What Psi Should Tesla Tires Be? When and How To Adjust

As we all know Teslas are heavier than conventional cars because of their large battery packs. Tire manufacturers make special tires to accommodate the heavy loads and incredible amounts of torque that they have endured. But what about the tire pressure? How much should the tire pressure of my Tesla be?

The recommended Psi (which can be found on the touchscreen) for all Teslas is between 40-45 psi (275.79-310.26 KPa), depending on the model and your vehicle’s configurations. This number usually represents the minimum air pressure your car tires need to sustain their maximum capacity.

To get a technical explanation of this topic you can read on further. I tried to break it down into something easy to understand and fun to read. Enjoy!

How To Find the Right Psi for Your Vehicle

Like most car owners and drivers, I have often wondered how to find a suitable psi for Tessy. In times of uncertainty, there have been four tips that I’ve found handy, which I’ll go over below.

Peep the Sticker Inside the Driver’s Door

When you open the driver’s door in most car models, there’s a visible sticker with information on the vehicle. They indicate the recommended psi for your original car tire sizes and the spares. The label also informs drivers of the pressure they should inflate, considering the vehicle’s load.

As a rookie in matters psi, I was sometimes tempted to inflate my tires using the pressure numbers listed on my tires; don’t do that. The number represents the maximum pressure your tires can take, not its recommended psi.

If your vehicle doesn’t have a sticker on the driver’s door, there are other alternatives.

What Psi Should Tesla Tires Be? When and How To Adjust 1

Check the Car Manual

Every car comes with a service manual in its glove compartment outlining the basics of the vehicle’s mechanics and their functions.

As a new car owner, I found the manual contains vital information on my automobile’s inputs. It stipulated what type of gas my car intakes and, on a more relevant note, information on the car’s recommended tire inflation pressure and psi. Check your owner’s manual to ascertain the suitable psi for your vehicle.

If you’re unsuccessful in this step, don’t worry. There are still other steps you can try.

Anyway on a related note, check out the article that I wrote on how to reset Tesla tire pressure. It will give you further insight and help answer some common questions on the matter.

Use a VIN Decoder

This step is more favorable for those who are a bit familiar with technology and the internet.

All cars have a vehicle identification number (VIN), a unique 17-character code assigned by manufacturers. Using the various free VIN decoders on the internet, such as the Tesla VIN Decoder, insert your vehicle’s code to find out your car’s information, including its recommended psi.

If you have trouble getting your VIN, you can locate this code on various parts of your car. For instance, mine was below the driver’s side on the windshield. 

However, other vehicles may have the code inscribed under the front hood or at the bottom of the driver’s door.

Two columns

Tesla Tire and Date Replacement Calculator


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You can use this online Tesla tire calculator to find how long any Tesla Model tire will last. You can also estimate the number of miles left on your current set and how many days you have until they need to be swapped out for new ones. If that is the case, you can also find the price for any set of Tesla tires by selecting the appropriate tires. Have fun!

Consult an Authorized Dealer

No one is better placed to get you information on your vehicle than an authorized dealer of your vehicle’s model. Call an authorized dealer if you have problems getting the prescribed psi for your tires. You only need to tell them your car model, and they’ll hand you the relevant information in a flash.

For more information on how to find the correct psi for your vehicle, watch this YouTube video:

Why Your Tesla’s Tire Pressure Is Important

I have often wondered what the fuss is about getting the proper psi for your vehicle’s tires. After all, your car moves either way. Let’s explore the dangers of not getting our tire pressures right in this section.

We often drive around with underinflated tires, which leads to tire failure and is a considerable safety risk. Underinflation increases the surface area of rubber in contact with the road, causing it to overheat due to increased friction. 

The excess friction tremendously decreases your tires’ durability and even puts you at risk of a blowout. Similarly, it reduces your tires’ response, making it risky to steer in dangerous situations.

Overinflated tires are equally dangerous since their shape gets distorted from too much pressure. The tires bulge in the middle, decreasing traction and uneven tire wear. The overfilled tires could easily blow out while driving, endangering your life and other road users.

Therefore, it’s essential to know your vehicle’s recommended psi and ensure it inflates to the correct pressure. To help achieve this, I have attached a table showing different Tesla tire types and their recommended psi:

Tire Size and TypeRecommended Inflation Pressure
20” (50.8 cm) – Continental45 psi (310.26 KPa)
20” (50.8 cm) – Michelin42 psi (289.58 KPa)
22” (55.88 cm) – Pirelli42 psi (289.58 KPa)
22” (55.88 cm) – Continental42 psi (289.58 KPa)
This table shows Tesla tire types and their recommended psi

When To Adjust Your Car’s Psi

Despite the psi recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer, we should adjust our tire’s pressure from time to time. Our cars lose approximately one psi (6.89 KPa) each month; thus, we should conduct regular checks and adjustments.

Similarly, air pressure in our tires fluctuates depending on prevalent temperatures. During cold temperatures, the pressure in our tires drops considerably, while during warm temperatures, it rises. It’s prudent to adjust your car’s psi during these different seasons.

Since the most significant temperature changes occur during winter and summer, let’s explore how we should adjust our tire pressure during these seasons.

How To Adjust Your Psi During Winter

Winter is associated with decreased temperatures. Despite its significance, many people may be oblivious of its effects on their car tire psi. As the temperature drops, the air in our tires contracts, leading to low pressure, which is dangerous for driving. The air pressure can fall as low as one psi (6.89 KPa) for every 10°F (12.22 °C) fall in temperature.

It’s essential to find the optimal tire pressure for your car by operating the vehicle on higher psi than recommended.

How To Adjust Your Psi During Summer

Although the air pressure in our tires increases with the increased temperature, it doesn’t severely impact them as the cold winter temperatures. Therefore, it’s not advisable to adjust your tire’s psi during this season. If you decrease the psi, the warm tires will eventually cool down, and the pressure will inevitably fall way below the specified minimum, leading to complications.

The best action to take during warm seasons is to ensure your pressure conforms to the prescribed psi in the morning when the temperatures are right. Don’t forget to regularly check and adjust your pressure to the manufacturer-recommended psi.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Use Nitrogen Instead of Regular Air for My Tesla Tires?

You should use nitrogen instead of regular air for your tires. Normal air is just as good if your car tire does not have the green cap. Car tires that require nitrogen have green caps on their valves.

How Do I Know My Tesla Tires Need Air?

You’ll know your Tesla tires need air when the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) alerts you. The TPMS will give a warning light indicating which one of your tires needs pressure.

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What Psi Should Tesla Tires Be? When and How To Adjust 2
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