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How To Remove a Charger From a Porsche Taycan | All Methods

Did you hear about how Porsche employees chipped in 25% of the total 700 million euros that the company invested in the production facility for Porsche Taycan? With an electric vehicle, there are many variations when it comes to charging it. So how do you remove the charger from the Porsche Taycan?

To remove the charger from a Porsche Taycan, ensure the car is unlocked. Simply push the unlock button next to the charge port. Wait for the button to turn gray, which should happen as soon as you press it. Once done, remove the charging cable from the port.

The rest of this article will explore charging issues many users face and how to resolve them. It’s going to be fascinating stuff. I promise I won’t be dorky about it. We’ll also talk about the different charging capabilities of the Porsche Taycan and how to know what your car is telling you. 

How To Remove a Charger if It Is Stuck

With a Porsche Tycan, there could be times when you come across a situation where you’re not able to unplug the charger from the charge port. I remember this happening to me, and all of a sudden, I doubted my expensive buying decision to purchase a Taycan. Little did I know that this could be fixed relatively easily. 

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A Locked Car Prevents the Charging Cable From Being Removed

Whenever you find yourself with a stuck charging cable, do not use excessive force to remove it. Porsche has designed this car so that you aren’t able to remove the charging cable if your Taycan is locked. This helps if you have friends like mine who like pulling pranks on you, especially if they’re riding shotgun and like unplugging your Taycan as soon as you look away. 

To counter this issue, Porsche has designed a fail-safe. This feature activates as soon as you lock your Taycan while plugged in. It will prevent anyone from removing the charging cable from the vehicle while you’re away, thinking you’re going to go back to your car with a full battery. Thanks to Porsche, no one can interfere with your charging session. 

First, ensure that the car is unlocked to properly disengage the charging cable from the Taycan. Second, you must push the unlock button next to the port. While charging, this button emits a breathing light that illuminates a green hue. Once pressed, the button should turn gray and allow you to remove the cable from the Taycan.

Erwin Meyer Charging The Porsche Taycan

A Faulty Cable Prevents the Cable From Being Removed

Suppose you could not successfully remove the charging cable using the above method. In that case, there could be something wrong with your charging cable. This should be apparent if the unlock button emits red light. 

The red light suggests that something went wrong while charging. Most of the time, it means your cord is damaged from rolling your car tires over it, which can cause damage to it. If you face this issue, you’d have to obtain a replacement cable from a Porsche dealership. 

I’d suggest not being a fussy customer at this point and demanding a new cable under warranty since you weren’t careful enough. Next time just make sure your cord is safely tucked away. Although it doesn’t hurt to ask Porche for a free replacement under warranty, you might just get away with a freebie. 

Before taking this route, you’d have to remove the cable that is already stuck. Try the following to see if it helps in removing the cord:

  • Go into your PCM, which is short for Porsche Communication Management. Try disconnecting the cable from the system and see if that helps remove the cord. 
  • If the above option renders ineffective, disconnect the cable from the wall socket. This will eliminate the flow of electricity from the cord, and you could remove the cable as usual. 

A Faulty Charging Station Could Prevent Cable Release

Suppose you’re out and about and want to charge your Taycan for more of that quality Porsche driving experience. The thing is, you aren’t able to remove the charging cable from the port. You’re staring at the cable, hoping to use your mind’s power to resolve this issue, but it doesn’t work. 

Just take a deep breath. I know it feels like your Taycan has been penned, but there’s a way to figure this out. Simply call support and have them remotely detach the cable from their end, and it should help pop the cable right out. You need to provide some information about the charging station you are using but nothing too complicated. 

When using a DC fast charging station, be mindful of the following to prevent any unnecessary jamming issues. 

  • Ensure that your Taycan is parked near the charging station so the cord is not stretched out. This creates problems when releasing the cable.
  • Always ensure that you do not pull the cable out before fully pressing the cable release button, which is located on the top of the charging handle.

What To Do if All Else Fails

If you have tried all of the above methods and none of them worked for you, there is a final method to help get the cable out of the charge port. Keep in mind that this should only be implemented as a last resort. 

There is a manual release behind the fenders, which can be reached when you open the car door. Right above the hinge of the door, you will see a round, black object which can be pulled on. This object helps disengage the locking pins and release the charging handle. Once done, you can put the cord back in its place.

What Do the Different Lights on the Unlock Button Mean?

The unlock button on the charge port would display different colors. You should know what these mean to take appropriate action. Being the owner of an electric vehicle, you should understand your car’s language. This will ensure smooth operation and avoid any misunderstandings. 

  • White blinking light: when you hook the charging cable into the charge port, you will notice a white light that blinks. This means that the vehicle is communicating with the charging station and establishing a connection. 
  • Green breathing light: this occurs when your vehicle is actively charging.
  • A stable green light: when you notice a solid green light on the unlock button, the charging has been completed. 
  • Blue light: if a blue light illuminates when you plug your car in to charge, the charging has been paused because you have set a schedule for charging the Taycan. 
  • Red light: a red light will come up when an error has occurred while charging. You should contact your dealership to ensure the problem is resolved correctly

Keeping in mind all of the indications above will ensure smooth operation for your Taycan and help detect problems before anything gets damaged. It pays to know what your car is telling you; therefore, paying attention to these indications is essential. 

Different Levels of Charging for Your Taycan

The Porsche Taycan has three different levels of charging. All the levels can charge your vehicle, but the difference exists in the speed at which your Taycan can be charged to full capacity. The fastest charging occurs from 0 to 80 percent, after which it slows down regardless of the level. 

Level 1 Charging

A level 1 charging occurs at home from a regular household socket which delivers 120 volts of electricity. This type will definitely charge your vehicles, but it will do so very slowly. Since the Taycan houses a big battery, it requires high energy input to charge that battery quickly. Level 1 does not accommodate that. 

With level 1 charging, you can expect your Taycan to fully charge in about 86 hours. The 93.4-kilowatt battery will take time to fully charge, coming down to about three and a half days. To put it another way, your battery will charge 2-3 miles per hour. There is an alternative to this that brings me to level 2 charging. 

Level 2 Charging

Before we jump into level 2 charging, it is necessary to state that some owners might not be entitled to install level 2 charging outlets in their homes. This could be because your house is already at capacity. 

Before you buy your electric vehicle, paying an electrician to survey your home is a good idea to see if you can install an additional 240 volts outlet. If you are at capacity, you can still install a splitter to help accommodate this. Level 2 charging can charge your vehicle up to 30 miles per hour. 

The equipment required to assist in level 1 and 2 charging is provided by Porsche when you purchase the Taycan. The mobile charger connect has multiple features you can use to better plan your charging cycles. 

This device is WiFi-enabled and can help with remote charging. This charger has a touchscreen display, giving it a nice overall feel. Not to mention the ability to set up charging schedules to avoid getting billed during peak hours. In addition, it also keeps a history of your charging session. You can kick back with a cold one with your Taycan charger and enjoy all the excellent charging times you’ve had. In case you missed it, that was supposed to be funny. 

DC Fast Charging/Level 3

This type of charging outlet cannot be installed in your home. Mainly because it costs almost as much as buying a new Taycan to do this. DC Fast charging is available throughout the United States and Canada through networks like Electrify America/Canada. 

This ultra-fast charging method charges your car up to 10 to 15 miles per minute. Although it doesn’t make a significant difference, having your battery at an optimum temperature helps with this type of charging, usually 88°F (31°C). 

There are two ways to bring your battery temperature to the optimum level:

  • Drive your Taycan like you’re in a formula 1 race: To get to the right temperature, you can first drive your car really hard. This will bring the battery temperature up and assist in fast charging. However, make sure to stay safe!
  • Set the destination for a DC fast charger in your navigation: When you do this, the car understands that it’s on its way to a fast charger, and it needs to bring up the battery temperature.

Another thing to note here is that your Taycan will charge up to 80 percent of your battery capacity in about 22.5 minutes. The rest of the 20 percent might take longer. You can consult the YouTube video below to learn more about charging your Taycan:

Can You Charge a Porsche at a Tesla Charging Station?

The answer is yes. You would, however, need a dedicated adapter to make this happen. A few companies make these adapters, like TeslaTap, which connects to your Taycan charging handle to accommodate this. 

Keep in mind that these adaptors come with different amperages. The Taycan can take up to 48 amps of power, so be mindful of the amperage when purchasing one. You do not want the charging station delivering high amperage and your Taycan, which is willing to accept high electric input. But, having an adaptor that cannot handle such high intake. 

You shouldn’t worry about plugging your Taycan into a fast Tesla charger because the charging station will only deliver the amount of power that your Taycan can handle. Just make sure that you have a suitable ampere adaptor. It is best to buy one that can take 50 to 60 amps of power amperage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Difference Between AC and DC Charging?

AC charging is levels 1 & 2; it is available at home and delivers comparatively slow charging capability. DC charging is available at public charging stations and offers high-speed charging.

Is an Electric Vehicle Sustainable?

An electric vehicle emits zero CO2 emissions, perfect for a greener future. The batteries are recyclable, and the factory that makes them also adheres to strict standards that protect the planet. 

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