Does the Tesla Model 3 Come With Run-Flat Tires? 

The Tesla Model 3 doesn’t come with run-flat tires. Model 3s come with three tire options as stock from the factory: the Michelin Pilot Sport 4 235/45 ZR18 98Y XL Acoustics, the Continental ProContact RX 235/40 R19, and the Pirelli P Zero 235/35 R20. 

In fact, Tesla doesn’t provide run-flat tires for any of its models. While they do offer multiple tire options depending on performance, none of them are run-flat tires. 

Although Tesla hasn’t specifically stated why they don’t deliver cars with run-flat tires, people speculate that it’s because of performance. Run-flat tires are designed to keep running even if they’ve been punctured. This makes them less smooth to drive on than regular non-run flat tires. 


If you’re dealing with unwanted vibrations on your Tesla while driving, you might be surprised to know that your tires have foam inside them to reduce road noise. It is likely that the foam has detached from one of your tires. If you go to your nearest service centre, they can check it out and have it replaced. This might help you out if you are sensitive to noise, vibration and harshness (NVH).

This is a problem for Tesla and its image of selling high-tech electric vehicles that perform well and are also visually appealing. Putting run-flat tires on a Tesla would be akin to putting a clunky case on your iPhone: it might prevent a big problem, but it’ll significantly change the look and feel of your iPhone. 

As you know, Tesla isn’t in the business of selling clunky iPhone cases. It’s in the business of selling sexy (or, as spelled out by the manufacturer’s models, S3XY) cars! This is why they don’t include run-flat tires as a purchase option. 

Erwin Meyer
Erwin Meyer

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