Tesla’s Slogan: What Does It Mean?

When it comes to Tesla, we all know that they do everything differently. They don’t really conform to what the most other companies do. Good on them! But, does Tesla have a slogan or a mission statement?

Tesla has no slogan, but it has a “Mission and Vision”. Tesla’s initial mission was to accelerate the global move to sustainable transport. It changed its mission in 2016, announcing its intention to spearhead the global shift to sustainable energy. 

So what does Tesla stand for? Check out the rest of this article to get a good overview of why they started the company.

Tesla’s Mission Statement

The new mission statement opened Tesla to sustainable energy projects outside the transport sector. 

Tesla’s vision is to be the century’s ‘most compelling car company’ and pioneer the transition to electric vehicles. It has achieved the second part and has a solid claim to the first part. 

It probably has the most eccentric CEO of all car manufacturers, and some of the toys and features on Teslas are quite something: autonomous driving, sentry mode, free remote updates, dog mode, keycard success, and many more. 

The video below shows Jeremy Clarkson, an experienced car reviewer, utterly delighted by Tesla’s features:

The Tesla Logo Comes From a Section of an Electric Motor

The Tesla Logo is one of the most distinctive logos worldwide. Tesla’s letter T with its curved top and hood stands out everywhere. 

The unconcerned among us have probably never given a second thought to the Tesla logo. It’s easy to assume that Tesla’s executives simply picked the first letter from the car’s name and designed it into a logo. 

However, knowing Elon Musk, it’s unlikely that the Tesla CEO would take such an unimaginative approach to create a logo for perhaps his most popular venture. 

Elon Musk explained the logo, but before we expound on it, let’s look at a wild theory the internet created about the Tesla logo. 

Did You Know?

Some Twitter users claimed that the Tesla logo looks like an Intrauterine device (IUD) – and they have a point!

Others alleged that the logo looked like a cat’s nose – which it does at certain angles – but the most interesting one, in my opinion, was the IUD theory. 

Elon Musk expounded on the motivation behind the Tesla logo via a January 2017 tweet. Musk said that Tesla drew its logo from one piece of a cross-section of an electric motor. Here’s a run down of the theories (and the truth) behind the Tesla logo:

The absurd theoryThe Tesla logo looks like an IUD
The intriguing theoryThe Tesla logo looks like a cat’s nose.
The truth from Elon Musk.Tesla’s logo comes from a part of an electric motor. 
Tesla Logo Theories and the Truth

By separating a single rotor from the cross-section, one ends up with the T-shape forming the Tesla logo. The hood covering the T represents a section of the stator. 

The rounded top comes from the cylindrical shape of the electric motor. 

It makes sense for the world’s leading electric vehicle manufacturer to base its logo on what is essentially the car’s engine. 

If you’re wondering what you should name your Tesla, then check out this related article that I wrote. I also added some cool Cybertruck names.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a couple of FAQs about the Tesla logo designs:

Who Designed the Tesla Logo?

RO-Studio, a New Jersey-based firm, designed the Tesla and SpaceX logos.

Who Developed the Tesla Font?

Tesla’s font was developed by a designer named Dies.

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