Ensuring Pet’s Safety with Dog Mode and Summon Mode – Pro Tip

When using both Dog Mode and Summon Mode in your Tesla, it is important to be aware of how these features interact with each other. If you activate Dog Mode before using the Summon feature, the Dog Mode will be cancelled automatically, and you will need to re-enable it once you return to your vehicle. To avoid this inconvenience, it is recommended that you enable Dog Mode after using the Summon feature.

Dog Mode is a useful feature that allows you to keep your pet comfortable while you are away from your car. It provides climate control and displays a message on the Tesla screen indicating that your pet is safe and the temperature inside the car. However, using the Summon feature can cause the Dog Mode to automatically cancel, which can lead to your pet being uncomfortable or unsafe.

To ensure that your pet remains comfortable and safe while you are away from your car, it is recommended that you use the Summon feature before enabling Dog Mode. This will allow Dog Mode to remain active while you are away, and you can still summon your vehicle without having to worry about re-enabling Dog Mode.

It is important to note that this tip is specifically relevant to Tesla owners who frequently use both Dog Mode and Summon Mode, and may not be applicable to all owners. However, for those who do use these features, being mindful of the order in which they are enabled can help to streamline the experience and ensure that your pet remains safe and comfortable.

By using this tip, Tesla owners can avoid the inconvenience of having to re-enable Dog Mode after using the Summon feature, ensuring that their pet remains safe and comfortable while they are away from the vehicle.

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