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How Long Can an Electric Car Sit Without Charging?

Driving an electric car is an effective way to contribute to environmental health. And while electric vehicles need to be charged before a long drive, how long can they sit without charging? 

An electric car can sit without being charged for months at a time so long as the battery is at about 50% power when you leave it alone. Additionally, your vehicle shouldn’t be exposed to temperatures beyond 100°F (37.8°C) during this period. 

This article will explore what happens to electric cars when parked for long durations, how to save battery in this scenario, and what happens when the battery runs out. We will also take a look at some electric cars with the longest battery range.

Do Electric Cars Lose Charge When Parked?

If you’re going to leave your electric car parked for a while, it helps to know if it’ll be ready to drive when you need it. You may not have time to charge your vehicle in case of an emergency or a sudden travel plan, so will it have enough battery power for you to drive?

Electric cars lose charge when they are parked for a while. While the loss of battery power is insignificant over a short period of time, they still lose some charge when parked. This loss of power is primarily because your EV continues to power other components when left alone. 

Here’s a YouTube video that will provide a few insights into what you should be aware of when parking your electric vehicle for a long time.

Reasons Your Electric Car Battery Is Draining 

There are various reasons why even an efficient electric car battery runs out when the car is not put to use.

  • Leaving your battery charged to 100% before parking it. You may assume that leaving your car on full charge is the best option before parking it for a long period. However, when the battery is left at 100% for extended periods, the cells deteriorate, draining power more quickly.
  • Leaving the battery charge too low before parking it. The battery will also begin to lose its efficiency if it’s kept at a low percentage for an extended period. It’s not advisable to leave the car running on less than 20% battery. 
  • Leaving your car in high temperatures. The weather conditions play a crucial role in your Evs’ battery life. When the car is parked in extremely high temperatures, the total capacity of the battery depletes over time.
  • Leaving your car inactive for too long. While leaving your vehicle parked occasionally is inevitable, it’s crucial to drive it whenever possible as the batteries in electric cars degrade quickly when not in use. 
Electric Vehicles In A Dark Underground Parking Lot

Ways To Save Battery When Your EV Is Parked

While the power drain is inevitable, there are a few techniques you can use to preserve your car’s battery life a little longer.

  • Saving Mode: Most electric cars come with an energy-saving mode you can activate when the car is not in use. You can reduce the amount of power drained from the battery by activating this setting.
  • Turn-Off Preset Features: Certain electric cars come with preset features that can cause your vehicle to warm up or cool down on the inside. Ensure these features are switched off when your car is parked so you can save as much battery power as possible. 
  • Deep Sleep: Some newer electric vehicles include technologies that detect when your car is not used. During this time the car enters deep sleep mode and will save energy instead of wasting it. Check if you can activate this mode on your car when it’s parked.

As an added bonus to this article, I’ve created this easy-to-use charging calculator. Simply input your model, charging wattage, and charging percentage, and you will get the estimated time it will take to charge a Tesla in terms of hours. You can play around with numbers a bit just to see how charging time changes:

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If you’d like to read a full guide on How To Store Your EV Long Term, check out this useful and related article that I wrote.

Now that you have a few ways to extend your car’s battery life, consider employing them when your vehicle is parked. Just like any other battery-powered device, your car will stop running if the charge drains out completely.

4 Electric Cars With Longest-Running Batteries

If you’re worried about leaving your car parked for too long, consider investing in one of these vehicles as they have significantly longer battery life than most others.

Electric CarRange
Mercedes EQS485 miles (780 km)
Tesla Model S Long Range405 miles (650 km)
BMWiX380 miles (610 km)
Ford Mustang Mach E379 miles (609 km)
  • Mercedes EQS: This model is one of the latest electric vehicles on the market and also currently has the longest-running battery. This is a variant of Mercedes’ flagship car, the S-Class, and comes with a staggering mileage of 485 miles (780 km) per charge. 
  • Tesla Model S: While Tesla has been producing electric cars for years, the Model S is one of their latest inventions with a huge upgrade giving it a range of 405 miles (650 km) per charge. 
  • BMWiX: BMW’s premium electric SUV comes with the in-built comfort only BMW can offer and maximum mileage of 380 miles (610 km). 
  • Ford Mustang Mach E: This large vehicle was built to transport families and larger groups and comes with a maximum mileage of 379 miles (609 km) per charge. 
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