Use Autopilot Max Speed Wheel to Ease Passenger Anxiety – Pro Tip

As a Tesla owner, you may have experienced that your passengers can become stressed or anxious during the ride, particularly if your car is traveling at high speeds. While Autopilot is designed to be safe and reliable, some passengers may still have trust issues with the technology.

To help ease their concerns and maintain a smooth and comfortable driving experience, you can use a simple workaround to slow down the car without disengaging Autopilot. By spinning the max speed wheel on the right side of the steering wheel, the car’s speed will be reduced while still remaining in Autopilot mode.

This feature can be particularly useful for you if you frequently travel with family or other passengers who may not be used to the Autopilot experience. By using this simple gesture, you can help your passengers feel more at ease and maintain a stress-free driving experience.

It’s worth noting that this feature is available on all Tesla models equipped with Autopilot and can be accessed via the max speed wheel on the right side of the steering wheel.

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Erwin Meyer
Erwin Meyer

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