Resetting Tesla Tire Configurations Safely – Pro Tip

If you live in a climate where seasonal tire changes are common, you know how important it is to reset the configuration of the wheels in your on-screen computer. This is because your Tesla needs to recognize the change in tires and adjust its driving settings accordingly. However, it’s essential to know when and where to make these changes safely.

While it may be tempting to adjust the settings while driving, it’s important to remember that doing so can cause significant disruptions and safety concerns for other drivers on the road. The computer will restart, and it could take several minutes before you can safely drive again. This not only poses a danger to yourself but to those around you as well.

To avoid these issues, it’s best to wait until you’re in a safe location, such as your garage, to change the configuration of your wheels. This way, you can take your time and make the necessary adjustments without causing a disruption on the road or endangering yourself and others.

By being mindful of the safety concerns involved in changing your tire configuration, you can ensure a smoother and more seamless driving experience. Remember to always prioritize safety first, and you’ll be able to enjoy your Tesla with confidence and peace of mind.

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Erwin Meyer
Erwin Meyer

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