Tesla-Doors Model X

How to Lock Tesla Doors: A Model-Specific Guide for Owners

Erwin Meyer

Tesla doors don’t function in conventional ways and thus can perplex many owners, especially when the automation and touchscreen options are unresponsive. Also, they’ve undergone several changes in design, craftsmanship, and features, some subtle yet significant. Tesla doors on every model released to date sport smart features, from the touchscreen-based…


Tesla Model S Steering Wheel Adjustment Guide

Erwin Meyer

Teslas are an amalgamation of modern design and technology, and the Model S is no exception. Like many luxury cars, the Tesla Model S has a heated steering wheel that you can adjust to fit your preference.  The rest of this article contains a detailed guide on how to adjust…


Where Do Tesla Employees Live? Everything You Need To Know

Erwin Meyer

Tesla’s self-driving vehicles make us curious about more than just the future of automobiles; they also pique curiosity about the employees behind Tesla’s success. One of your first questions might be, where do Tesla employees live?  Tesla employees, like the rapidly expanding company they represent, live all over the globe….


Tesla’s Slogan: What Does It Mean?

Erwin Meyer

When it comes to Tesla, we all know that they do everything differently. They don’t really conform to what the most other companies do. Good on them! But, does Tesla have a slogan or a mission statement? Tesla has no slogan, but it has a “Mission and Vision”. Tesla’s initial…


What is the Best Tesla Forum? In-Depth Comparison

Erwin Meyer

There are many communities dedicated to Tesla and its products, whether the Model S, Model 3, Model Y, or other Tesla products. You can find these communities on several internet platforms, such as forums, chat rooms, and social media websites. With so many options available, it can be difficult to…


What Should I Name My Tesla? Top Tesla Names

Erwin Meyer

We all know how cool it can be when you find the perfect name for your Tesla. It fits your personality and the car’s personality perfectly. In this article, I compiled an extensive list of the most popular car names (in general) that would be best suited for your Tesla….


How To Check Mileage on Tesla Model S

Erwin Meyer

Tesla made a name for itself by being a disruptor in an otherwise conservative industry. While Tesla’s unique characteristics are some of its biggest selling points, it can also confuse users who may struggle to find common features like the odometer. Here’s how you can check the mileage on a…


Can a Tesla Do a Burnout? Workarounds Explained

Erwin Meyer

Many car enthusiasts love the sporty aspects of owning a car. We all know that EV’s quick accelerations make this even more enjoyable. But can Teslas actually drift and do donuts? It is possible to disable the ABS with a few modifications, allowing the driver to do a beautiful burnout,…


Tesla Glass Roof: Options Available on Teslas

Erwin Meyer

Teslas are the most technically advanced cars in the world. Everything down to the glass roof was thoroughly developed, tested, and then upgraded. All current Tesla models come standard equipped with glass roofs. Tesla offered a panoramic sunroof and a solid roof as options for the Model S in the…