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Do Electric Cars Have a Clutch? Statistics and More

Electric cars are growing in popularity worldwide, especially in the United States and Europe. You may have many questions about the differences between electric cars and standard cars, like if electric cars have a clutch.

Electric cars do not have a clutch because their motors allow for a consistent torque, no matter their speed and even when stopped. Having a clutch allows the driver to adjust the torque of the car’s manual transmission, which electric cars do not require.

This article will explain why electric cars do not have clutches and the one exception. There are also statistics about the increase in electric cars and some resources for you to use to learn more about electric cars. 

Electric Car Transmissions and Clutches

Electric cars don’t have a clutch because they use an electric motor, requiring multi-speed transmissions. Electric motors can run at a consistent torque, unlike manuals that must change torque.

The change in torque happens when you shift gears with a clutch, and since electric cars can keep the same torque for a longer time, they don’t need gear shifts.

Automatic cars, like electric cars, have a torque converter inside them which keeps the torque constant as the car accelerates so the driver does not have to. But, manual cars need a clutch so the driver can shift the gears as they drive.

Electric cars are great for people who don’t know how to drive a stick, but some people prefer it and may be reluctant to switch to an electric car because there is no clutch. So are there any exceptions when it comes to having a clutch in an electric car?

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The Genovation GXE electric car is the one exception to electric cars being automatic. It’s a race-inspired car made in America with a world record of more than two hundred and eleven miles per hour. Only seventy-five of these are being made, but the car can come with a clutch if you want one: either a seven-speed manual or dual automatic shift. 

So, as you can see by the GXE, it’s possible to put a clutch in an electric car even though it’s unnecessary. This YouTube video from Engineering Explained explains how electric cars can have manual transmissions, but why nearly all of them don’t:

If manufacturers added clutches to electric cars, it would increase their cost while adding little value. So, while it may become an option in the future, electric cars are likely going to stay clutchless in the future since most people do not need or want them in their electric cars.

Electric Car Statistics and More Resources

AmountLocation or Brand
Electric Vehicles on the Road 202116+ Million Worldwide
Total Electric Vehicles Sold in 20216.4 MillionWorldwide
Electric Vehicle Sales Growth: 2020 to 2021+ 98%Worldwide
Charging Stations at end of 202025,313USA
Electric Vehicles Sold in 2021761,000USA
Most Electric Vehicles Sold386,000Tesla – Worldwide

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  • Hybrid & Electric Vehicles: A Beginner’s Guide: This third book explains the different types of electric cars you can find, as they range in size and price. There are also factors of owning an electric car that you should consider before you buy one, and how the electric car market is growing. The book is written in an easy-to-understand way to answer all the questions you have about electric cars.

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EV Speedy’s Take

Electric cars don’t have a clutch because they don’t need them, but they can have them.

It’s unlikely that most future electric cars will have a clutch, but if they do, it will be because people want them instead of needing them as some people are used to driving those types of cars.

However, adding a clutch with a multi-speed transmission adds weight and cost to the car, which would prevent people from buying them.

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