Does The Tesla Model 3 Come With Floor Mats? Third-Party Mats

When it comes to Tesla’s “cheaper” cars, you never quite know what to expect in terms of extra accessories. Part of these accessories are floor mats which we all hate to clean but always want to look clean. When considering the price we pay for these cars, surely Tesla would include floor mats in the purchase, right?

Floor mats are included with the purchase of every Tesla Model 3 except for the Standard Range and Standard Range Plus. These Tesla floor mats are made from a thermoplastic elastomer material and many third-party floor mats are considered to be of higher quality.

To find out why Tesla doesn’t provide floor mats on all Model 3 versions and which third-party floor mats to consider, check out the rest of this article.

Tesla Doesn’t Provide Floor Mats on All Model 3 Versions

Chances are the Tesla Model 3 you order won’t have floor mats as standard. You read that right: the world’s leading electric vehicle manufacturer doesn’t offer carpets for some versions of its cheapest Model. 

If you opt for the Tesla Rear-Wheel Drive Model 3 (formerly the Standard Range Plus), it won’t arrive with floor mats unless you purchase them as optional extras.

For extra performance or range and carpet interior mats, go for the Performance or Long Range AWD versions. The floor mats form part of the vehicles’ comfort options. 

Does The Tesla Model 3 Come With Floor Mats? Third-Party Mats 1

However, if Tesla delivers your Rear-Wheel Drive Model 3 from China, the chances are that it will have carpet floor mats as standard. Customers in some parts of Asia and Australia get Teslas manufactured in China and, therefore, get carpet floor mats in all Model 3s. 

I struggle to understand why Tesla would offer something as simple as floor mats in one region and not the other. Teslas are relatively expensive, and I expect the manufacturer to provide items like floor mats as standard. 

To check whether the Tesla Rear-Wheel drive Model 3s offered in your region have floor mats, check the ‘Interior’ section on your region’s Tesla website. 

Standard Tesla Model 3 Floor Mats Are of Poor Quality

Tesla values its standard Model 3 floor mats at $95. The company’s website says they are thick for optimum comfort, durable, and resistant to soil and stains. 

The carpet mats offered by Tesla look sturdy and well stitched, offering protection against scrapes and scuffs. They provide your car with a lovely aesthetic by blending with the car’s floor. 

These carpet mats are also relatively cheap, allowing you to purchase a set for your matless Rear-Wheel Drive Model 3 or an extra set for your Performance or Long Range AWD version. 

However, people often complain about the quality of Tesla’s standard floor mats. Despite Tesla’s assertions to the contrary, the carpets stain easily and trap dust, forcing you to clean them frequently. 

When faced with large water quantities, the standard mats perform poorly, often allowing water to soak into the car’s carpets. Also, the carpet mats aren’t durable and are likely to degrade quickly due to the need for regular maintenance. 

As seen on Tesla’s website, the carpets leave some parts of the vehicle exposed to damage: they have no sidewalls, and the mats don’t cover the entire floor. 

Tesla Offers Higher Quality Floor Mats at a Higher Price

Tesla offers higher-quality mats for individuals who prefer to stick with first-party products. But as you’d expect, you’ll have to pay more to get these. All-weather interior floor mats from Tesla cost $225 on the Tesla website. 

These floor mats are made from a plastic dubbed thermoplastic elastomer. Unlike the standard mats, they have vertical sidewalls and a grid pattern that helps capture debris and water. 

Better yet, they cover a larger area than the standard mats, offering more protection to the floor. The Tesla logo in majestic Tesla font features on the mat, but it isn’t conspicuous. 

Additionally, these mats have no PVC, latex, lead, or cadmium and are recyclable. 

Credit to Tesla for improving its all-weather floor mats. 

The previous version had shallow side walls that left the floor vulnerable to damage and a significant portion of the rear area of the floor exposed, especially the middle part. The interlocking nature of the carpet also left crevices that allowed water and debris through.

This video by Electrek shows the previous floor mats and highlights their drawbacks. 

Tesla has addressed nearly all of these shortcomings with the floor mats it currently offers.

The Best Material for Tesla Model 3 Floor Mats

Before looking at the third-party floor mats available for your Tesla Model 3, let’s look at the best floor mat material. 

You’ll likely purchase third-party mats for your Tesla Model 3. The standard Tesla floor mats are too mediocre. And while their all-weather counterparts are durable and effective protectors, they’re too expensive for most of us. 

As outlined below, the best material for you depends on your needs: protection, aesthetics, durability, or ease of use. 

Rubber Floor Mats Are the Most Durable

Rubber floor mats are unmatched in terms of durability. They will withstand just about anything you throw at them 一 snow, dust, mud, soda, food… the lot. 

An added advantage of rubber floor mats is that they are easy to clean. You can wash off the debris they collect in minutes with a garden hose 一 no need for soap or a scrubber. 

Modern rubber floor mats also have raised edges that protect the sides of the walls against damage. Furthermore, they are slip-resistant, making them safe for driving

These advantages make rubber floor mats the best and most popular option for car owners. 

However, rubber floor mats sacrifice aesthetics for function. They typically come in three colors: tan, black, and gray, leaving little room for playing about with the interior looks of your car. 

Carpet Floor Mats Are Customizable and the Cheapest

Carpet floor mats typify the saying form over function. They are infinitely customizable and look great on your car, but they fall woefully short of the protection and durability standards other floor mat materials set. 

If all you desire are floor mats that make the interior of your Model 3 more appealing, carpet floor mats are a perfect choice. They are cheap and easily customizable, allowing you to incorporate different colors and designs. 

Furthermore, luxury carpet floor mats can make your Tesla look and feel posher. 

The downsides of carpet floor mats are numerous: they stain easily, wear faster, provide less traction, and require more upkeep. However, if you care about aesthetics and live in an area with little exposure to debris, carpet floor mats are the best choice.

Plastic Floor Mats Offer the Best Protection

Plastic floor mats offer the best protection for your vehicle. Manufacturers combine different polymers that prevent debris from reaching the car’s carpet.

The characteristics and prices of plastic floor mats vary depending on the polymer blend used. Some offer extra chemical resistance; others provide extra durability; others resist UV radiation.

Most plastic floor mats have raised sidewalls that protect the vulnerable sides of the car’s floor. Furthermore, they have deep grooves that collect water and mud.

Overall, plastic floor mats offer the best protection for your car’s floor. 

Vinyl Floor Mats Are the Most Comfortable

If it’s comfort you’re after, Vinyl floor mats are the best option for you. 

Vinyl floor mats typically have several layers of synthetic polymers that protect against debris. This multilayer structure is also supremely comfortable, providing a pleasurable driving experience. 

Furthermore, Vinyl floor mats are highly slip-resistant, reducing the chances of an accident while driving. Most modern vinyl floor mats also have raised edges that protect the car’s side walls and prevent contaminants from getting to the car’s carpet. 

Despite having several layers, these mats are also relatively light, facilitating installation and maintenance. 

The Best Tesla Model 3 Third-Party Floor Mats

The Tesla Model 3 third-party floor mats described below have a distinct advantage over Tesla floor mats. Unless you absolutely have to buy Tesla floor mats, you should find a floor mat from this list that’ll suit your needs. 

YITAMOTOR Floor Mats Are Cheap and Safe

YITAMOTOR floor mats from are the cheapest floor mats on this list. They fit perfectly on your Model 3’s floor, thanks to 3D laser scanning technology. 

Yitamotor Floor Mats Compatible With Tesla Model 3, Custom Fit Floor Liners For 2017-2022 Tesla Model 3, 1St &Amp; 2Nd Row All Weather Protection
These mats have tall sidewalls that block debris from reaching your vulnerable carpet. Furthermore, they have grooves of varying thickness that collect debris that spills on the floor.

The grooves on YITAMOTOR floor mats are shallow and long, allowing fluids to evaporate. That negates the need for constant washing, as fluids don’t remain on the mats for long. 

Also, YITAMOTOR mats are made from plastic polymers resistant to slipping. The material is odorless, resistant to radiation, and durable. 

TuxMat Floor Mats Offer the Best Protection

TuxMat floor mats have a multilayered vinyl design that protects your car’s floor from debris.

Tuxmat - For Tesla Model 3 2017-2023 Models - Custom Car Mats - Maximum Coverage, All Weather, Laser Measured - This Full Set Includes 1St And 2Nd Rows
As stated above, vinyl floor mats have supreme comfort levels, and TuxMat floor mats from are no different.

The floor is lined with padded ribs that provide a pleasant and comfortable feel. Between the pads are grooves that funnel contaminants away from the driver’s feet, increasing comfort levels. 

Like YITAMOTOR floor mats, TuxMat floor mats have shallow grooves that facilitate water evaporation. They also have raised sides that protect the vulnerable side walls. 

HEA Floor Mats Are Lightweight and Aesthetically Pleasing

HEA floor mats are thin, light, and have a carbon fiber pattern that looks great on Tesla Model 3 floors. 

Like all other floor mats on this list, HEA floor mats have a 3-D design fashioned to protect the car’s side walls. But unlike other floor mats on this list, HEA floor mats have no grooves. 

#1 Tesla Model 3 Floor &Amp; Trunk Mats - All Weather Mat Fits 2017 - 2022 (Complete Mat Set Floor, Trunk, Frunk, Storage) Accessories - Heavy Duty &Amp; Flexible Eco-Friendly All Season Latex Material By Hea
HEA promises that the pattern traps debris efficiently, but it can’t be as efficient as grooves. Grooves channel contaminants away from the driver, whereas this pattern holds debris in place, increasing the need for regular maintenance.

HEA Floor Mats from are also slip-resistant. They are the version to go for if you want light, stylish, and protective Tesla Model 3 floor mats. 

Random Tesla Fun Fact:

Purchasing HEA floor mats from the company’s website can be more expensive. However, they might allow you to pay via interest-free installments. There’s no right or wrong here: it all depends on your priorities.

TAPTES Floor Mats Offer Supreme Driving Comfort

The bottom layer prevents slipping, the middle layer provides cushioning for the driver and passengers, and the top layer resists contaminants and debris.

Taptes Floor Mats For Tesla Model 3, Premium All Weather Anti-Slip Waterproof Floor Liners Car Interior Accessories - Compatible With Model 3 2022 2021 2020 2019 2018 2017 (3 Pieces/Set(Cool Silver)
TAPTES floor mats from offer supreme driving comfort.

This three-layer configuration is comfortable, safe, and durable. The surface of TAPTES floor mats resembles HEA’s design, making it an excellent choice for the aesthetically-inclined Tesla owner. 

The grooveless design of TAPTES floor mats isn’t the best at collecting snow or dirt, but the surface does enough to protect the vulnerable layer underneath. 

In my opinion, TAPTES could have raised the walls of the floor mats a little higher to provide more protection to the car’s sidewalls. 

BASENOR Floor Mats Provide the Best Value for Money

BASENOR floor mats from provide the best bang for your buck. For a price level with the highest priced floor mat in this list, you get interior floor mats and polyester mats for the frunk and trunk. 

Basenor Tesla Model 3 Floor Mats 3D Full Set Liners All-Weather Anti-Slip Waterproof Frunk &Amp; Trunk Mat Accessories Compatible With Model 3 2022 2021
Does The Tesla Model 3 Come With Floor Mats? Third-Party Mats 2

The floor mats also contain a multilayered design that prevents slipping and provides comfort and water resistance. These mats don’t have grooves, but the surface is stain resistant and easy to wash. 

WeatherTech Floor Mats Are a Perfect Choice All Round

Is it surprising that perhaps the most famous car mat brand manufactures the best third-party floor mats for Tesla Model 3s? Not to me. 

Weathertech Custom Fit Floorliner Floor Mats For Tesla Model 3 1St &Amp; 2Nd Row
WeatherTech floor mats from provide a perfect balance of durability, effectiveness, and safety, making them the best third-party option.

You will have to pay more than you would pay for other third-party brands, but quality is expensive. 

An added advantage for WeatherTech is that they work with Tesla. 

Did you know?

Tesla manufactures its floor mats in collaboration with WeatherTech. That means WeatherTech has all Tesla Model 3 measurements to the tiniest detail, allowing it to produce 3D mats that fit perfectly and provide the best protection.

The WeatherTech logo on Tesla floor mats features on the underside of the mat, while the Tesla logo appears on top. On the other side, the WaterTech logo features on the top of WaterTech floor mats.

The Best Tesla Model 3 Third-Party Floor Mats: A Side-By-Side Comparison

Having reviewed the best floor mats for various needs, let’s see how they stack up against each other. I’ve created a table for that to simplify everything.

MetricBest Third-Party Floor Mat Brand
CostYITAMOTOR Floor Mats
ProtectionTuxMat Floor Mats
Weight and AppearanceHEA Floor Mats
Driving ComfortTAPTES Floor Mats
Value For MoneyBASENOR Floor Mats
Overall PerformanceWeatherTech Floor Mats
This is a comparison table of the best third-party floor mat brands for Tesla Model 3

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Advisable To Buy Second Hand Tesla Floor Mats?

It’s not advisable to buy second-hand Tesla floor mats. They often come with wear and defects that may compromise safety, comfort, aesthetics, and durability.

Do Tesla Floor Mats Have a Warranty?

Tesla carpet mats have a warranty of four years, while the all-weather mats have a limited lifetime warranty.

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