Best Ways To Clean Tesla Vegan Leather Seats

The best way to clean Tesla vegan leather seats is to use a hand vacuum, non-detergent soap, warm water, a spray bottle, and a cloth. Vacuum the seats before cleaning, then mix soap and water, spray, and wipe down with a damp cloth.

For tougher stains, use CAR GUYS Super Cleaner or Dr. Beasley’s Vegan Leather Kit. Avoid harsh chemicals and abrasive materials. The protective coating can prevent stains, and clean spills immediately.

Whether you have black or white seats, leather, or vegan leather, I’ve got you covered. I’ll provide you with expert tips and tricks, such as using non-detergent soap and avoiding chemicals, to ensure your seats stay clean and pristine. So buckle up and get ready to learn how to keep your Tesla’s interior looking as good as new!

Different Ways to Clean Tesla Leather Seats

There’s a wide range of approaches you can choose between when thinking about cleaning your Tesla leather seats, depending on factors like the color of the seats or the type of leather they’re made of.

I’m a fan of the simplest, most time-efficient methods, but if you’d like to go that extra mile, I’ll provide you with some more involved alternatives. 

Tesla remains consistent in its mission to give the customer the ability to customize their experience. Considering how much time you’ll spend in your car, the interior becomes a more serious consideration. However, whether you go with white or black, you can be certain about the quality.

Black vs. White

I could swear that the odds of spilling coffee or something similar all over my car doubles if I have white seats. That white leather looks incredibly gorgeous and striking; however, sometimes, I feel like I might get it dirty just by sitting on it. 

Unfortunately, it is possible to get your white seats dirty if you’re wearing dark clothes, especially if you’re sweating. Even while you’re cleaning, I highly recommend using a cloth with a light or neutral color to avoid the risk of leaving stains. 

By the way, I wrote a somewhat related article about Tesla’s White Seats and found out how easily they actually stain. Find out all there is to know about Tesla’s White Seats.


If you’ve got black leather seats, you can relax more. The dark color doesn’t show a lot of stains, and there’s no risk of getting stains by wearing dark clothes or cleaning with a dyed cloth. You can just proceed to clean with a liquid detergent and a couple of soft cloth rags for black leather seats, as you’ll see below. 

Leather vs. Vegan Leather

Tesla introduced vegan leather seats in 2017 as a cruelty-free alternative to leather seats. By 2019, Tesla abandoned real cow leather entirely in favor of premium vegan leather. Vegan leather derives from plastic, but it feels and looks just like the real stuff; more importantly, it is almost as durable as genuine leather. 

Check out this Vegan Leather Kit that will be a popular gift this holiday season for any Tesla enthusiast looking to keep their vegan leather car seats and interiors soft, clean and durable. 

If you’re using an older Tesla model with natural leather seats, you might want to use special cleaners that don’t damage the material, like the CAR GUYS Super Cleaner (from The liquid is gentle and guarantees a flawless finish.

Vegan leather is a little more delicate than its natural counterpart, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that you need special cleaners. It might surprise you, but some people recommend using baby wipes, as they contain few chemicals. Just wipe your seats softly and then wipe with a dry cloth. 

Another suggestion that might sound weird: use dish soap. Yes, it is a good way of cleaning your vegan leather seats because it contains fewer chemicals than other types of detergents. 

Here’s what you can do: 

  1. Mix a dish soap like Dawn Ultra (from with water in a spray bottle. 
  2. Apply the mixture with a cloth. 
  3. Once you’ve applied it to the whole interior, wipe with a damp cloth and then finally with a dry one. 
Dawn Dish Soap Ultra Dishwashing Liquid, Dish Soap Refill, Original Scent, 56 Fl Oz (Pack Of 2) - Packaging May Vary
Best Ways To Clean Tesla Vegan Leather Seats 3

My preferred way of cleaning Tesla leather seats is with non-detergent soap and a cloth. Non-detergent soaps contain no synthetic elements and are naturally made, making them safe to use on a vegan leather interior. 

In short, here’s how the different cleaning approaches compare to one another: 

Baby Wipes9/1010/106/10
Non-detergent soap8/107/109/10
Leather detergent5/109/1010/10
A table comparing Using Baby wipes vs. non-detergent soap vs. Leather detergent on a Tesla: A comparison

Best Way To Clean Tesla Leather Seats

The best way to clean Tesla leather seats is with a hand vacuum, non-detergent soap, warm water, a spray bottle, and a cloth. Start by vacuuming the seats before cleaning. Then, you mix the water and soap in the bottle, spray the seats, then wipe them down with a damp cloth. This method works well at removing dirt and stains from the seats!

The approach I’m about to take you through is the simplest way of cleaning any type of leather seat, regardless of its color. Tesla also recommends this method on their website, so you know it actually works. 

Here’s what you’ll need: 

  • Non-detergent soap 
  • A couple of soft cloths 
  • A hand vacuum 
  • Warm water 
  • Spray bottle (optional) 

1. Remove Any Dust or Residue With a Vacuum Cleaner

Before you start wiping, you need to eliminate any remaining dust or debris that might be clinging to your seats. You might try to wipe with a dry cloth to get the dust off, but a hand vacuum works best to remove all the particles properly. Make sure you get all the corners and creases. 

2. Mix Lukewarm Water With Non-Detergent Soap

Use any type of soap you like, as long as it is naturally made and doesn’t contain chemicals. Mix the non-detergent soap with lukewarm water. If you have a spray bottle, use it to make it easier to apply, but you can also gently drizzle or splash some of the mixtures using your hands. 

3. Moisten a Soft Cloth and Apply It to the Seats

Get a soft cloth, preferably with a neutral color, especially if you’re cleaning white leather seats. Moisten it with the mixture of soap and water you made and start wiping the seats.

Use circular motions and rub gently to ensure you don’t scratch or damage the seats. Be careful to get all the surfaces. 

4. Wipe With a Dry Cloth

After applying the soap and water mixture, you need to use a dry cloth for the seats.

Get another soft cloth, and just wipe away gently. An optional step is to wipe with a wet cloth, simply moistened with warm water, before using the dry cloth.

This isn’t necessary, though, so only do it if you want to and have the time. 

5. Repeat if Necessary

You might find that your seats are still not as clean as you’d like; I imagine this is more likely to be the case if you have white seats. Feel free to repeat the process for a more thorough result.

Check out this video to see how the process works step by step: 

What To Avoid When Cleaning Tesla Leather Seats

Now that you know what to do let’s cover some don’ts for cleaning Tesla leather seats.

The main goal should be to clean your seats and remove any stains or particles, but at the same time, it’s essential to preserve the leather and make sure it stays intact. 

One very simple tip: don’t wait to clean major spills. If you spill something and make a stain, make sure to wipe immediately with a clean cloth or baby wipes.

You don’t want to wait and let it sit on your seats for a long time; it will take much more effort to clean later. 

I mentioned this before, but it bears repeating: don’t use chemicals. Some stains may be tough to remove, probably because you didn’t remove them as soon as you should’ve (see above), so you might think it’s okay to use a more powerful stain remover just this one time.

Don’t do it! Chemicals can cause discoloration and cracks in leather seats. It’s better to be patient and repeat the process a few times. 

Similarly, if you got a stubborn stain, you might try a more abrasive cloth or sponge to remove it. Doing so is also a big mistake, as using any harsh material on the leather can damage it beyond repair. Circular motions with a soft cloth are the way to go. 

If you’re looking for ways to keep your Tesla’s seats clean and pristine, check out these helpful tips in our latest article: “How to Clean Tesla Seats: Simple and Effective Techniques.” Our easy-to-follow guide will save you time and effort while keeping your Tesla’s interior looking its best.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Tesla Leather Seats Resistant to Stains?

Tesla leather seats are resistant to stains. Therefore, removing most stains with just a wipe is relatively easy, especially if you discover them right away. The sooner you deal with them, the less likely they will leave a permanent mark.

What Can I Do To Avoid Stains in My Tesla Leather Seats?

You can avoid stains in your Tesla leather seats by using a protective coating. The coating will protect your seats from most stains, but it will also make them less likely to wear out.

They last a while too, so you won’t have to worry about damage and stains.

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Contact Us if you have any questions or queries.

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