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How Often Should You Charge Your Audi E-Tron?

Do you finally own an Audi E-Tron? It does not get better than owning an electric SUV to cruise the streets! And to do so, you must keep it charged and ready to go. So, how often should you charge your Audi E-Tron?

An Audi E-Tron’s 240V level 2 charger will charge a 204-mile range in 9 hours. This charge takes about three days to empty, after which the E-Tron needs recharging. So depending on travel needs, you must schedule your Audi E-Tron charging to avoid over-charging.

So now, let us get into how you can charge your brand-new electric SUV properly. And if this is your first electric vehicle, we will clear out a few common doubts EV users have. Let us begin!

The Various Levels of Charging Audi E-Tron

As Elon Musk had once said, “In order to have clean air in cities, you have to go electric.” And that is precisely what Audi envisions with its revolutionary electric automobile. 

The E-Tron has always been a car collector’s dream. So if you finally own one, you really want to maintain its shelf-life. And what better way to maintain it than by understanding its battery system? 

The E-Tron SUV has a 95 kWh battery and can cover 204-mile at full charge. And one of the best things about using Audi’s E-Tron is the fast charging! 

So say you are planning this fantastic weekend road trip with your college buddies. Why spend hundreds on gas when you can just recharge your car and be off having fun under the sun? And to help you understand how this electric SUV’s fast charging works, here is a table that details it the best:

Charging LevelsCharging TypeCharging Time
Level 1120V80 hours
Level 2240V9 hours
Fast ChargingCCS Combo Connector80% in 30 minutes

How Much Will I Spend on Charging an Audi E-Tron?

While purchasing an EV might make a lot of space in your wallet, recharging it will save you more. An Audi E-Tron will cost around $8.37 -$8.38 to recharge for a 100 miles ride. The amount is much cheaper than paying a lumpsum for gas, especially with the rising costs of gas. 

Moreover, to encourage more people to invest in electronic vehicles for a greener future, more and more public charging stations offer discounted rates for charging your cars. The best part about this is the station owners can change the costs on their own accord depending on demand and supply from consumers like you. 

And since more EV owners are in the market, you can expect to pay around the lower ranges to charge your E-Tron. You can use a ChargePoint account to check the networks best for charging. This is as the costs change according to your charging networks!

And if you are big on saving on charging your Audi E-Tron, just head over to Audi’s EV saving calculator and make a list of how to make affordable rides. Audi also has EV charging plans for you to choose from and save more on your car’s battery power. 

Home Charging for Your Audi E-Tron

There are a few crucial situations to consider before setting up an Audi E-Tron charging point at home. For example:

  • Electric meter
  • Designated EV parking space
  • Sockets and outlet points are available

Thankfully, an authorized installation partner will carry out these inspections. They will suggest changes to your power outlets to accommodate your EV charging capabilities if needed. Usually, they will ask you to install an 11 kW home charger from Audi. The installation takes place in either of these three areas:

  • 3-phase power supply
  • The pillar or wall that is beside the EV’s parking spot
  • 11kW power charging station

The installation partner takes care of these requirements to help you set up a perfect charging spot in your home for the EV. For the best charging experience, opt for a super fast charger that syncs beautifully with Audi E-Tron’s quick charging capabilities. 

Chargepoint Home Flex Electric Vehicle (Ev) Charger Upto 50 Amp, 240V, Level 2 Wifi Enabled Evse, Ul Listed, Energy Star, Nema 6-50 Plug Or Hardwired, Indoor/Outdoor, 23-Foot Cable
Various electronic vehicle charges, such as the ChargePoint Home Flex Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger (available on Amazon.com), can help you charge your EV at home, even when you are away.

ChargePoint also allows you to schedule charges when the energy cost is most affordable, thereby saving you money.

You can use Audi’s level 1 charger to plug in and replenish your E-Tron’s charges in 9 hours. And if you live in a smart home, then voila! 

You can connect to it and even operate it through Alexa Echo Dot (available on Amazon.com)! Alexa can help you with voice command charging and reminders so that your E-Tron is always ready for a ride. 

Steps To Charge Your E-Tron

Now that you know the best charger for quick charging and how long it takes to get your E-Tron up to speed, we will learn the basic steps of charging one:

  1. Press the button that opens the charging port on your E-Tron
  2. Plug in the charging cable designated for your EV
  3. The charging will start and fill up your EV’s power to be on the road again!

When your E-Tron is charging, a green indicator light will blink and stop flashing when your charge meter is full. 

Ideal Charging Frequency for Audi E-Tron

The ideal charging frequency for your Audi E-Tron is 80%. It helps to protect the system from overcharging or heating up. Your car will speed up to charge till 20% and become stable till 80%

After 80%, your charger will slow down a bit to ensure a long life for your battery. And if you are charging up to 805, schedule your outings accordingly, so you always have a sufficient charge on your car to return home. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Charge My EV During the Rain?

Yes, you can charge your Audi E-Tron while it rains. Keep the plug and socket space away from rainy areas and dry rooms. Doing so helps to charge these cars safely without any electrical malfunctions.

What Can Affect Charging Speed?

The temperature outside can affect your car’s charging speed by altering the chemical processes within the battery. But Audi has a coolant thermal management system to protect battery life.

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