The Ultimate Guide to Owning A Tesla

The Ultimate Guide to Owning A Tesla

While there are endless manufacturers producing electric cars, Tesla is the best-known associated automaker. They are the ones who made EVs mainstream, and most of us have heard good things about Teslas.

Let’s not forget just how cool they look too!

You might be thinking about buying a Tesla, just on the fence, needing more information before you hop on down to your local Tesla dealership. If this is the case we have got everything you need to know right here.

Today we will cover everything you need to know to help you make up your mind about owning a Tesla!

Where Are Tesla’s Built?


Tesla has wildly increased their rate of production in the last ten years. Since 2010, their primary facility has been based in California, employing over 10,000 people to assemble Models X, S, Y, and 3, although Models Y and 3 are primarily built by robotics.

Their batteries, however, are built in a massive facility in Nevada, known as the ‘Gigafactory’.

Batteries as well as the drivetrains for Models Y and 3 are then sent by a train from the Gigafactory in Nevada, to California’s Fremont factory.

Around 60% of the parts for Tesla are US sourced.

Which Tesla Model Should I Buy?

Which Tesla Model Should I Buy 1

Tesla has come out with many different models that you can choose from if you are interested in buying one of their cars. They also have a very large second-hand market too, so you have plenty to choose from.

But, which is best? There are differences. Let’s look…

Model 3

The Model 3 is one of the cheapest cars on the market with Tesla, and incidentally, it is also one of the best models as well. This car is about the same size as a BMW 3 Series, so it is pretty practical for those looking for a Tesla for everyday use.

The battery in this car is long-distance, and it has the quick-charge option as well, so you needn’t worry about charging or the battery dying on you. It is made perfectly for you to get from one place to another without trouble. This is a great everyday Tesla.

Model X

The Tesla Model X was Tesla bringing something into the world of SUVs. We do not typically associate Teslas with SUVs, however, even big families who need a lot of room deserve to have a Tesla!

The Model X is the ideal option for big families as it is capable of carrying 7 people around in it, with plenty of seating, and an extremely spacious trunk. You can fit the whole family inside, and do your grocery shopping too!

It even works well for families who are planning on taking a vacation and want a car that will be able to fit everything they need in it.

Model S

Tesla’s Model S is probably the Tesla model you are most familiar with. This was the first Tesla car to be mass-produced, it is one that you will have seen on the streets the most.

However, since its introduction to the road, it has had quite a lot of updates, but even so, it is still one of the best and most popular electric cars on the EV market in the western world.

It is an ideal vehicle for those who want something that feels and looks good but is suitable for everyday driving!

Are Tesla’s Automatic?

All EVs are automatic cars, even Teslas. You should always be sure to remember this before you buy one, as some of us prefer manual vehicles.

However, if you do want an EV, be aware that be it a Tesla or otherwise, an EV will always be automatic.

Where Can I Charge And How Long Will It Take?

Where-Can-I-Charge-It-And-How-Long-Will-It-Take? Infographic

The charging of your Tesla is always something to consider pre-purchase. How long it takes depends on the type of charging. But, there are many options for where you can charge it.

Fast Charging At Home

The easiest way to charge your Tesla is to charge it at home. To do this you will need to install a 240V outlet. With this home-based fast charging option, you will receive around 20 miles of range with each hour of charge.

This plug costs $300 to install, or you could get the Tesla Wall Connector for $550 and have 44 miles per hour charge.

Whatever the case, you do need an electrician to install the Wall Connector, as it needs to be done properly and professionally.

Supercharger Network

On long road trips, you may worry about having a place to charge your Tesla. However, Tesla does have a wide network of chargers available for its EV users.

What is the Supercharger Network? Well, it is an incredible collection of over 30,000 DC fast chargers, which was built specifically for Teslas. These chargers will give you an insane 200-mile charge in just 15 minutes.

The best thing about these chargers is that Tesla has installed them very strategically so that Superchargers will be available for nationwide driving, no matter where you are, and what Tesla model you are in.

Third-Party Dc Fast Chargers

If you are unable to locate a supercharger on your journey, there are also plenty of companies across the country that have DC-fast charging stations. These are often available for multiple different EVs but are also compatible with Tesla.

These include ‘ChargePoint’ and ‘EVgo’ charging stations.

Tesla Destination Chargers

If you also want to charge in a location that is not your home, then you can check out Tesla Destination Charging. These are Wall Connected chargers which are found in popular destinations where you may stay for a while. This includes locations such as hotels, shopping malls, events venues, and so on.

You may also find them at restaurants and amusement parks, or even sports venues.

These chargers are typically free for use and will provide you with a 44-mile-per-hour charge.

There are plenty of options available to help you ensure that your Tesla gets charged no matter where you are or what you are doing. Driving across the country? Staying at home? Going to an NFL game? No problem, there are plenty of options.

Apartment Complexes

The only instance in which charging an EV could be difficult is if you live in an apartment complex, as most of these will have no EV charging points, although many places are installing them now.

You should never run an extension cord from your apartment just to charge your vehicle as this can easily create a massive fire hazard.

If you have not yet bought a tesla, consider, first if it would be reasonable for you to have an EV and be able to charge it. If not, perhaps it is best to wait until there are EV charging points available to you, or your accommodation is more accommodating to EV charging.

How Long Does It Take To Charge A Tesla?


So, with so many places you can charge, how long will it take to charge up your Tesla? The truth is, it depends on where you are and the type of charging.

On a similar note, I wrote a somewhat related article that explains how long and how many miles Teslas last during their lifetimes. I also covered some additional info about the durability of EV tires. Check it out!

Charging At Home

Teslas typically charges quite quickly for an EV, however, remember that the larger your car’s battery is, the longer it will take for it to charge.

Typically, when you charge your Tesla at home, a fast charging unit will give you a rather fast charging time, often giving you 30 miles for every hour of charge. However, this is not the case for absolutely every charger.

You can get some home chargers that will not charge up your car this fast. Just be aware that at home, your charger could give you anywhere from 10 to 30 miles range per hour of charge.

Public Charging Stations

How fast your Tesla will charge at a public charging station depends entirely on if the public charging point is rapid or fast.

If you use a public charging station, then you could gain anywhere from 20 to 80 miles range per hour of charge. But, also be aware that there are some ultra-rapid chargers out there. These have the ability to completely charge your Tesla in the space of an hour.

If you are worried and trying to pre-plan a check, double check what public types of chargers public points have installed to find out how much charge your car will receive from them.

How Much Driving Range Do I Need?

How-Much-Driving-Range-Do-I-Need-In-A-Tesla? Graphic

One of the biggest worries of people considering buying an EV is usually range. Back when they were first around, their range was not impressive, but things have changed now, and Teslas have an impressive range.

Tesla Model 3: 315 To 358 Miles

When buying a car you need to consider if it will have the range that you need to get out of it. Being able to make your daily commute and still be able to handle errands before you get home and charge them is important.

Thankfully the Tesla Model 3 has quite a brilliant range. Most of us are highly unlikely to drive 315 miles in a day! We often commute around 16 miles to work, making the round trip to and from work is often 32 miles.

In the Tesla Model 3, you could make this trip every day for a week and still have plenty of juice left!

Tesla Model Y: 303 To 330 Miles

The Tesla Model Y has the lowest range of all the models. However, even with this model, you could commute your Monday-Friday every day, to work and back, and not need to charge it again until Friday!

To drain the battery of the Model Y, you would have to have a 30-mile commute, either way, every day, requiring you to commute 60 miles per day, 5 days per week. Which is highly unlikely.

So, the concern surrounding EV battery range is totally unnecessary, as Teslas are easily able to get most people to work and back all week, even with the smallest range!

Tesla Model S: 348 To 405 Miles

The Tesla Model S has the highest range of Tesla vehicles, with a maximum range of 405 miles. This is a massive range, for any car. Most people, even those driving gas vehicles do not have this kind of range before needing to refuel.

If you are conducting your commute at a 32-mile journey to work and back every day for 7 days per week and one five-mile and back journey to the store every week, you would still not need to charge your battery until, perhaps, the 10-day point!

Tesla Model X: 311 To 348 Miles

The Model X is neither the best nor the worst in terms of miles, at 311 miles range. However, this is still a very large range.

Really, we can tell you that the only time that a Tesla may ever have an issue with a driving range would be if you were taking road trips that go over the driving range on a regular basis.

However, even in this case, all you need to do is pull over at a charging point, charge the vehicle for a while, and get back on the road. This would be the case for you if you had a gas car, or any other car anyway!

Which Features Come With A Tesla?

Which-Features-Come-With-A-Tesla? Graphic

Now, the real question is, what has Tesla got that no one else has? Well, honestly, Tesla does seem like something people dreamt up as part of a sci-fi concept. Take a look at these 7 wild features of the Tesla.


Every Tesla has an autopilot. Be aware this does not mean that the car can drive itself, however, it does let the car accelerate, steer, and brake in its lane automatically. It does not replace the driver, however, it is implemented to reduce road accidents.

The newest models have 12 sensors fitted and 7 cameras to give the car a 360 view of its surroundings.

If you were hoping this meant full-self driving, you won’t be disappointed as there is an add-on in beta testing at the moment, which would be able to recognize stop signs, lights, and change lanes too!

Self-Driving Package

The whole concept of driverless cars in the future is exciting to some people but terrifying to others. Tesla includes a package that won’t do all the driving for you, but it can be summoned to where you are, which is ideal for unpleasant weather conditions. (It also reminds us a lot of the Batmobile!)

It can also park in spaces for you, and change lanes on the highway automatically for you. It is hard doing all of the work, but it is able to do a lot of the tedious work for you.

Interactive Touch Screen

Tesla certainly would not be worth the hefty price tag if it lacked what most other modern cars have… Touchscreen.

Every Tesla model has a unique touchscreen feature which is packed with useful features and fun features too!

You can play video games, stream a movie or TV show, and get live traffic updates on this screen. Of course, you shouldn’t be hooked on a movie while you’re behind the wheel, but it is certain to keep your passengers entertained on a long drive.

It also has all the typical features such as navigation and climate control too.

By the way, did you know that optimizing the performance of your Tesla’s screen is just one aspect of owning the electric vehicle? If you want to dive deeper and get the most out of your Tesla ownership regarding Tesla screens, check out my article where you’ll find all the information you need to know.

Bioweapon Defense Mode

This might sound a bit odd at first, but the Tesla Models Y and X, and the more updated Tesla Models 3 and S are all equipped with HEPA filtration systems, aka, bioweapon defense mode.

This system helps to prevent any toxic chemicals from entering the car’s cabin. It targets things from bacteria to pollution, even pollen. So any biohazards, allergens, and so on, will be staying out of the car.

If you are curious about this, there is more information on their website, and they have a demonstration video to show how the car’s HEPA filter protects its drivers.

Air Suspension System

Nothing is quite as annoying as when you enter a new area and the roads totally change and suddenly your suspension is taking much more of a beating than it was earlier.

With a Tesla, this is not a problem. All Teslas are equipped with smart auto-raising air suspension. This works via GPS. It tracks the coordinates of the vehicle and adjusts the air suspension depending on your location.

You can also change how firm the suspension is manually through the control panel as well, which makes it so much easier to have a smooth ride on the road, even if you do experience changes in road conditions.

Advanced Parking Sensors

Primarily present on the Model Y Tesla, park assist is made to help drivers feel safer and more secure when parking by letting you know when it detects an object.

When you drive slowly in reverse or in drive, the car will alert you if there is an object detected in proximity to you.

However, objects are only detected in a specific direction.

While this is an awesome feature, Tesla’s far from the only car to have this feature, and it is becoming an increasingly popular feature in a majority of cars on the market today.

Auto-Presenting Doors

The auto-presenting door feature is only currently available on the Model X. However, Elon Musk himself has dubbed this as being one of the best features that this Model has in its roster.

This works as you approach the car with the key for the car. The car will unlock the doors and open fully upon sensing the key.

This feature is an automated option, but you can turn it off, or on again using the in-car display in your Tesla. It is more fun than it is useful, but it doesn’t half look cool!

Positives Of Owning A Tesla


We admit, some of these features are great, and the Tesla is definitely one step ahead of everyone else, but what are the real benefits of owning one of these cars?

Very Cheap To Run

One of the things we love about Tesla the most is how much money you can expect to save on gas. While electricity is hardly cheap these days, Teslas have a massive range, and it only costs an average of $8 to fully charge them!

Imagine driving 350 miles in the Tesla Model 3 and only having to pay $8 for it! The average for a decent gas-powered vehicle to do the same would cost at least 5 times more, averaging at $41 for gas to travel the same distance!

You sure will make some cash savings with a Tesla!

Fantastic Technology And Safety Features

In the US the NHTSA, which is the top authority on vehicular safety, has awarded every model of Tesla, a five-star rating in every category for safety!

Tesla states that their cars are designed for safety. With impact-absorbing sides, a low center of gravity, and perfectly positioned crumple zones, they are consistently good at keeping you safe.

Their camera systems are put in place to keep others safe as well as you. They detect blind spots and brake instantly should they pick up a hazard. These cars were made to keep you safe and completely avoid accidents as well!

Better For The Environment

Tesla cars are 0-emission, so they do not harm the climate or pollute their environment. Back in 2020, the company helped to remove 5 million metric tons of CO2 emissions.

Tesla is also making a new system that intends on recycling its old batteries. The least environmentally friendly part of the car is the battery, but by recycling them, they are even cutting back on the effects there as well!

With a Tesla, you can be sure you are doing your bit to help the environment, and are still able to enjoy a nice evening drive! No CO2, no problem!

Excellent Driving Performance

The overall performance of a Tesla is smooth sailing, you can be quick and powerful in a Tesla, but you can also be relaxed and enjoy the journey. The Autopilot feature in a Tesla makes it smooth sailing and a much less stressful experience when you are parking in a tight spot or changing lanes on the highway.

If you are feeling extra lazy and don’t want to search a parking lot for a space, just put the Tesla into ‘park seek’ mode, and it will find a spot and park with no problem at all, all on its own!

Fewer Stops At Repair Shops

One of the best things about Tesla is its engines which have significantly fewer moving parts. Why is this so good? Well, fewer parts mean fewer breakdowns, which means less maintenance.

A Tesla does not need fuel filters, oil changes, or spark plugs replaced. The vehicle’s brakes also reroute their energy use into the battery, so the brake pads have a longer lifespan. Let’s not forget that the battery is also guaranteed for 8 years, but has a design to last 20!

Teslas are not immune to breaking down, but the cost of maintenance for a Tesla is significantly less than with most gas-powered vehicles.

Lightning-Fast Acceleration

The fastest Tesla Model we have recorded is the Tesla Model S Plaid, which goes from 0 to 60 in a shocking 1.99 seconds. Its competitors, the 2022 Audi E-tron GT takes 3.9 seconds, and the 2022 Mercedes-Benz EQA takes 5.7 seconds, making the Tesla seem like a rocket in comparison.

The other models are not quite as quick with the Model going from 0-60 in 2.5 seconds, the Model Y in 3.5 seconds, and the Model 3 in 3.1 seconds, but they still beat almost every competitor they have!

Teslas Are The Coolest Cars On The Street!

We cannot deny that Teslas look cool, they do, their sleek design is just super attractive. However, with all their features, their sleek body and glamorous style is not the only thing everyone is raving about.

Teslas are often viewed as attractive cars aesthetically and for what they offer; Dog Mode, touchscreen, Bioweapon Defense, Sentry Mode, and so much more just make this so cool.

With low running costs, minimal maintenance, fast acceleration, and how safe it is on the road, the gorgeous bodywork and its many cool features just make it a driver’s dream come true.

Factors To Consider:


While there is much to love about Tesla, it is not all sunshine and rainbows, let’s consider the downsides to these awesome cars.

More Expensive To Buy Than Some Alternatives

It is no secret that Tesla cars come with a hefty price tag attached. To get a secondhand 2020 Model S, you would be looking at around $84,000. While the 2023 Model 3 Tesla will cost you just under $60,000, it is still a high price.

Its gas-powered competitors are pricey, but not quite this pricey, so it is safe to say that Tesla is one of the most expensive options. Although it may even out in the savings you make from the minimal maintenance and the lower running costs.

Takes Longer To Charge A Tesla Than Fill A Petrol Car

While it is super awesome that you can save so much money on fuel when you buy a Tesla, often only needing to pay $8 to gain 350 miles, there is a downside.

Sure, you have just saved about $33 for 350 miles, but the gas-powered driver is going to be arriving a lot sooner than you are. It only takes a few minutes to pump a tank of gas and pay, whereas you will have to wait for your Tesla to charge.

The fastest option you have is a supercharger network, but you will still be waiting around half an hour for a full charge, or at least 15 minutes for 200 miles, the gas-powered car is already gone while you are still twiddling your thumbs.

Expensive To Upgrade Your Spec

Like any upgrades on any high-tech piece of equipment, you can expect specification upgrades on your Tesla to cost you an arm and a leg. Sure, it may be worth it for some of these upgrades, but it will set you back a pretty penny.

With the low maintenance costs and low running costs, the spec upgrade costs even this out. And, as we all know, sometimes specs need upgrading for a system to work better, so sometimes it is unavoidable.

Technology Likely To Upgrade Quickly, So You Might Want To Hold Fire For A Newer Model

The final downside to Tesla is how technological they are. You could put Teslas in the same ballpark as game consoles, phones, or laptops. They are constantly being updated and fast.

Technology is advancing at quite a rapid speed, and you can see this in how fast Tesla has evolved. If you want to save up for a Tesla, it is probably more worthwhile saving up to eventually get a newer model when more advanced technology comes out, rather than spend money on a current model that may end up needing endless upgrades.


Buying Tesla on a Phone App

Teslas are not for everyone, not everyone likes EVs, but there is something special about a Tesla that just demands attention, its fancy bodywork and awesome features make it so fascinating.

However, really think about it before you go out and buy one, while it saves you money in many ways, it will also cost you money as well, and it is up to you if it is worth spending to gain savings.

Also, considering the features, Teslas are a good car for those who spend a lot of time on the road, but if its intense features go amiss most of the time, is it worth it, or should you just go for something simpler, like the Nissan Leaf?

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