla’s Audio To New Features?

If you’re rockin’ an older Tesla model (Model S or Model X built before March 2018), you’re eligible to snag Tesla’s Infotainment Upgrade. It’s like giving your Tesla a turbo boost for a smoother and more advanced user experience.

With this upgrade, you’ll gain access to some of our favorite features, including video streaming and an expanded Tesla Arcade. Picture yourself binge-watching your favorite shows or enjoying some gaming fun, all from the comfort of your Tesla.

Plus, the touchscreen experience gets a serious speed boost, so it’s more responsive than ever before.

To get your hands on this upgrade, simply schedule an appointment through the Tesla app.

The upgrade is quite pricey. The cost is $2,250 plus tax for vehicles equipped with Autopilot Computer 2.0 or 2.5, and $1,750 plus tax for all other vehicles.

Don’t worry about the installation—it’s included in the price. To confirm your Autopilot Computer type, just tap ‘Controls’ > ‘Software’ > ‘Additional Vehicle Information’ on your touchscreen.

Now, here’s the deal: some of the awesome features enabled by the Infotainment Upgrade require a Premium Connectivity subscription. But hey, you might already have it! Just hop into your Tesla Account to confirm your status.

Oh, and keep in mind that certain data-hungry features like maps, navigation, and voice commands require at least Standard Connectivity. Tesla will hook you up with that, don’t worry.

Just note that access to features using cellular data and third-party licenses might change over time.

How to Change Horn Sound On Tesla

Here’s how you can make your Tesla unique by changing the car’s horn sound in just a few simple steps:

  1. Enter the Toybox menu.
  2. Select the Boombox option.
  3. Activate the Horn Sound option.
  4. Move the Replace Horn slider.
  5. Choose your favorite option.

Unless you enable the Replace Horn option, the sound will be played through the car’s external speaker only when you use the option from the screen.

On the other hand, marking the option enables you to play the selected sound every time you press the horn.

You can also set the sound level of your horn under this menu. This is an especially handy feature when you’re sitting in your garage and testing out all of the sounds offered.

Most Tesla motors models come with standard options such as La CucarachaAir Horn, etc.

However, you can also play even more unique sounds via your exterior speaker. For example, you can set your horn to make a farting sound! That should lighten up uptight traffic conditions!

Does Tesla Model 3 Have FM Radio?

You can play FM radio on your Tesla Model 3 even without Premium Connectivity. The Tesla Model 3 audio system was designed to play different sound types (including speaking and playing music) exceptionally well.

So whether customers want to listen to music on FM radio using the immersive sound experience or you want to listen to a talkshow with regular audio, the Tesla Model 3 audio system has your back!

How to Change Bass on Tesla

Ready to pump up the bass in your Tesla? You’re in control of the audio experience, so let’s dive into how you can fine-tune that low-end goodness. You might not even need an audio update, just a settings change!

To change the bass settings in your Tesla, start by accessing the audio controls on the touchscreen display.

You can find it by tapping on the “Media” or “Music” icon. Once you’re in the audio player, look for the equalizer settings. It’s like having your own DJ booth right in your Tesla!

Within the equalizer, you’ll see various frequency sliders. To boost that bass, find the slider that represents the low-frequency range. It’s usually labeled as “Bass” or “Low.” Now, get ready to flex those fingers—slide that bad boy up to crank up the bass.

Experiment with different levels to find that sweet spot that makes your favorite beats come alive.

Don’t forget, it’s all about finding the right balance for your ears and the music you’re playing. If the bass is overpowering or feels too heavy, you can always adjust the other frequency sliders to create a more balanced sound. Play around with the mid-range and treble sliders to find the perfect harmony.

Once you’ve fine-tuned your bass to perfection, sit back and enjoy the sonic ride. Feel the deep grooves and let the rhythm take over.

Oh, and one more thing! If you’re a fan of different audio presets, your Tesla might have some built-in options like “Rock,” “Pop,” or “Classical.” These presets can automatically adjust the equalizer settings for different music genres, including the bass. Give them a try and see which one matches your preferred style.

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