Preserving Battery Life in Your Tesla – Pro Tip

You may be interested in preserving some of your battery life, particularly if you are experiencing battery drain issues. One simple tip to help preserve battery life is to be mindful of features like Sentry Mode and Cabin Overheat protection, which can cause your Tesla to consume battery power while parked.

Sentry Mode is a useful security feature that uses cameras and sensors to detect potential threats and alert you to any suspicious activity near your vehicle. However, it can also prevent your Tesla from sleeping, which can result in up to 7% battery drain per day. To minimize battery drain, you may want to consider turning off Sentry Mode when it is not necessary or disabling it altogether.

Cabin Overheat protection is another feature that can cause battery drain, particularly in hot weather. This feature works to keep the interior of your Tesla at a comfortable temperature, but it can also put a strain on your battery. If you do not need this feature, you may want to consider turning it off to help preserve battery life.

In addition to being mindful of these features, it is also worth noting that leaving Stand By on and turning on the Smart Summon feature can keep your Tesla from sleeping, which can contribute to battery drain. If you are experiencing battery drain issues that you are unable to identify, turning off these features may help to resolve the issue.

By being mindful of these battery-draining features and taking steps to disable them when not needed, Tesla owners can help preserve some battery life and ensure that their car is always ready to go when they need it.

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Erwin Meyer
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