How To Display Tire Pressure on Tesla Model 3 and All Models

Teslas are beloved for their high-tech features, sleek designs, and top-notch electric components. One of the most popular features included with these cars is the ability to check tire pressure using the internal display screen. But how do you enable this feature?

Here’s how to display tire pressure on the Tesla Model 3:

  • Turn the vehicle on.
  • Swipe left near the microphone symbol on the screen.

This guide will discuss how to check the tire pressure on a Tesla Model 3 and offer information on other Tesla models. 

1. Turn the Vehicle On

To see the tire pressure display, you need to turn the car on. Then, once the vehicle is on, you’ll need to wait a few minutes to give the car a chance to check the pressure. This is one of many routine checks your Tesla will perform each time you turn the car on, so it may take a few minutes. 

Also, keep in mind that it may not display any numbers. This is likely to happen if the car has been stationary for a while. To get the readings, you’ll need to drive around and allow the vehicle to make its internal checks.

How To Display Tire Pressure On Tesla Model 3
Checking your Model 3’s tire pressure is simple. You only need to power on your vehicle, access the display screen, and swipe left on the left portion of the screen. This will display the tire pressure (PSI) of all four tires and works for Model 3 and Y vehicles.

2. Swipe Left Near the Microphone Symbol on the Screen

Once your Tesla is on and activated, you’ll notice the display screen in the middle has two distinct sides. On the right-hand side, you’ll see options such as:

  • Quick controls
  • Lights
  • Locks
  • Autopilot
  • Navigation

On the left side of the screen, you’ll see a small image of a Tesla, under which there should be three symbols. This is where the tire pressure will be displayed. Tap and hold the screen near the microphone symbol (on the right) and swipe to the left.

The display will change, showing you an enlarged image of your Tesla along with PSI readings of each tire.

Watch this video for a visual demonstration of how to check the tire pressure on a Tesla Model 3:

How Do You Check Tire Pressure on a Tesla?

Checking your Tesla’s tire pressure is a straightforward process but differs slightly depending on the type of Tesla model you own. We’ve already covered how to check it on a Tesla Model 3, but it’s a somewhat different process on newer vehicles.

As such, let’s delve into checking the tire pressure of the three other current Tesla models.

Model TypeTesla Model 3Tesla Model STesla Model XTesla Model Y
Where tire pressure is displayedCenter consoleDriver dashboardDriver dashboardCenter console

Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y

Checking the tire pressure on your Model Y is as straightforward as it was for the Model 3. First, you’ll need to enter your vehicle and turn it on. Then, access the digital display screen to the right of the steering wheel.

From here, you’ll want to pay attention to the left portion of the screen, the portion showing a digital visualization of your vehicle. Make a swipe motion (from the right side to the left) to bring up your vehicle’s current tire pressure. You’ll see the three symbols move and be replaced by a large image of the car with the PSI information clearly visible.

Are Tesla Tires run-on-flat? I explored this question in detail. Have a look.

Tesla Model Y Tire How To Display Tire Pressure On Tesla Model 3 And All Models

There’s not much difference between checking the tire pressure of a Tesla Model Y and that of a Tesla Model 3. 

Here’s how to check the tire pressure on a Tesla Model Y: 

  1. Read the label on the driver’s door pillar. 
  2. Detach the valve cap. 
  3. Push an accurate gauge onto the valve. 
  4. Read the pressure off the gauge.

How to Check Your Tesla and Model X Tire Pressure

To check the tire pressure of a Model X , you’ll need to utilize the right-hand-side click wheel (located in your steering wheel) to access the digital dashboard’s menus.

To do this, press and hold the click wheel for a few seconds, then move it up or down to scroll. You’ll see this movement displayed on the screen behind the wheel, not the console in the middle like the Model 3.

View your digital dashboard while scrolling to find the ‘Car Status’ menu. Press the click wheel down to select this menu and view tire pressure. Remember, your vehicle won’t show this information if it’s currently in park mode.

Also, check the following:

  • Drive your Model X for about 1 mile (1.6 Kilometers). This allows the car’s computer to read the tire pressure accurately. Driving at a high speed isn’t necessary; normal speeds will suffice. 
  • Press the left scroll wheel down. Scroll down using the left wheel control until a scrollable menu is displayed on-screen. The menu will have various options, including “Check Status/Car Status.” 
  • Press the left wheel control once to select the “Tires” option. This will bring up a detailed view of your car’s tires, including their pressure and status. If the tire pressure is low, add air until it reaches the recommended pressure on your car’s tire and loading information label.

How To Check the Tire Pressure on a Tesla Model S?

Another popular Tesla model is the Tesla Model S. Follow the same steps to check the tire pressure on a Model S as you would on a Model X. 

Here’s how to check the tire pressure on a Tesla Model S: 

  1. Drive your Tesla Model S for about 1 mile (1.6 km). 
  2. Press the scroll wheel down. 
  3. Scroll down to “Check Status” using the left wheel control. 
Two columns

Tesla Tire and Date Replacement Calculator


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You can use this online Tesla tire calculator to find how long any Tesla Model tire will last. You can also estimate the number of miles left on your current set and how many days you have until they need to be swapped out for new ones. If that is the case, you can also find the price for any set of Tesla tires by selecting the appropriate tires. Have fun!

How Do You Pump Up a Tesla Tire?

If you’re running on underinflated tires, it’s crucial to fill them with air as soon as possible. If you drive with underinflated tires for too long, you risk causing an accident or damaging your tires. 

Here’s how to pump up a Tesla tire: 

  1. Attach a pressure gauge to the valve stem. 
  2. Use a foot pump to inflate the tire to the proper pressure. 
  3. Remove the gauge from the valve stem.
  4. Reattach the valve cap to its stem. 

Here’s a 2-minute video that demonstrates these steps: 

Note: If you don’t have a foot pump, you can use an air compressor with a pressure gauge attached. For the best results, ensure the tire pressure reaches the recommended number on your car’s tire and the loading information label. 

Tesla ModelRecommended Pressure
Model 345 PSI (310 kPa)
Model Y42 PSI (290 kPa)
Model S40 PSI (276 kPa)
Model X42 PSI (290 kPa)
Here’s a table that shows the recommended tire pressure for each Tesla model.

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Can You Put Any Tire on a Tesla?

Just as with any other vehicle, you’ll want to ensure you’re putting the right tires on your Tesla. You can find out which tires are best for your Tesla by referring to the tire information inside the driver’s side door jamb.


The most important consideration is size and tire pressure. That said, it’s also worthwhile to consider tire type (all-terrain, all-season, snow, sand, etc.) to ensure your tires enjoy a long life. Tesla’s come with top-of-the-line tires, so it’s recommended that you replace them with the same. 

Why Do Tesla Tires Have Foam in Them?

If you purchase a brand-new Tesla from a Tesla dealership, you’ll likely end up with a vehicle that has Tesla-specific tires. These tires often come with a layer of insulating foam. The primary purpose of this foam is to reduce noise.

EV Speedy’s Take

To check your Model S or Model X tire pressure, you’ll need to press and hold the clicker wheel on the right-hand side of the steering wheel. Then, scroll to ‘Car Status’ and press the click wheel down to access tire pressure information.

Tesla’s cars are some of the most popular electric vehicles on the road today. From a safety standpoint, it’s crucial to check tire pressure as soon as the tires start getting low. If you don’t, there’s a risk of an accident or damage to your tires. 

Get an accurate reading by following the steps in this guide when checking tire pressure. For the best results, ensure your tire pressure reaches the recommended number on your car’s tire and loading information label. 

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