Many people camp in their vehicles overnight while on the road, and comfortability is a key concern for most. Fortunately, you can now get the best bed for these fun days and nights. 

The DreamCase bed box is customized for different car models, including Tesla Model 3, Kia Sorento and BMW iX3. The bed is made of portable memory foam and comes with a high-quality microfibre foam cover.

The DreamCase mattress is a compact 37″ x 72.5″, the average size of a Twin XL. 

This convenient bed makes car travel more fun and spontaneous. The rest of this article will discuss the pros and cons of DreamCase, and why you should invest in it for your car.

Overall Rating95/100
Ease of Use95/100
Ease of Assembly85/100
A table showing ratings of different categories to the DreamCase.

Pros of the DreamCase

  • The DreamCase bed is soft against your body and comfortable, which improves the quality of your sleep
  • The entire kit comes in clean, neat packaging, making it convenient to retrieve whenever you want to set up your bed. That also helps to keep it clean for longer. 
  • The outer case (the microfiber foam cover) protects the bed from dirt, extending its lifespan. 
  • The DreamCase design provides owners with a premium aesthetic for a luxurious camping experience
  • This multi-layered bed makes car travel safe
  • The case’s design is ideal for a quick pack mode, reducing the amount of time you’d have to spend packing your bed and sheeting. 
  • The support team responds to inquiries and addresses issues fast

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Cons of the DreamCase

  • These premium beds are pretty expensive. Starting prices range from slightly above $600. 
  • Setting up the bed by yourself can be challenging since it is heavy. You might need another person to help. 

Why Should You Buy the DreamCase Premium Bed? 

The DreamCase premium bed is a master in its class and is one of the most preferred options for many car owners, especially those with the Tesla models. 

You should buy the DreamCase Premium Bed because it is comfortable and soft, ideal for a good night’s sleep away from home, and is easy to set up. The bed is convenient for those moments when you’ll need to sleep in your car, and it is durable enough to last you a long time.

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High Convenience

The DreamCase boasts high convenience, safety, and comfort making it an ideal choice for travelers. The set also comes with pillows and a neatly packaged and encased duvet. The bed models for Teslas are the most popular, but the company also makes beds for other vehicle manufacturers, including: 

  • Land Rover 
  • Range Rover 
  • KIA 
  • Porsche 
  • Lexus 

If you plan on getting some rest or camping in your car overnight, always remember to roll down your windows or open the door. This allows for fresh air to circulate, improving your sleep wherever you are. The mattress comes in a high-quality and robust exterior that serves as a case. Apart from housing the bed, the case is also useful as a height prop. 

Great for Any Tesla Model

Overall, the mattress is excellent for your Tesla whether you own a Model 3, Model X, Model S, or Model Y. The DreamCase company heavily focuses on creating a great sleeping experience, which is why they configure each of their mattresses to suit specific car models. 

The bed is also reasonably easy to set up after a long day of exploration. Although it comes at a luxury price, this is justified because the bed is made from luxury material and well-designed to provide you with a luxurious experience. 

The DreamCase gained popularity once they released their Tesla box beds. It is already possible to get some decent sleep on the fold-flat Tesla seats. When the company came up with a “Camper Mode” for their cars, it was an exciting moment for most campers.

With the most conducive climate for sleep now a possibility, most owners just needed the perfect bed to complete this experience, and DreamCase was the answer. 

Beautiful Case Design

The beautiful case that holds the entire kit helps make the surface flatter by bringing the trunk height to the same level as the folded seats. A flatter surface is ideal for maximum comfort.

Apart from Teslas, models such as Porsche also have the fold-flat rear feature in some of their models. 

The DreamCase mattresses come in different colors: 

  • Black 
  • White 
  • Cream 
  • Gray 

While most people appreciate the idea of having a comfortable box bed for their cars, some feel that it is pointless to get one, especially since they might only spend a couple of days camping or resting in their cars within a year.

The cost of this kit is also a deterrent for some people. Such people end up opting for other solutions such as air mattresses. 

Why the DreamCase Kit Is Worth Your Money

The DreamCase kit boasts a unique design that offers travelers and explorers a luxurious, convenient, and safe experience in their cars. This mattress certainly belongs in the back of a top-tier car, and here are some of the reasons why.

It Is Soft and Comfortable

You need adequate and quality sleep when you want to recharge for the next exciting experience. The DreamCase kit’s star is a dual-layered memory foam mattress. This has multiple layers to enhance comfort, cushioning you from the soreness of sleeping on a stiff surface. 

Additionally, the mattress has a microfiber foam case that protects the mattress, which is a plus. 

The entire set, including the pillows and duvet, are handmade in Europe, using superior automotive-grade materials. Therefore, you are bound to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on a new day.

The DreamCase Kit Is Compact and Convenient

The company encases the mattress, pillows, and duvet in a beautiful premium case, making it easily portable. The bed comes with an inbuilt trunk-leveling platform, and the case’s design incorporates this leveling feature. 

At the front, the support system for this mattress is found in-between the seats, in the legroom area. You can easily fold it into standby mode in your trunk, turning it into a bed in just 30 seconds. 

You can subsequently convert it into couch mode by extending its frontal support pads and interlocking the top panel of the mattress at a 45-degree angle. The compact design is very convenient as you can just easily pack everything into the case, and it will take up very little space. 

The encasing also means that everything will be neat since you won’t have to deal with the clutter of each of the components making up their own space. 

It Has a Platform Bed Design

The bed’s exterior serves dual purposes. While it serves as storage for the bed, pillows, and sheeting, it is also a height prop. The case raises your vehicle trunk to the same level as your car’s folded-down rear seats.

It then combines with a prop built into the mattress to form a bridge over the footwell in the rear. That ensures that your surface remains flat throughout your sleep. 

Offers Worldwide Delivery

The company is in Europe, where their manufacturing also takes place. Sometimes when a company doesn’t offer worldwide delivery, you might be hesitant to purchase and find independent shipping means.

This issue becomes more serious when the item in question is fairly expensive, such as this mattress. Fortunately, the company provides worldwide delivery. 

Each package has a tracking code that follows it until it reaches its final destination. Depending on the availability of the mattress and your location, shipping will usually take 3 to 10 days.

Downsides Of The Mattress

While DreamCase is one of the best portable mattresses on the market, there are still a few things to consider. Some of the downsides include:

Quite Expensive

The DreamCase kit is quite expensive, with a starting price of $650 for some Tesla models. On the lower end it will set you back $629 for the Subaru Outback, which is still costly.

If you decide to get covers for your duvet, pillows, and mattress, you will have to pay extra, bringing the overall price even higher. In this sense, price might be a consideration with DreamCase.

The Set-Up Is Heavy

The whole DreamCase set-up weighs around 20 kilograms (44 pounds), which is fairly heavy. Therefore, it can be clumsy, especially if you have to set up your bed yourself.

Picking the case up during your camping trip or travels can be tedious. If you have no one to help you, it could prove to be difficult.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most commonly asked questions about DreamCase bed include:

Is the DreamCase Bed Level?

The DreamCase bed is level, but you must ensure to install it on fairly level ground. Regardless of the type of seats you have, the level is fine. 

Can Two People Fit on the Bed?

Two people can fit on the bed. If it’s a parent and a younger child, or two small adults, they will fit well in the bed. If it is two large adults, it might not be as comfortable. 

EV Speedy’s Take

You may not think it is necessary to spend a lot of money on a mattress for your Tesla, but it is definitely worth it.

Sleepless nights can cause stress, give you back problems, and leave you feeling tired and unproductive – if you invest in DreamCase, you won’t have to worry about any of that. 

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What Are The Main Benefits Of Using The DreamCase Bed?

The DreamCase bed offers unparalleled comfort and convenience for travelers, ensuring a restful night’s sleep on the go. Its portability and luxurious design make it an ideal choice for car owners seeking a comfortable sleeping solution during their journeys. It is designed to fit the interior of your Tesla for maximum sleeping comfort.

How Durable Is the DreamCase Bed, and Can It Withstand Different Weather Conditions?

The DreamCase bed is built with robust materials, making it durable and able to withstand various weather conditions. Its high-quality construction ensures longevity and resilience, providing users with a reliable bedding solution for their outdoor adventures.

Does the DreamCase Bed Come With a Warranty, and What Does It Cover?

The DreamCase bed typically comes with a warranty that covers manufacturing defects and material malfunctions. The specific terms and conditions of the warranty may vary, so it’s advisable to consult the company’s policy for detailed information on what is included in the warranty coverage.

How Does the DreamCase Bed Compare to Other Portable Mattress Options on the Market?

The DreamCase bed stands out due to its premium quality, innovative design, and tailored compatibility with specific car models. While it may have a higher price point, its superior features and dedicated customer support make it a worthwhile investment for those prioritizing comfort and convenience during their travels.

Can the DreamCase Bed Be Easily Cleaned, and What Maintenance Does It Require?

Cleaning the DreamCase bed is a straightforward process, typically involving spot cleaning with a gentle detergent and allowing it to air dry.

Regular maintenance involves keeping the bed in its case when not in use, ensuring it remains free from dust and dirt.

Additionally, following the manufacturer’s care instructions can help prolong its lifespan.

Is the DreamCase Bed Suitable for Individuals With Back Pain or Specific Sleeping Preferences?

The DreamCase bed’s ergonomic design and memory foam construction provide adequate support for individuals with back pain or specific sleeping preferences. Its soft yet firm surface technology helps alleviate pressure points, promoting a comfortable and restorative sleep experience, even for those with particular comfort requirements.

How Does the DreamCase Bed Enhance the Overall Camping Experience?

The DreamCase bed significantly enhances the camping experience by offering a compact, easy-to-use sleeping solution that ensures maximum comfort and convenience.

Its unique features, including the integrated pillows and duvet, contribute to a hassle-free setup and a luxurious restful environment, making outdoor adventures more enjoyable and memorable.

Can the DreamCase Bed Be Customized to Fit Specific Car Models Not Listed on Their Website?

While the DreamCase bed is primarily tailored to specific car models, the company may offer customization options for certain vehicles upon request. It’s advisable to contact their customer support team to inquire about the possibility of custom fitting the bed to your specific car model and any associated costs or requirements.

What Is the Recommended Storage Method for the DreamCase Bed When Not in Use?

Storing the DreamCase bed in its designated premium case is the recommended method when not in use.

Keeping it in a dry, cool location away from direct sunlight can help preserve its quality and extend its lifespan.

Proper storage not only ensures the bed remains clean and well-maintained but also facilitates easy accessibility for future trips or journeys.

How Does the DreamCase Bed Contribute to a Safer and More Enjoyable Road Trip Experience?

The DreamCase bed’s sturdy build and secure fitting within the car create a stable and safe sleeping environment, minimizing the risk of discomfort or accidents during the journey. Its innovative design and premium materials prioritize user safety and comfort, making it an essential addition for those seeking a secure and relaxing travel experience.

For Tesla owners seeking an unparalleled camping experience, the DreamCase camper is the ultimate solution. With its innovative design and tailored compatibility with Tesla models, the DreamCase mattress offers a luxurious and comfortable sleep setup for any adventurous journey.

Whether it’s a scenic view from a mountainside or a serene campsite by the lake, the convenience of the DreamCase bed allows users to effortlessly set up their “camp DreamCase” and indulge in the beauty of nature without compromising on comfort.

The specialized Tesla mattresses provided by DreamCase ensure that every road trip is accompanied by the perfect blend of convenience and luxury, making each travel escapade a truly memorable experience.

How To Adjust Tesla Trunk Height

To adjust the trunk height in your Tesla, follow these steps:

  1. Locate the trunk release button inside your Tesla vehicle, typically positioned on the driver’s side dashboard or the central control panel.
  2. Press the trunk release button to open the trunk fully.
  3. Once the trunk is open, identify the adjustable components near the trunk’s hinges. These components may include levers, buttons, or manual adjustment mechanisms.
  4. Depending on the specific Tesla model, you might find dedicated controls within the trunk compartment itself or accessible from the rear seats area.
  5. Use the provided controls to lower or raise the trunk height according to your preference. Some Tesla models may offer both manual and automated adjustment options.
  6. Experiment with the adjustment settings to find the optimal trunk height that aligns with your comfort and storage needs.
  7. Ensure that the trunk is securely locked into the desired position before closing it.

Following these steps should allow you to easily adjust the trunk height in your Tesla, providing you with a customizable and convenient storage solution for your belongings or any additional equipment, including accessories like the DreamCase bed.

If you encounter any difficulties or have further questions, refer to your Tesla owner’s manual for specific instructions related to your particular model.

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